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  1. I love Vitamin water. I drink it all the time. My favorites are: Multi-v Lemonade, Orange Citrus, and XXX.
  2. Its actually the one of a kind inversion on Speedmonster in Tusenfryd, called a Norwegian Loop.
  3. But do you remember when SF said they want to make Gadv the "crown jewel" of the chain. Anyways, I was thinking, an X car coaster would fit perfectly in Chiller's place. One with the giant inverted lift. If it is their crown jewel, it's a really really crappy one. I mean, it's crowded as heck, half the rides break down, have either terrible capacity or ops, or they're just over-hyped rides that are truly nothing special. SF really needs to realize what a dump that park is. It was dirtier than SFMM the time I went, and it has maybe two truly thrilling rides (El Toro and Kingda Ka). Wow, you are TOTALLY exaggerating. Seriously, its NOT a DUMP!! I'm not saying this just cause its my home park, its just not. First of all, all there rides (except for chiller of course) have been running great this year. ET and KK crews were doing really good ESPECIALLY ET. The park cannot help that it's crowded. It's good for them, mostly because of the location. Seriously, stop whining about the park being crowded when that's what most parks are in the summer. Seriously, GADV is one of the nicest if not the nicest six flags park in the chain. It's theming is great. And I really do not know what your talking about it being dirty. It's really not dirty at all. And pretty much all major coasters there are thrilling, as are every other major coaster at SFMM of another SF park. You cant go on A B:TR and say its not thrilling. Cause it really is. Its just not fun to you anymore. Wow, I am sorry, what you said is totally wrong.
  4. But do you remember when SF said they want to make Gadv the "crown jewel" of the chain. Anyways, I was thinking, an X car coaster would fit perfectly in Chiller's place. One with the giant inverted lift.
  5. I wasn't allowed to bring my swimsuit along. PART 2 Lightning Racer, Wild Mouse, Wildcat. After walking through the Boardwalk, it was time to ride Lightning Racer, one of my favorite wooden coasters. LIGHTNING RACER All I can say is awesome! The diving, dueling and racing was awesome! This was a greatest wooden coaster at the park and it has one or two pops of air at the begining and it does matter on where you're sitting. The front seat gives more air than the center or back and it's worth the extra wait. Rating: 10/10 Trains running: 2 on both sides # of times ridden: 1 Lightning and 1 Thunder. Wins: 1 Lightning and 1 Thunder Wait time: 5-10 mins. (15-25mins. front seat) The next ride was the Music Express. A fun, family ride. MUSIC EXPRESS It's just your basic amusment park ride, but it was cool. There wasn't a long wait. Wait time: 5 mins. or less Rating: 7/10 After this, I took my dad on to Lightning Racer This time, we rode Lightning and ever since I took him on the Phoenix, he's discovered that he was getting too old to do this anymore. But I told him that this coaster was better and I got him to go on with me. When we got off, he told me that he liked the coaster, but it was too jerky. We lost on this ride. Next is my first Wild Mouse credit. WILD MOUSE I kind of compare this coaster to a Tilt-A-Whirl in coaster form. It's turns were quite intense and it was a lot of fun. A few brakes were on, but not that many. It's a great family coaster. Rating: 8/10 # Brakes on: 3/7 or 8 # of cars running: 9/10 Wait time: 15-20 mins. Next is Wildcat WILDCAT: Most people say this ride is really rough, but until they put the MF's on, it got smoother; I never rode this coaster when they had PTC's, but this coaster was unique. The layout was really great and it gave me a good view of looking in the employee parking lot for stuff for next year. The ride was really twisted and I'd like to thank the guys over at GCI for fixing it. Rating: 8/10 # of trains: 2 Wait time: 10- 15 mins. Next up is the Claw, RXCC, Flying Falcon, Trailbazer at night and the last ride of the night on SR with an incident! Pics will be up soon for this part. You could stlll ride it without your bathingsuit. I rode it in cargo shorts and a t shirt. But anyway, nice photos. I love HP!
  6. Exactly. And if you've ever been on a spinning coaster, they aren't that great. And I don't think a spinning coaster would be themed well to a movie or character in Movie Town.
  7. www.freepowerboards.com/geaugalaketoday/geaugalaketoday-about246.html Watching people on the Geauga Lake Today forums is pretty funny. Well, at least most of the rides are getting moved.
  8. I went to an air show today. Iouj wenhjt tonbhyu Hhyujershyey Parakeik otady.
  9. There are those of us here how hold parks and rides very dear, and yes, some do cry when you've had great times with either and then they're gone. One day friend, you'll understand. Yes, but there are so many worse things to cry about, while he is crying over a roller coaster.
  10. I'm sorry, but I find it quite funny that you are crying over a roller coaster.
  11. That's sad...it was an awesome ride. Well the park is making the right move though, and for all we know, maybe something better will go in it's place.
  12. Wow, that logo is sick. I am really excited for this impulse...but I doubt its better than Wicked Twister.
  13. Grade School: Gators High School: Firebirds
  14. ^Yea, we're going to believer someone with 3 posts. And if your not lieing, tell us. Its not like the whole world will find out...
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