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  1. Thank you for clarifying, Bobafet. Trust me, I meant no harm and my response was not a personal attack on anyone. I most certainly understand the idea of poking fun at one another. Trust me, I do my fair share of that myself. I know "our kind"! That said, I do feel very strongly about ACE and its members. The club has meant a lot to me since I joined in '95 and I've met so many great people. Is the club perfect? Not by a long shot. As rep in NJ, I'm trying to change some things and create a friendly, fun and welcoming vibe. I also welcome anyone who has issue with ACE to contact me personally. I would love to chat. Also understand that Robb and I have a long history. Won't say we were ever the best of friends but we certainly did our fair share of hanging out back in the late 90's, early 2000's. Our paths changed direction a bit and we haven't always seen eye-to-eye but I can admire his success with this site. It is a force to be reckoned with in the industry. One day I'll have to post a photo of Robb with an ACE shirt. I'm sure I can dig one up! Any way, back on topic. It truly was an honor to be a part of the Golden Nugget event and I'm glad you enjoyed my speech (and waited in the cold long enough to hear it). I absolutely adored the ride as a child and will definitely miss it. While I won't post a full fledged PTR here, I will direct you to my photo site to check out some photos my wife and I took: http://flyerace1.smugmug.com/gallery/7262218_Jh2jU#466783759_MbFPy There is also a very well-done video on www.darkinthepark.com to check out. It's on the front page. Enjoy!
  2. I'm sorry but there is a general air of ACE hating on this site. You can't pretend it doesn't exist. Are those people entitled to their opinion? Yes, of course. But it's disheartening every time you want to post something and add to this site and all I see is negative vibes about ACE. It's the people on *your* site, Robb, who are stereotypical, not my behavior. I'm simply defending the very club I represent. There is plenty of fun to be had in ACE and at ACE events. It's not old and boring as some people would allude to. Yes, TPR offers a forum which is very young and hip but ACE is the original and has lots of merit as well. Can't we all just get along? Just keep in mind that it's the people posting on this thread that has me thinking twice about posting my perspective. That doesn't seem very inclusive to me. Maybe I'm the crazy one?
  3. May I ask what you personally have against ACE'ers. Man, it's like poison on this site! I'm surprised Big Mike wasn't kicked off for attending an ACE winter event and posting photos! Geesh! Any way, I was the evil ACE speaker (ya know, the rep for those awful slobbering, fat, always eating mongloids) and I can tell you that maybe a quarter of everyone at the reception afterwards were ACE'ers. Was a nice turnout from ACE'ers from states even beyond NJ. I was impressed with that! As long as I'm allowed, I will post some photos my wife and I took at this very special event. It was fantastic!
  4. DiSab, while your contribution to the beer thread is appreciated, you will find that almost all of the contributers to this sticky thread respect beer and drink responsibly. I see from your profile that you're 21 so I can understand the thrill of getting drunk but if you read through the thread you'll see that we're less about "I downed 20 Miller Lites" and more about sharing our love for finely crafted micro and craft brews. So, perhaps think about that the next time you post. Thanks.
  5. Two weeks ago I attempted to start a theme for the beer thread but only got two beers deep before I started feeling under the weather later in that week. Regardless, I did take photos of the two beers I managed to drink. I call it, "Aging in Adam's Basement" week... Awesome stuff! This beer is great fresh but the flavors and alcohol presence really come out after aging for a while. I have one bottle left that I think I'll save for 2009. Maybe I'll try a 3 year vertical tasting? When from? Check out my hand written date. This was a gift from Tom Smith. I believe it was from early 2007. Sweet! Next up, an aging bottle of Weyerbacher Quad. Truly amazing stuff! The aging brought out the alcohol bite a bit more but dissapated as it warmed. Look at that color! First up, my last bottle of Avery Mephastopheles, purchased in February 2008!
  6. Thanks for the PTR. This year will be the 11th year in a row that I'll be going to HersheyPark for their Christmas CandyLane event. While not a whole lot has changed the last few years, it has changed since my first CCL experience with expanded areas of rides (to include the Kissing Tower area and Comet Hollow) and now a POP admission. I remember when the Scrambler, Pirat and Bumper Cars were the 3 most exciting rides open. Now at least there is the Claw and Frontier Flyers. One thing I do miss is when they had the massive model train display in the domed arcade. Anyone else remember the first year for the Kissmas tree? It was down in Comet Hollow. They also did a horse and buggy ride through Midway America for a couple years. By the way, is it me or did the Comet get a new Santa, sled and reindeers this year? I'm still holding out hope for the first time they ever run a coaster. It HAS to happen...eventually!!
