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  1. Please any info will help TPR!!!
  2. I need info!! Please PM!
  3. Chalmette(where SFNO is located) still looks like a ghost town. The parking lot of SFNO is full of FEMA traillers(last time i drove by). I dont ever see it opening again in NOLA. Its very eerie looking.
  4. Yes! Sorta. I do the digitalizing and converting(which is very time consuming) of the image to a .dst file which the machine can recognize and stitch. I then bring it to a hat shop that has a embroider.
  5. HA! The logo is embroidered. It took several hours to digi the photo and make it a .dst file =P I figure this would be the only forum to appreciate them. So what do you think? ADMIN: I changed your thread heading to better reflect the topic of your thread. grey and red navy and red
  6. Haha just a little joke because every time I take my girl to see my fam in Boyton I drag her to disney I have never been to US before. How is the CityWalk?
  7. Hi! Ive been checking the site for a year now but my first post. I am Disney fan. I have been taking trips to WDW almost every year. Never cared to much for the Universal Studios but this year I am forced to go(im such a traitor!). Is it possible to visit the two universal parks in one day? Or does each park need a day? Also, how does TPR people feel about US compared to WDW? BTW I will be going during the value season at disney!
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