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  1. Great photos Derek. LOL to Barry's dookey pants.
  2. Nice pics. I missed the bathing sign. LOL HOUSE BASTARD!
  3. Sweet pics Eric. The castle was great and I am glad we got to go inside...even tho we killed getting to Nemesis in 10 mins from the castle.
  4. Great pics Eric. That is cool that you got to see so much in London. Holla Tommy
  5. yes. Its a Eurofighter, but with new elements not found on the current models.
  6. Dude, I had no idea it was Black Biker week when you guys went. ANY Biker Week at MB sucks ass. I mean, it gets so bad with traffic there you cant drive anywhere. Did you guys see the Robocoaster under construction next to the slingshot down from Ripley's?
  7. Great photos Derek! Brian would like your rental and yes, you should have taken it to the track!
  8. Well, no others where str8 guys do it anyway:) Cool pics Derek, I cant wait to go they this year also!
  9. Yea Jarvis, let us know next time you is looking for some peeps to go with...we LOVE DW.
  10. Nice photos Jarvis! Where is the pic of you and your tripod? Sounds like you had a PMSer with you. How did you like Timber Tower?
  11. LOL, Brian Fellows! I am almost done with the pics also. Too bad you did not get pics of the stalkers. Great update. I am going to try and go back again before the end of the season to get some more pics and video. BTW Looks like I have most of the "Derek buzz'd by noon" pics, so I will be posting those soon. Tommy
  12. He thought you were a child molester. I remember that story...lol. So that is where you went Derek. Nice pics. They have a CP Huntington train also, was it running?
  13. Not true! I need to shed about 6 or 7 pounds and I gained all of them when I joined ACE. Even Alicia has packed on the pounds. I think she's almost out of a size 4! All these statements are true
  14. Pavilion and Family Kingdom, to Carowinds, to Dollywood, to Lake Winnie to SFOG would be a great trip and all are like 2-3 hours driving distance.
  15. Derek! Looks like you met the famous Batman Dude! We saw him last at SFOG in 05. Did he have his whistle with him that be blows constantly on the coasters? LOL
  16. Someone show Soren where a Target is so he can avoid Wal Mart hell! Glad you are in the states and at WDW!
  17. i love they disc-o on the water. I love those rides! Great update...I need to get there!
  18. Hey Robb, you still don't have the Hurricane credit right? You betta hurry!
  19. Would have been great if Knoebels would have bought it...
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