  7. I know! My thoughts exactly. My wife and I were cracking up about that. I'm wondering if he even knew what was going on.
  8. Ok, so it's been quite a long time since I posted to the Beer Thread although I have appeared in a couple of Derek's posts as of late. Two things prompted this post. One, I drank a beer this week that was a gift from Derek and two, after several months Ellen and I returned to one of our favorite local breweries, High Point, brewers of Ramstein German Style Lagers and Weizens. And here we go... One last look at the open house crowd inside the brewhouse. Another great time at High Point! A piece of brewing equipment engraved with the Ramstein logo. By the way, we found out that a 30 bbl beer tank costs around 18k. Just a bit of interesting brewery info. Here they are hourding Greg Zaccardi. No joke, they were part of some ridiculous beer club from Princeton. Ugh! See the dorks in the jackets. They're part of the Ivy League Douche Tool Beer Club! November is a great month for the open house due to this- free food! This German casserole consisting of bratwurst, cabbage, spaetzle, and more was especially yummy. A better look at the barrel. We were able to get 3 awesome samples before the barrel kicked. Brian Boaks (High Point brewer and proprieter of the upstart Boaks Brewing) gives a verbal tour and history of the brewery. The Ramstein Winter Wheat is highly ranked among beer enthusiasts but the barrel aged takes it to a new level. Smooth like it's on nitro with strong notes of chocolate and smoke at the finish. Wish I could have gotten a growler. Ellen is in heaven! This stuff is amazing. Eine, zwei, drei...the barrel is tapped and the Winter Wheat is flowing! (all followed by traditional German song) Greg Zaccardi, owner and brewmaster of High Point, welcomes everyone and prepares for the tapping of the barrel, a German tradition. Back to the bar for another sample. This time, their Classic Wheat, an excellent dark wheat. Each open house celebrates the release of one of their seasonals. November is my favorite with the release of their Winter Wheat and for the first time ever, Barrel Aged Winter Wheat! I too go with the Blonde. This one benefits from the exclusive German yeast. Lots of notes of clove, banana and smoke. Excellent! Free admission gets you 4 samples and first up for Ellen is their Ramstein Blonde. On Saturday, it was time to return to High Point Brewing Company in Butler, NJ for their monthly open house. This was an excellent IPA complete with a nice hop bite and strong citrus flavor. One of the better IPA's I've had in a while! Thanks Derek. A bomber of Port Brewing's 2nd Anniversary Ale compliments of Derek during a brewpub hop we did a few months back.
  9. Wow! A very intelligent response. First of all, you have no idea who's voting so don't make assumptions. Secondly, it seems plenty of TPR posters also vote. Those who receive ballots are people considered to be well-traveled. Based on the percentages given in another reply, I'd say that's very true. Robb and Elisa, just curious, do you guys get ballots? I'd say they're well traveled and probably deserve a shot (whether they care to or not is another story). That said, I don't agree with many of the results but who really does? What I'd like to see is some change or variety. I wonder if some voters don't know who to vote for (like shows, most enthusiasts probably see one a year if that) and just keep going with what everyone else does. IMHO, Holiday World's employees are absolutely not the friendliest. And Knoebels? I love Knoebels but most of the ride ops there are efficient, yes, but friendly? C'mon! Dollywood is close and they deserve it. I'd say I've encountered friendlier employees at most Six Flags parks over those parks. No joke. Disney parks are severly lacking in the results. To me, it's hard to find much better in most categories. I'll take Epcot's food over Knoebels food any day for example. Again, I love Knoebels but give credit where credit is due. And Dudley Do-Right best water ride?? Maybe 6 years ago. I'd throw a ride like Morey's Zoom Phloom in there. I don't think every winner is too far off though. Lots are spot on but the poll just isn't perfect. It's just too hard to get a true read on "best of the best" no matter who you poll. Everyone's opinions differ. The results do get old and tiring though. Finally, I will say that the results do matter to park PR. It's huge to be able to market your park or ride as "best anything" and the Golden Ticket awards are very credible in the industry. Hell, some parks like SCBB actually campaign for votes and even take out ads. Well, just my buck fifty. I guess I was just bothered by the ACE comment. Let's face it, while some enthusiasts may appear "cooler" than others, we're all just a bunch of dorks. Deal with it.
