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  1. Maybe KD will make it a plethora of different sauces. Since I'm hoping for Honey Mustard and I've seen people wanting gravy and ranch hopefully they will make seperate splashdowns or just one with honey mustard. Maybe even put them all in a giant witch pot and mix them together. If not I will won't be a happy camper.
  2. Just recently started watching some of Zach Galifinakis' stuff. It is hilarious, but other than him: Dane Cook Dave Chappelle Rodney Dangerfield Jeffrey Ross Demetri Martin
  3. I'm also always confused when people say there's no air. I was also flung out of my seat on the hills. Mostly the bunny hills at the end. Glad you had a good time. Because there really isn't any.....only 2 or 3 hills at the end with halfway decent air. I was just on it last week, I really do not know what any of you are talking about.
  4. Wow, this project is looking better than ever. I mean even though the rings and the heartline lift aren't installed yet it still looks great. I've been doing my research and found out that the ride's name is going to have somthing to do with a snake and a mustang. Although I did this research, I heard from a reliable source that this will be named after a water snake, which is on fire at first, then cools down. Part of the coaster will go on the lake Anaconda sits on, and this is where the 'cool down' part of the ride will be. Over the lake the track will be painted blue.....aquatrax anyone?
  5. I recently saw The Hangover. Easily the most funny movie I've ever seen. That is all I need to say. 10/10
  6. Please tell me what ride this, because it defiantly is not Steel Force. Morgan hypers are usually very tame, and every time I've been on Steel Force I've never got airtime near to as close as you explained it.
  7. Well sure, coming from the KI fanboy who has a Diamondback avatar and a park ridecount in his signature.
  8. Crosby is still a b*tch. ..How bout them Phils?
  9. Trust me, if you've been to the town lately you would know that a beach house in Wildwood is a terrifying prospect now, haha. The town has reallllllly gone downhill over the past few years. North Wildwood is still gorgeous, but Wildwood itself is falling apart. The piers are really the only nice areas left. Even most of the main boardwalk is bleah, haha. I remember Wildwood back in it's heyday, too, and it was an excellent town with one of the best boardwalks I've seen. Now it's just crashing. Ocean City, on the other hand, just keeps getting prettier and prettier. Unfortunately Gillian's Wonderland Pier doesn't hold a candle to Morey's. Yeah, my old place was in North Wildwood. It is very nice in that part of town.
  10. Quote for truth. Enjoyed the pictures, makes me miss my old beach house in Wildwood .
  11. I'm pretty sure i'm the only person in America who likes hardstyle.
  12. 1. El Toro's first drop. 2. Alpengeist's Cobra Roll 3. Maverick's Stengel Dives
  13. 1. Alpengeist (BGE) 2. Dueling Dragons - Fire 3. Great Bear (Hershey) 4. Raptor (CP) 5. Talon (Dorney)
  14. I've switched it around a bit. 1. Maverick 2. El Toro 3. Millennium Force 4. Nitro 5. Storm Runner 6. Incredible Hulk 7. Griffon 8. Apollo's Chario 9. Magnum Xl 200 10. Big Bad Wolf
  15. Tommorow is my last day of school. Straight from school im leaving to Busch Gardens Europe on the jazz band trip. Awesome!!
  16. Me before prom on May 1st. It was an awesome time. Espesically after. 2n picture isn't from prom, acutally i don't remember when. I've lost a lot of weight between then and now, though.
  17. Prom this friday night. A very nice.
  18. I'm pretty sure you mean Pacific by DW. Don't get them mixed up, my friend. Still a nice set, none the less.
  19. How are those A customs treatin' ya? I've been kind of a more Sabian AA, AAX and HH or HHX kind of guy, but I've been trying out different cymabls recently. I tryed out Paiste, and I've been liking it a lot more than my Sabians. So how are your A customs?
  20. They don't really have a marching band at my school because there is no football team BUT, I play drums in Jazz Band.
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