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  1. That's not even a good blend of "squirrel" and "meerkat". Just beat me to it, was just going to say that, lol.
  2. Dave Matthews Band 6/4 at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ. Wow, It was totally awesome seeing my favorite band live with all my friends and soon to be girlfriend. They were so good! Sounded like it was directly off the album! 15 minute Two Step was amazing. Can't wait for next summers tour!
  3. Personally I do not like the Lakers or the Celtics, but I think the Celtics have a better chance of winning this. If they stop Kobe like they did Lebron in their series against the Cavs this series is probably going to be 5 or 6 games.
  4. I like the placement of the ride a lot better than it's brother at Gadv. It's kind of tucked back in the trees, while at GADv it is just sitting right there. GADv's is an eyesore IMO. One other thing I like alot more about this one than GADv's is the indoor que. It's much nicer on a hot day than the out door que. Also the theming is nice.
  5. Rolling Thunder right side at SFGAdv. Not too fun, but it was racing and i got some sweet photos of Toro.
  6. Great TR! I am so excited to ride this beast in a couple of weeks! It looks awesome!
  7. Just shows your a true pimp. Anyway, mine was at an 8th grade dance with a girl whom now is one of my bestfriends. When ever we look back at that moment its very awkward, haha.
  8. Summertime. My school gets out 2 weeks earlier than everyone..its great. Plus I go back the same time as everyone else! I love high school.
  9. Kanye West Glow in the Dark tour 5/17 at the Susquehanna Bank Center. WOW. It was amazing. Had such a great time.
  10. DD Fire would have to be my favorite. It was pretty forceful and it the fly-bys were very neat. It was a hard choice between DD Fire and Raptor for me.
  11. What I don't understand is why some people were expecting so much and were disappointed from the coaster itself. It's just a standard Mack Wild Mouse...not that special, except for the nice theming.
  12. Great Photo TR! I was there that day too! If you look in the picture of you guys on Skull Mountain, you can see someone with a TPR shirt on behind you guys. Thats my good friend! I was on the train just before him, lol. Glad you like Toro!
  13. Thats what looked like happened, but as stated before it was testing so they obviously did the pull-through. Hmmm..
  14. Thats Awesome! Your a ride op at Dragster! I'll be there this summer so Im sure I will see you once or twice!
  15. Great Pics! It was a awesome day that day, the park was dead. I got 12 rides on Toro without getting off, it require some switching of rows, but it was pure bliss.
  16. Togo?!? I see a Schwarzkopf/Intamin out of this, well for the first part at least. Then the dive out of the MCBR, more of a Intamin looper. Anyway, It was a neat coaster! I kinda digged the layout, but there were some things you could fix. -Red -G spikes -Pumps Other than that, Good Job!
  17. Sorry I couldn't respond things have been happening between the family my grandparents passed and I didn't havetime to make one .
  18. Well one time I went on it I had a great ride, one time I didn't. I was also in different trains. One was completely rough and unbearable, and one was just fine.
  19. Great Job! Although you could of took a little more time on the supports, IMO the track was flawless. Awesome Coaster!!!
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