  10. Absolutely had a great time! Thanks for posting the photos Derek. I have a few more to add and some comments... At Ron's, this picture tells a thousand words. Several hours into drinking...we still had The Drafting Room next! LOL Derek tried getting this mug with his Rock Bottom Mug Club card. Wrong brewpub! Luckily, he actually did have the right one. My unbelievably delicious Bourbon Porter at Iron Hill. Looks and tastes amazing!! At Sly Fox, Derek says "Phoeeeeenix" as a tribute to Bat Flame. Tom looks on with his Royal Weisse. Here is where the old Victory bar used to be. It's now an extension of the restaurant heading towards the merch shop. Since Derek didn't take a photo of his meal, I have one. Derek with his Kolsch and barbecue! At Victory, Tom has the Uncle Teddy's Bitter. Just as a clarification, I had the Sunrise Weisse, not Mad King. The Sunrise is awesome! Took a 6-pack home with me too.
  11. So, last Thursday, August 9th was The Beer Thread's 3rd Anniversary! Sadly, no one celebrated, well, besides my wife and I (ok, not really, just coincidence). Our coincidental celebration occurred at the very nearby NJ Jackals minor league baseball game at Yogi Berra Stadium in Montclair. And not only did we go for baseball, it was also Dollar Beer Night!! Woohoo!! Check it out... For me, the specially brewed for the Jackals, you guessed it, Jack Ale! Really good stuff. Later I tried the Cricket Hill East Coast Lager after the Jack kicked. Ellen enjoys a Sam Adams Summer Ale! Here is the bar was lined up at for three times during the game. Notice the line-up. Not shabby! They have local brewery Cricket Hill stuff.
  12. So, the official flyer for Morey's Piers Coastin' by the Ocean event was released today! All I have to say is, this is going to be one amazing event at a ridiculously low price! Since I can't post the flyer here and we don't have it up on a site yet, here is the text: TWO-DAY WEEKEND INCLUDES Exclusive Ride Time on 15 awesome rides! Discounts on Extreme Rides! A $10 food voucher for Jumbo’s Restaurant! Luau at Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club! Registration includes a Splash-n-Ride wristband for BOTH Saturday & Sunday! Exclusive gifts and surprises! "On The Drawing Board" with Will & Jack Coaster Shop Tour and NDT Demonstration! All for the ridiculously low price of $39! (retail value of over $150!) Upgrade your event ticket to include an all day Splash-n-Ride on Friday as well for only $20 more! (regularly $55!) Morey’s Piers Season Pass holders: You get all of the stuff above for ONLY $15! (Except, of course, the Splash-n-Ride, because you already have that) Online registration only at http://store.moreyspiers.com/coaster. For more information call: 609.522.3900 All registrants (including Season Pass Holders) must be card-carrying members of amusement park related clubs. If you do not belong to a club, then you must register as a guest of a club member at the same time he or she registers. On-site registration on the day of the event is $59 per person. ............................ Rooms fill up quickly, so don't wait! Make your hotel reservations now at www.MoreyHospitality.com or call 800-2-HAV-FUN! Here is the amazing itinerary: SATURDAY, JULY 12, 2008 • Check in: 9:00 AM – 12:00 noon, Surfside Pier (26th street and the Boardwalk) front of pier 1. After 12:00 Noon – Guests can go to Guest Services to Guest Services on Mariner’s landing Pier 2. Guests will receive everything they need for their Coastin’ weekend 3. Don’t forget, your passes include all day admission to both waterparks, both days! • ERT – Great Nor’Easter, Flitzer, Dante’s Dungeon, AtmosFear, DooWopper, Condor, Cygnus X-1: 9:30 AM – Noon (Zoom Phloom 11:00 AM - Noon), • Coaster Shop Tour and NDT Demonstration And - “On The Drawing Board” with Will and Jack Morey 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Former HUNT’S Pier • Luau at Oasis café: 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm 1. Check-in at Island Services 2. Dinner provided – cash bar • ERT – Great White…in the dark 12:30 AM – 1:30 AM (Adventure Pier, Spencer Ave and the Boardwalk) SUNDAY, JULY 13, 2008 • ERT – Mariner’s Landing Pier - 10:00 AM – Noon Sea Serpent, Super Scooters, Rollies Coaster, Music Express, Dino’s Surprise! • ERT – Adventure Pier - Noon – 2:00 PM Great White, Go karts, Screamin’ Swing, Dino’s Surprise: (Adventure Pier open to the public at 2:00 PM)
  13. Dino, there are "walls" in some portions of the track where you only see what's going on in that length of track however a good portion of the ride is where you can see track and potentially other trains. The building is quite dark, not pitch black but definitely dark. I like the environment, kind of creepy where you hear noises from other stunts and things around you. At the exit ramp, you can even see a portion of the ride and a couple stunts. That reminded me a bit of Space Mountain where you can see the trains but there's still that air of mystery. The ride is totally shielded from you in the entrance queue and loading station, however. Aside from the fact that you know it's a Mouse, everything else is a mystery.
