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  1. Theres a set of magnetic-brake fins on the top of it's tower to prevent it from stalling. Thats what I meant. Anyway, lets go back to the land of being back on topic-ness.
  2. Well, techinally they did put somthing at the top of Kingda Ka's tower so it doesn't stall, or rollback whatever. So he is both techinally right and wrong.
  3. A really funny Pokemon video me and a bunch of friends did for our Sophmore Communication skills class. Watch this, and you'll laugh! Note: I'm the one filming, and snorlax in the end.
  4. Then YOU my friend, have terrible judgment. Sorry. Well what about Joe Jonas? He's good looking. I have three Jonas Brothers posters in my room and I got them because he's in 'em. Everyone knows Joe Jonas is hot.* *Don't ever say he is hot. He is mine, so BACK OFF. All yours, I don't go that way, sorry. Now, back on topic we go.
  5. It really could work for anything, just saying what it sounds best for in my opinion. Its just pretty loud, so if thats what your going for, then yeah it'll be nice. Anyway, heres a shot of my kit about 6 months ago. It really has changed alot, I'll post a new shot when I have the time. I've been playing drums for around 6 and a half years. I'm enjoy playing: R&B, Jazz, Rock, and a little bit of Metal. Not really my thing though. My hardware at the time: 10" Sabian B8 Splash 14" Sabian HH hats 16" Sabian AA Thin Crash 18" Paiste Pst Medium Crash 18" Sabian B8 Pro China 20" Sabian B8 Ride Pearl Export EXL set 6x13 Pearl Snare (recently upgraded to OCDP 7x13 X-Series) 8", 10", 12", 14" rack toms. Evan EC2s coated and clear with dampeners. 22" bass drum, DW 700 series double bass pedal. Gibraltar Throne
  6. He may be from another dimension, and hes blogging updates to his alien friends oh his current steps to total park domination. Otherwise, no one.
  7. Do you enjoy playing metal? If you do, go for it. Its a real loud, and almost deep sound, can cut through the loudest of guitars if you are in a band. Not my kind of snare, so I honestly wouldn't suggest buying one. I recently picked up an OCPD X - series 7x13 snare. You cannot go wrong with this snare - its loud, really unique, deep and rich sound. Also - what head do you plan on using?
  8. I respect the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but, saying that KD is better than BGE is like saying Megan Fox isn't good looking.
  9. It was pouring since early in the morning today. You honestly should of been aware of the rain today before making a 3 1/2 hour trip out there. Sure, I would be incredibly angry too, but like Robb said, you have to take some of the blame on yourself.
  10. Yeah, I coudln't of ridden the normal way, my knees would not fit under. I'm too tall. But I'm guessing since it was opening day and there were new ops so they probably did not know what they were doing.
  11. Yes, I think I saw you. You guys were the ones talking about not going to West Coast Bash correct?
  12. Yeah, I remember you said Hi to us when we were walking in the Golden Kingdom. And I'll probably be there Friday, I'm pretty sure they'll be done with Nitro by then.
  13. Riding the log flume in 50 degree wether was a terrible idea on our part. I was so soaked for an hour, and my legs were tingling from the cold! The picture of the tiger sleeping made me laugh. Good shot and great pictures. I had a great day.
  14. I can agree with you in where the park does have a terrible selection of flats, but wouldn't you rather be riding Nitro or Toro than a flat? Anyways, it looks great with the new paint. Much better than that rusty yellow and purple. It was a really fun ride, and this would probably just make it 5 times more fun, and also the waits 5 time as longer. Coooool......
  15. It was running pretty slow yesterday, due to the high winds but it was still great. I got on it first train of 09' in the backrow! Great photos Josh, even though some of the coasters were closed in the morning, it was still an awesome day.
  16. No doubt Millennium Force, but Nitro in the back is pretty good.
  17. Sky's The Limit - Biggie. Possibly my favorite song ever.
  18. Lethal Injection by Ice Cube may be my favorite rap album ever. Every track on it is solid. Although, The Don Killuminati and Life After Death come pretty close. R.I.P. Pac and Biggie. The Chronic is also one of my favorites, g-funk is sick. I wish more rappers could tried to pull off g-funk just as good as Dre did. Like Afro Puffs - Lady of Rage...but I think Dre produced that...so it doesn't really count.
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