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  1. I have to say this *looks* amazing, but I am wondering how it is going to ride. Look awesome though, and I can't wait for it to open.
  2. If this is true, Im very happy to see them give it the Iron Horse treatment. I rode it a few years ago, it was not pleasant at all. I have to wonder if Colossus will remain a racing coaster or not. Personally I hope they bring back the original layout, so we have those bunny hills. I am curious to see if they will make it loop or not, and how they will alter the layout.
  3. As my screen-name states; Drachen Fire at BGW. I was five years old, and it was night time. I remember it as though it was yesterday. I was in the front row of the third car, I remember seeing the lights on the train and everything. Best day for a five year old, ever!
  4. Yes, but it is all so right! I had a huge smile on my face when I saw it. However, I like the sound of the Space Spiral video. You know what would make me laugh the most... KI putting in Hypersonic XLC!!!
  5. That looks like a fun ride! Too bad it was a maintenance nightmare... It looks like it would have a chance to have topped Eagle Fortress. If Arrow had a tiny bit of foresight perhaps.... Those cars look like a wolf was throwing around a rag-doll. But yes, if the turns had been banked, and a number of other variables were under control, I think it might have been up there with Eagle Fortress.
  6. I think SOB was one of those "looks great on paper" type of things. I have to agree with everything Lareson said. I think back when the park was PKI, they wanted something to draw the crowds away from CP. A looping wooden coaster would do just that. also, from what I gather RCCA wasn't known for smooth wooden coasters. The only reason I am sad is because it is the credit I never got. Now I get to wonder what will be put on that nice big plot of land.
  7. I emailed them for KD, now I am just awaiting a reply. If they do select me, that would be awesome
  8. I love the view from those photos! How was Hair Raiser and the Wild West Mine Train?
  9. ^ Dear Guy, NICE!! What I find funny about that is the fact that every time I went to Knotts or KI those attractions were always closed..... ....blessing in disguise?
  10. I would laugh if they put King Cobra back! "The Laser Cobra Beast On FIRE!"
  11. Not having 305 in the top ten is pretty much a b***h slap to the face. Magnun beat it.... I mean, c'mon. At least Goliath SFOG is up there. To have an Arrow beat an Intamin..... Thought for fun, do you think Revolution would make it on the list at all if they got rid of the OTSRs?
  12. I am sure the GP are glad they are getting a "new" coaster. I personally think it would be silly for SFStL to not get new trains, but again, that is my opinion. I think the SFStL will more than likely just use the original trains, as unfortunate as that would be. We can sit here all day and bicker about this park getting a used boomerang, but that won't accomplish anything. I know I am guilty of complaining, and I feel bad that this park isn't getting something new and custom, but complaining won't change it.
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