  14. Today I was fortunate enough to attend the media event for the opening of The Dark Knight Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure. I was pretty excited for this as I really enjoy dark rides and coasters and this promised to be a combo of both. Well, I feel like the park delivered in a nice way. While not the most incredible indoor coaster experience ever, they really put forth a nice effort with some cool theming and effects throughout the ride. The best comparision would be Exterminator at Kennywood although it's just a standard Mack Wild Mouse system with non-spinning cars. The trains themselves are incredibly themed as beat up subway cars complete with shattered windows on the sides and bullet holes in the bodies. There are plenty of scenes throughout the ride although bare and just dark in some areas. I'm also questioning whether or not all effects were working. Mist? Smoke? Nothing yet so maybe it'll be added. It also seemed some stunts were not timed perfectly yet. There is one very cool scene that uses hologram technology where the clown goons seemingly move in the direction of your train when you pass it. The only small downfall is that the trains travel rather fast so the scenes are hard to take-in but for Mouse fans, you'll be happy to know that there's little or no braking throughout the ride. Ok, well, on to the photos. The last train photo. Thanks to Angel, Jenn, Mark and everyone at SFGAd for a really fun media event! Train photo #2. Here is the first of three somewhat lousy photos of the trains. It was very difficult to take photos of a dark ride coaster so I did my best. Here we are up in the station and G4 is here!! Kick ass! Look for some clips from the event on some program about The Dark Knight movie. This screen is a lot of fun. Look at the screen and you may find yourself with a clown mask. Very neat! Bret, Jill and Ellen in the station area. Quickly, the interview video is interrupted, the room gets darker and this Joker graffiti appears. The craziness that happens is pretty cool. Yup, some more theming. More pre-show room theming. Everyone watches this screen where this lady and Harvey Dent tell us about the Joker and his mob infiltrating Gotham City. Some theming in the pre-show room. Ok, we're inside the pre-show room. They only let so many people in here (maybe 50-70 or so) but I like how it's still a queue and not just a wide open room. The Jersey Guys (Opie and Anthony wanna-be's) from Jersey 101.5 are in line with the media crowd. Here come Joel Styer and Mark Davidson ready for their ride. Some coaster fans (Dan and some other dude) walk the winding queue. The very first riders. Streamers signify...we're open for business! Angel, Mark, the mayor of Jackson and others cut the ribbon. Time to ride! Angel Aristone, park public relations director, (I know she has some fans on here) gives some insight into what we're about to experience. Look at all the media! Pretty impressive. Mark Kane, park president, welcomes the media and guests. There was a great media turn out for this! Media Gold! These kids (almost *all* kids) were very excited to ride but also very well behaved! They didn't have to wait long, just about 45 minutes before the chain dropped. The media event was to commence before the public were let in but due to a short delay, the mad rush was on but the public was stopped at the yellow plastic chain of doom! Bret and Wade chat while patiently waiting for the ride to open. The anticipation is killing me!! The queue, entrance and podium for the welcome speech. A shot of the completed facade from around the Batman The Ride plaza. No other sides of the building are painted. Ellen is ready to go with her red TDK shirt. These were given to all enthusiasts in attendance who were planned to be the first riders with the Boys and Girls Club. Here is the schedule of events taking place today.
