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  1. Thanks, John, for the great photos. Though I never visited the park, while in high school I had a penpal from Canfield. He practically lived at Idora in the summers, and sent me many photos. I'll post them to this thread, if you don't mind. If I can find them. Lesson to be learned here: don't take the smaller parks for granted. Support and enjoy them, as they may be gone with little notice.
  2. If you're going to depart from Indianapolis the next day, you might consider staying in Lafayette. I've stayed at a nice Hampton Inn there, and it's in the direction of IND.
  3. Great to see those photos! Thanks for sharing so quickly.
  4. Here's one that is said to be the Jack Rabbit, found at this site called Historic Pictures of Old Orchard Beach. The later Cyclone looks much more thrilling.
  5. Another coaster with rider warnings posted on the outside of the train. This area is still a lovely summertime beach destination, with a small amusement area. Would be much lovlier, however, with a classic seaside woodie. The ride pictured here is most likely the Jack Rabbit, which operated from 1917 to 1946.
  6. The Glen Echo Guillotine... has a nice ring to it. Yes, that rider safety warning placement is questionable. Maybe directly related to their number of accidents?
  7. Here's another beauty, and one of my favorite cards. This is the Coaster Dips, which operated from 1921 to 1968. This photo is prior to 1949, when new streamlined NAD trains were installed.
  8. ^ You're right, Mark. I noticed the similar numbering system on the lower right of most cards with a white boarder. I'd sure like to see a catalogue of all this company produced related to amusement parks. Here's another beauty they did. Although it's not identified on the card, I think this must be the Dips coaster, which began operation in 1909 and was designed by Edward Vettel.
  9. Lake Compounce it is! No idea of the date of this photo, but the cars look really old. Wildcat opened in 1927, so it might have been taken near that time.
  10. OK, here's another. Maybe a little tougher. Again, park is still in operation. I think both buildings pictured are still there, but not the circle swing, of course. In this case, the background topography might be the best clue.
  11. Those who guessed Cedar Point are correct. Though the card is postmarked 1941 I would have guessed the photo to have been much earlier. I suppose it still could be, maybe a little earlier. rcdb.com lists eightpast wooden coasters for this park. postmark is July 2, 1941
  12. Here's a detail of an old postcard. Shouldn't be too difficult to guess the park. It's still in operation today, but the three woodies pictured are gone. I'll post the full front and back after the correct guess.
  13. Here's another GL card that illustrates the changes Shane mentions. I worked at the drink stand near the loop the summer of 1979. When this ride first opened the station and queue weren't finished. I remember going up the exit ramp and boarding on a bare platform with no roof! One summer day while manning the drink stand, I watched the GL train launch as usual, but this time there was a problem with the "pusher", which didn't disengage at the end of the launch. It was torn off and carried to the top of the loop, where it fell and hit part of the base of the loop before the first car passed the same area of track. That made quite a noise! The ride was close for quite a while after that.
  14. Great photos. My first visit to CP was when Magnum was their newest coaster. Back then it seemed SOOOOO big (both the coaster and the park). These photos of yours put it all in perspective today. Thanks for taking that ride and sharing the photos.
  15. ^^ Thanks for those nice cards, Matteo. I've never been to Europa Park, but it's on my list. That first card you posted is the most beautiful photo of Silver Star I've ever seen!
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