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  1. I want to see it roll back so bad. I almost saw it roll back yesterday. It almost came to a stop at the top of the top hat.
  2. Has anyone been on TTD or KK and it roll back? Is it fun or is it scary? BTW, has anybody seen KK role back in person?
  3. My Fav List Wendy's ( chicken nuggets) Taco Bell (well..tacos) Chick-Fil-A (chicken sandwhices) McDonalds (plain cheesburger) Man, we have to have In-n-Out Burger in the East.
  4. when i went to gamestop last week i asked how much the xbox 360 was going to be. The guy working there said 350 dollars without letting you play the xbox games on it and 400 dollars with the xbox games compatible. But why would i know??
  5. Mine was my grandma's homemade raviolis and sald. Gaven" I ate so much im about to barf" D'Ambra
  6. Cool Runnings or Animal House??? Cant pick!!!
  7. the last coaster i rode was the Great Nor Easter at Morey's Piers. Dont have a pic.. sorry! [/url]
  8. Does this mean somthing though?? A new coaster?? A new flat...who knows are they even going to really sell it....thats the question.
  9. i just had chicken cheese steak, fries and a coke.
  10. ive been playing the drums for 3 years.
  11. Donovan McNabb. QB of the Philly Eagles. He shot a commercail in my neighborhood.
  12. the only vekoma coaster that is smooth to me is the Great NOr' Easter at Morey's peirs in WIldwood NJ. It is an SLC.
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