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  1. I think a TPR magazine would be an awesome idea & much easier to do than a book. They can have a section for Photo TR of the month, coaster of the month, what is hot on TPRTV or something invlolved with the site. It would take forever to make a book like that & I don't think the Alveys have the time with trip planning & DVDs. Well, isn't that pretty much what the site is for? But anyway, I used to have a fairly large book on coasters. Its about 13 years old now though, as Mantis was the 'new' thing.
  2. Come April I'll be at Great Adventure opening day. If Medusa v2 is open, I'll probably be on that first. If not, Toro. -Gaven
  3. I guess if your into that kind of stuff. Someone forgot to put the G in Angus!
  4. On June 4th, I went to a Dave Matthews Band concert. It was a great night, they are an amazing band live!
  5. This may sound weird..but I love the sound of the lift! It looks like a pretty fun ride, like an over sized mine train IMO.
  6. -Ipod Nano 8gb -Panchtech Matrix -Bose Headphones -18" Paiste Pst5 crash cymbal -Resistance 2 -Various shirts from Pac Sun
  7. Its from the show Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Pretty much the most funny show i've ever seen.
  8. Are you high?!Personally I think the worst park is Kennywood! ~Matthew No, are YOU high? Well, I can't say that theres "worst park in the world". But I'll tell you if there was one it would defiantly not be Kennywood.
  9. Not to be a downer or anything, but does anyone else think this ride looks pretty boring except for the maybe one or 2 exciting elements?
  10. So. I was browsing various coaster videos on youtube and i stumbled across this video. I love the song in it so much, but I don't know the name. Maybe someone can help me out? I am in no way trying to get this video more views, i just want to know the name of this fantastic tune!
  11. You are correct about anticipating the turns but I was refereing to how it rides. I have heard the coaster overall has been getting rougher. I remember the coaster riding smoother than most steel coasters. I have not ridden it this year but have the past 2 years. Is it still that way or is it getting rougher? It's still super smooth, although for a few bumps in the turnaround. But I think it just depends on what row you sit in.
  12. Oh. I thought he was saying possible names for the hyper. My bad.
  13. I'll repost mine and I switch it around a little. Type of logo : Avatar Type of font : any Colors : any Theme : The Dark Knight - the Joker Extras : none Anything else : Vice and one more please! type of logo : Signature type of font : any colors : all different colors, with a black background. theme : I want different coaster logos : El Toro, Magnum XL 200, and Fahrenheit. Extras : none Anything else : Vice
  14. No. Different ties and different shade of red. The track is also alot smaller
  15. For me, IOA by a long shot. The great theming, great rides, great food, and an all around great atmosphere. My favorite coaster there is probably Hulk, BUT my favorite ride is Spiderman. So much fun. -Gaven
  16. ^Thanks. Wow, ok now I'm puzzled. Theres the moving eye with scales on it, the picture of the desert, and the park strikes back. That for me leans toward it being snake themed, perhaps like a Son of Beast for King cobra. Just don't name it Son of Kobra! Then again, the box reminds me of what KI did for Son of Beast. So at the moment I am very confused. -Gaven
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