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  1. From the 'extreme rollercoasters' DVD looks like hes about to say Fu*k
  2. Ok so im watching 'extreme rollercoasters' a new coaster dvd i got of amazon and thing got a hole lot more interesting when i see a familiar face. So is this you, or just a look-a-like.
  3. Yer think I have to agree with you all, IOA is the best park because of the grate coasters, dark rides, theming ect. However ROTMTR, has to the best ride for me, its a coaster, a dark ride, the best theming for a ride, accurate to the storylines from the films and the anomatronics are just amazing!
  4. So whats your favorite orlando park and why? And then whats your favorite ride (dose not have to be in the same park) and why?
  5. You can usually wear t-shirts to water parks. I often do to prevent myself from getting sunburned. Yer thats normaly what i do, but id rather not, it feels all wet and weird
  6. I like disney water parks they have the best theming, but i'm not big on the hole taking off my shirt and reveling the monster of a belly underneath. I have more rolls than a bakery and more chins than a phone book in china!
  7. Hi all, I'm new to the boards however i have been reading them for years! So, I'm coming all the way from Jolly old england to florida next Easter (cant remember the exact data) for 2 hole weeks, and were hitting up all the best parks, USF, IOA, BGT, SWF, WnW, Aqatica, Bliz beach, TPL and AK! We (the family) Normally go every year, but with the rising price of fish and other things to say the list we cant make it until next year. We have it all booked, and my brother and his girlfriend are coming along as well, now she has never been florida so we have to get as much packed on to weeks as passable. And i would be grateful of you could all give the best attack plan for USF keeping in mind the following....... We want to hit every one of the following: Shrek 4D Twister ROTMTR Disaster (earthquake) Jaws MIB Simpsons ride (R.I.P BTTF) ET T2 3D ROTMTR we would like to hit at least 3 times! Simpsons 2 times and T2 3D 2 times also if passable it would be nice to see the horror make up show! thanks all
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