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  1. Look guys, i'm planning on going to sf great adventure sometime in the first few weeks of summer vaction but i have a concern that if i don't buy a q-bot, i will have to wait terrible times. This visit will probably be a monday tuesday or wednesday. Can someone near the park (i'm back here in germany) inform on some insider tips on waiting times or even some day planning... is there a morning run to the Kingda Ka or El Toro? thanks john
  2. i was twelve years old. and this is embarassing but before 12 i only went on kiddie coasters. It was in 2002 on Kraken when my love started. It really got into movement my second visit to sfog in the same year... in 2004, i got to be a coaster nerd, maybe not as much as robb and some others, but still a huge enthusiast...
  3. hi people... i just wanted to know how many times you've ridden expedition geforce (if you have)... for me it took me one day to get in 17 rides during summernights from 9 am to 9 pm and still get all other rides in the park. what about your count robb, elissa, whoever... just wondering PS add how many visits you've had to Holiday Park my highly rated, through and through, best coaster
  4. hi people, me and my cousin go on on theme park trips, of course, but this is something else for a change enjoy...! PS i'm the weirder guy Matrix.wmv cool guys on screen!
  5. sorry peeps, but you can still post if you didn't post that thread and add second and third
  6. If youre not being sarcastic, i definitely agree!!!
  7. First: Expedition Geforce, Holiday Park, Hassloch, Germany Second: Great American Scream Machine, Six Flags over Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Third: Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa, Tampa, Florida, USA Expedition Geforce, Holiday Park, Hassloch, Germany Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa, Tampa, Florida, USA Great American Scream Machine, Six Flags over Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  8. Hi peeps... i keep wanting to know what people's favorite coaster is... I know that wood and steel is completely different but one still HAS to be better... this can be anytype.. anywhere... from 1800s if... ADD PICTURE IF YOU WANT ALSO ADD SECOND AND THIRD IF YOU WANT
  9. Silver Star, Europa Park, Rust, Germany Silver Star, Europa Park, Rust, Germany
  10. I have always missed out on a flying scooter... there is one simple question i have to ask about them... Why are they so damn good? (and fun) thanks people just something i wanna know...
  11. This is just a question about knoebel's woodies... Phoenix is THE airtime machine right?...Is it as much airtime as colosssus at heide park???... i guess not... but don't you have different restraints so that you fly out of your seat?... now on to twister... is twister a good woodie (weird question )? What about laterals? Airtime? Last question: When is the best time of the week to go to knoebel's and how long are wait times those days? on the weekend?
  12. thanks a LOT peeps, i will definitely think about all your replies!!!
  13. i talke dto my mom and she thought that she wanted a park with great atmosphere! I somewhat agree... Thats why i think i should go to knoebels... theres twister and PHOENIX and of course the High Speed TC and theres some nice flat rides... (AND-NO WAIT TIMES!!!) WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Katie: do you agree that knoebels is better than knoebels?? Why or why not?
  14. Are the woodies at kennywood really that good??? Not really, according to the internet coaster poll!
  15. Now, i have considered knoebels, but not kennywood. Apart from Phantom, kennywood is pretty boring right? Compared to others? At knoebels, they have the third best wood coaster!!! Thats something to go for (and also no wait time!!!!) thanks anyway katie
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