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  1. Thank you for clarifying, Bobafet. Trust me, I meant no harm and my response was not a personal attack on anyone. I most certainly understand the idea of poking fun at one another. Trust me, I do my fair share of that myself. I know "our kind"! That said, I do feel very strongly about ACE and its members. The club has meant a lot to me since I joined in '95 and I've met so many great people. Is the club perfect? Not by a long shot. As rep in NJ, I'm trying to change some things and create a friendly, fun and welcoming vibe. I also welcome anyone who has issue with ACE to contact me person
  2. I'm sorry but there is a general air of ACE hating on this site. You can't pretend it doesn't exist. Are those people entitled to their opinion? Yes, of course. But it's disheartening every time you want to post something and add to this site and all I see is negative vibes about ACE. It's the people on *your* site, Robb, who are stereotypical, not my behavior. I'm simply defending the very club I represent. There is plenty of fun to be had in ACE and at ACE events. It's not old and boring as some people would allude to. Yes, TPR offers a forum which is very young and hip but ACE is the o
  3. May I ask what you personally have against ACE'ers. Man, it's like poison on this site! I'm surprised Big Mike wasn't kicked off for attending an ACE winter event and posting photos! Geesh! Any way, I was the evil ACE speaker (ya know, the rep for those awful slobbering, fat, always eating mongloids) and I can tell you that maybe a quarter of everyone at the reception afterwards were ACE'ers. Was a nice turnout from ACE'ers from states even beyond NJ. I was impressed with that! As long as I'm allowed, I will post some photos my wife and I took at this very special event. It was fantast
  4. DiSab, while your contribution to the beer thread is appreciated, you will find that almost all of the contributers to this sticky thread respect beer and drink responsibly. I see from your profile that you're 21 so I can understand the thrill of getting drunk but if you read through the thread you'll see that we're less about "I downed 20 Miller Lites" and more about sharing our love for finely crafted micro and craft brews. So, perhaps think about that the next time you post. Thanks.
  5. Two weeks ago I attempted to start a theme for the beer thread but only got two beers deep before I started feeling under the weather later in that week. Regardless, I did take photos of the two beers I managed to drink. I call it, "Aging in Adam's Basement" week... Awesome stuff! This beer is great fresh but the flavors and alcohol presence really come out after aging for a while. I have one bottle left that I think I'll save for 2009. Maybe I'll try a 3 year vertical tasting? When from? Check out my hand written date. This was a gift from Tom Smith. I believe it was from early 2007.
  6. Thanks for the PTR. This year will be the 11th year in a row that I'll be going to HersheyPark for their Christmas CandyLane event. While not a whole lot has changed the last few years, it has changed since my first CCL experience with expanded areas of rides (to include the Kissing Tower area and Comet Hollow) and now a POP admission. I remember when the Scrambler, Pirat and Bumper Cars were the 3 most exciting rides open. Now at least there is the Claw and Frontier Flyers. One thing I do miss is when they had the massive model train display in the domed arcade. Anyone else remember the first
  7. I know! My thoughts exactly. My wife and I were cracking up about that. I'm wondering if he even knew what was going on.
  8. Ok, so it's been quite a long time since I posted to the Beer Thread although I have appeared in a couple of Derek's posts as of late. Two things prompted this post. One, I drank a beer this week that was a gift from Derek and two, after several months Ellen and I returned to one of our favorite local breweries, High Point, brewers of Ramstein German Style Lagers and Weizens. And here we go... One last look at the open house crowd inside the brewhouse. Another great time at High Point! A piece of brewing equipment engraved with the Ramstein logo. By the way, we found out that a 30 bbl
  9. Wow! A very intelligent response. First of all, you have no idea who's voting so don't make assumptions. Secondly, it seems plenty of TPR posters also vote. Those who receive ballots are people considered to be well-traveled. Based on the percentages given in another reply, I'd say that's very true. Robb and Elisa, just curious, do you guys get ballots? I'd say they're well traveled and probably deserve a shot (whether they care to or not is another story). That said, I don't agree with many of the results but who really does? What I'd like to see is some change or variety. I wonder if so
  10. Absolutely had a great time! Thanks for posting the photos Derek. I have a few more to add and some comments... At Ron's, this picture tells a thousand words. Several hours into drinking...we still had The Drafting Room next! LOL Derek tried getting this mug with his Rock Bottom Mug Club card. Wrong brewpub! Luckily, he actually did have the right one. My unbelievably delicious Bourbon Porter at Iron Hill. Looks and tastes amazing!! At Sly Fox, Derek says "Phoeeeeenix" as a tribute to Bat Flame. Tom looks on with his Royal Weisse. Here is where the old Victory bar used to be. It
  11. So, last Thursday, August 9th was The Beer Thread's 3rd Anniversary! Sadly, no one celebrated, well, besides my wife and I (ok, not really, just coincidence). Our coincidental celebration occurred at the very nearby NJ Jackals minor league baseball game at Yogi Berra Stadium in Montclair. And not only did we go for baseball, it was also Dollar Beer Night!! Woohoo!! Check it out... For me, the specially brewed for the Jackals, you guessed it, Jack Ale! Really good stuff. Later I tried the Cricket Hill East Coast Lager after the Jack kicked. Ellen enjoys a Sam Adams Summer Ale! Here
  12. So, the official flyer for Morey's Piers Coastin' by the Ocean event was released today! All I have to say is, this is going to be one amazing event at a ridiculously low price! Since I can't post the flyer here and we don't have it up on a site yet, here is the text: TWO-DAY WEEKEND INCLUDES Exclusive Ride Time on 15 awesome rides! Discounts on Extreme Rides! A $10 food voucher for Jumbo’s Restaurant! Luau at Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club! Registration includes a Splash-n-Ride wristband for BOTH Saturday & Sunday! Exclusive gifts and surprises! "On The Drawing Boa
  13. Dino, there are "walls" in some portions of the track where you only see what's going on in that length of track however a good portion of the ride is where you can see track and potentially other trains. The building is quite dark, not pitch black but definitely dark. I like the environment, kind of creepy where you hear noises from other stunts and things around you. At the exit ramp, you can even see a portion of the ride and a couple stunts. That reminded me a bit of Space Mountain where you can see the trains but there's still that air of mystery. The ride is totally shielded from you in
  14. Today I was fortunate enough to attend the media event for the opening of The Dark Knight Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. I was pretty excited for this as I really enjoy dark rides and coasters and this promised to be a combo of both. Well, I feel like the park delivered in a nice way. While not the most incredible indoor coaster experience ever, they really put forth a nice effort with some cool theming and effects throughout the ride. The best comparision would be Exterminator at Kennywood although it's just a standard Mack Wild Mouse system with non-spinning cars. The trains themselve
  15. I received this communication from Angel Daniels at Morey's Piers today! Morey’s Piers “First Flight” Launches for Make a Wish Foundation Wildwood, April 25,2008 - Morey’s Piers is partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation to launch the “First Flight” of “FLY The Great Nor’Easter”! On Saturday May 17th at noon. The public is invited to experience the new “Freedom Flight” seats and at the same time grant wishes to Cape May County children afflicted with life threatening medical conditions. This year Morey’s Piers has increased the thrill-factor on one of its most popular rides. L
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