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  1. There must be a light or something where you were pointing it; two adjacent lights work exactly like the sensor bar. And I probably look like an idiot saying something that everybody most likely knows. Well I just went ahead and bought a new one. You're too close to the sensor bar.
  2. 1. Raptor - CP 2. Dueling Dragons (Fire) - IoA 3. Great Bear - Hershey 4. Alpengeist - BGE 5. Talon - Dorney
  3. Agreed 100%! It is so delicious. Yumm, I could go for a slice right about now.
  4. Thats actually pretty decent for a first coaster. Way better than my first. Things to work on -Banking (some of the track that wasn't supposed to be banked was banked, so try to straighten that out. -Smoothing -G's You'll get the hang of it sooner or later.
  5. I'm so excited! My Dad is going to pick me up a copy! Yay! I can't wait!!
  6. Came back from Universal Orlando two weeks ago. -Cedar Point -SFGADv -Hershey Park -Dorney Park
  7. How do you say that? I've have a house down in Wildwood, I've probably been on the Great White over 70 times, it is one of the roughest woodies I have ever been on. It's horrible. Anyway, nice Photo TR! I'm glad you liked Gadv! Don't listen to him! He's just trying to pry you away from its greatness! It looks awesome, but its very rough, and those hills at the end that look like they give airtime but they give none. I wish it was good, but its not.
  8. How do you say that? I've have a house down in Wildwood, I've probably been on the Great White over 70 times, it is one of the roughest woodies I have ever been on. It's horrible. Anyway, nice ptr! I'm glad you liked Gadv!
  9. I used to be absolutely TERRIFIED of coasters about 4 years back. I used to just sit and watch everything. I was even scared of Skull Mountain! In 2004, at SFGADv I said screw it, I'm going on B: TR. I LOVED IT! I would only ride Medusa, B:TR, and SUF for the next two years. In May of 06' I got my nerves to ride on Nitro. I used to be also TERRIFIED of heights. I loved Nitro. Its still in my top ten. Then in August I finally went on KK. I don't think I have ever been that scared to go on a coaster in my life. But then when it was all over I was like, that was it?!?!. Going to CP last summer, for some reason I was really nervous on TTD. After being on KK over 30 times, I have no clue why. I also find MF very intimidating although its my #2. And I still am very scared of drop towers.
  10. ^ Everyone is opt to their own opinion. And by the way, no one cares how much you know about Nintendo.
  11. Removing the loop wouldn't do anything to change the smoothness of the ride. Plus, it must be a lot worse with those crap G trains. Ew. Anyway I say CP. At Cedar Point you will have a great time anytime you go, and since you haven't gotten on Raptor and Maverick, CP without a doubt.
  12. I've never ridden one, so I'm actually pretty excited to do so. I mean don't get me wrong they are thrilling, but they are not worth the upcharge price.
  13. This Year: Universal Orlando next week Cedar Point SFGAd Hershey Park Morey's Piers Possibilty: Knoebels Busch Garden's Europe
  14. Wow...they are building Valleyfair's old Skryscraper. That gets me mad. They could of at least tried and built somthing more modern and unique, seriously these Skyscraper things are out of date now. Good Going Cedar Fair.
  15. Wii Super Mario Galaxy Resident Evil 4 wii Call of Duty 4 - 360 Rock Band - 360 Billabong jacket AE jeans AE sweatpants a few shirts money candy
  16. Splash Cymbal 10" for my drums - $45.50 Ticket to Velvet Revolver concert - $45.50
  17. I tried b-relaxed at school today. It is now my favorite.
  18. Its pretty hot around the Philly burbs. Around 87 to 88 degrees.
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