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  1. Please check out this photo trip report of the Polish theme park "Legendia". This theme park is located in the Silesian City Park in Chorzów near the border with Katowice. The theme park itself opened in 1959 as Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko which can be translated as Silesian Happy Town in which Silesian refers to the name of the region. All rides are located around a lake in the middle of the park. A tram stop is located In front of the entrance gate, so the park can be easily reached by public transportation. In 2015, the park was sold to the Tatry Mountain Resorts group, who invest PLN 117 million over the upcoming years to revamp this historic city theme park. This year the name of the park is changed to Legendia. New for the 2017 season is the "Lech coaster", which is at this moment still the highest, fastest and longest roller coaster in Poland. Beside opening this new Vekoma coaster, the park also refurbished / re-themed a lot of their older rides, created a new entrance street and invested a lot in new pavements and landscaping throughout the park. The park has a nice mix of (older) thrill and family rides. Beside the new Lech coaster, there is an old Socquet double loop coaster and two Pinfari Zyklon coasters.
  2. Yes, this water coaster is a clone of Divertical except the fact that it has no high MCBR before the last helix down. Therefore it is most likely that this coaster will have a slightly lower capacity than Divertical.
  3. Last Saturday Energylandia opened the Intamin Spillwater ride for public. This is the first out of four rides they bought from Intamin. Later this year the Rapid River and the Watercoaster are scheduled to open, although that looks to be a tight schedule. Intamin Spill water opened for public Splash Vekoma Family boomerang operating from the start of this year Boomerang on top of the spike Coaster part of the Watercoaster First drop, basin is still not filled with water... Close up track Side view vehicle Vehicle Coasters are placed very close to each other. In this shot you see the Water coaster track, the dragon and the Formula coaster. Rapid river under construction The dragon (Vekoma Suspended Family Coaster) Dragon with the new water coaster in the back ground Lift of the Watercoaster Dragon on top lift First inversion of Formula coater (Vekoma launch coaster) Infield of Formula coaster
  4. The only thing that comes in mind is WHY?. Rotterdam has already this eye-catching observation tower where you can view the city from a greater height, and has a restaurand much higher than 60m.
  5. Schwarzkopf shuttle loop with flywheel or with weight drop lauch system?
  6. Warsaw Poland. It is one of the few capitals in the world that has a lot of citizens and no (major) themepark.
  7. I got to love them all... but Colorado Adventure @ Phantasialand is my favorite.
  8. A ride with high capacity (rides / hour) but WITH mid course brakes or a ride WITHOUT mid course brakes and therefore a low capacity
  9. The Mexico trip in combination with a 7 day beach holiday in the yucatan area sounds like a perfect break for me.
  10. No this coaster will have the original train on the track. The train is completely overhauld. The only thing that is changed is the color... it's painted with a lot of bling!
  11. Boomerang - Knott's Berry Farm (Operating 4/6/1990) Boomerang - Pleasure Island Family Theme (Operating 5/27/1993) Boomerang - Karolinelund (- 1985) Cobra - Walibi Belgium (Operating 4/28/2001) Cobra - PowerLand (Operating 2005) Flashback - Six Flags New England (Operating 5/5/2000) Sidewinder - Hersheypark (Operating 5/11/1991) Space Shuttle - Enchanted Kingdom (Operating 7/28/1995) Speed of Sound - Walibi Holland (SBNO 4/22/2000) The Stress Express - Fantawild Adventure Zhengzhou (2012) ...only 10; but in 3 continents and in 8 countries
  12. Well if you look on this picture at RCDB; you can clearly see that the train now has OTSR. I do not know if they are a later addition of Weiland or that this ride had always these restraints. I know that these restrains are thoroughly inspected but not modified during the rides most recent refurbishment before it was shipped over to Mexico.
  13. As texcaoster mentioned, the lap bar only trains that run at Wiener Prater are even better than the ones on Carolina Cobra. You put those on and complaints will diminish by 94.7% I doubt if there ever will be made another train like that on the wiener prater boomerang while the company that made it (Schäfer Amusement Technology); went bankrupt a while ago.
  14. Robb, I totally agree with you, all the theming looks very nice, but it is totally not comparable to disney or universal. The quality and durability of the theming is certainly not up to the level of those parks. Also their choice of theming is a bit too random. Of course all the dark rides where "inspired" by the big parks; but are less in ride experience than their originals. Still it did surprised me that they had so many and so technically advanced selection of dark rides / 3D theatres in this park. This is something that make them stand out to the other chinese parks I visited till now. The compare I made with disney was based on the fact that a lot of the broadcasted cartoons on the chinese television are made by Fantawild.
  15. This are the first maurer sky loop and vekoma boomerang rides for fantawild so there uniek in the fantawild chain. All the other rides can also be found on one or more of their other parks. I was impressed of most of their rides. Even for being "inspired" by the big theme parks (Disney and universal) and produced local, these rides are still very complicated and expensive to install. The fantawild group can be regarded the Disney of china and is really big over there. Those Duli- dubi characters are as famous in china as Mickey is in the US. Most dark rides have a huge capacity but the coasters and waterride don't. The park was not very crowded so the longest line was 45 minutes. While most of the rides are inside a building I could not make proper onride pictures and on the water ride I did not want my camera to get broken.
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