  15. I received this communication from Angel Daniels at Morey's Piers today! Morey’s Piers “First Flight” Launches for Make a Wish Foundation Wildwood, April 25,2008 - Morey’s Piers is partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation to launch the “First Flight” of “FLY The Great Nor’Easter”! On Saturday May 17th at noon. The public is invited to experience the new “Freedom Flight” seats and at the same time grant wishes to Cape May County children afflicted with life threatening medical conditions. This year Morey’s Piers has increased the thrill-factor on one of its most popular rides. Located on Surfside Pier at 25th Avenue, the legendary Great Nor’Easter is the suspended looping coaster that opened in 1995. The coaster has received a major transformation, and the “First Flight” event is set to benefit Make a Wish in Cape May County. The public is invited to participate and receive their “First Flight wings” by going to http://store.moreyspiers.com/Make-A-Wish.aspx and donating to Make A Wish. Each $10 donation entitles the donor to one free ride on the Great Nor’Easter during the 2008 season. Donors will be automatically entered for a chance to ride one of only 20 seats on the “First Flight” benefiting Make-A-Wish in Cape May County. (The public may enter as many times as they like, every $10 donation is one entry). Two donors will be randomly awarded one seat each to Fly on the First Flight along with our V.I.F. (Very Important Flyer) Justin, a 14-year-old Make a Wish Child who says he is super excited about riding – “roller coasters are my favorite.” Manufactured by Vekoma Rides of the Netherlands, the new Freedom Flight seats feature an ergonomically designed seat making the ride experience more enjoyable by holding the rider firmly, while also providing unhindered vision in all directions as well as complete arm freedom. The design utilizes a lap bar and innovative vest, to comfortably restrain Guests during the ride. About Morey’s Piers: Morey’s Piers, located on the boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey is a classic seaside amusement park, family owned and operated since 1969. Voted one of the best seaside amusement parks in the world in 2007, Morey’s Piers attractions span six beach blocks and include three amusement piers and two beachfront waterparks. Convenient to the major population centers of the Northeast but a world apart, Morey’s Piers along with Morey Hospitality combines the pure joy of an amusement park, the sights and sounds of a classic boardwalk, outstanding accommodations, together with the rhythm of beach life. Visit us at Surfside Pier, featuring Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club at 25th Avenue, Mariner’s Landing Pier, featuring Raging Waters Waterpark at Schellenger Avenue, and Adventure Pier at Spencer Avenue. Admission to the Piers is free. For more information, visit www.moreyspiers.com or phone (609) 522-3900. About Make A Wish: The Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey is a non-profit 501©(3) organization governed by a diverse and respected volunteer Board of Directors. We are chartered under the auspices of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America, Phoenix, Arizona. The New Jersey Chapter, founded in 1983, serves the entire state of New Jersey. No child should ever have to endure the struggle and pain that come with battling a life-threatening illness. Giving back to these children, what their illness has taken away – laughter, strength, hope and joy, is the sole purpose at the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey. Mission Statement: The Make-A-Wish Foundation grants the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.
  16. Hey all, I received this communication from Angel Aristone at Six Flags Great Adventure. Campout Under The Dark Knight Coaster Event Six Flags will host a campout event for the chance to be the first riders on our new attraction: The Dark Knight Coaster! Through a park-wide scavenger hunt and trivia session the evening of May 14, Six Flags Great Adventure will determine who our first 8 riders will be. The overnight package will include: • Parking into the theme park • A ticket to the private sleep over event • Snacks and breakfast • The Dark Knight movie t-shirt • A chance to be the first riders on The Dark Knight Coaster • An invite to the 2008 The Dark Knight Media Event • A ticket to enjoy the park after the Media Event • A special ticket for a private dinner and show with Jim Breuer and the Jersey Jokesters with a special appearance by Joe Piscopo the evening of the Media Event. Package Price - $124.99 and a portion of the proceeds goes to The Boys and Girls Club. What to bring:  Sleeping bag and soft bedding…ground is concrete  Tents are allowed or you can sleep right under the stars  Toiletries – restroom, sinks and water available (no showers.)  Warm clothes  Flashlight  Sneakers  Snacks and drinks optional (This will be the only time you can bring food in the park…enjoy it while it lasts!) What NOT to bring: Anything expensive! No open burn permitted…grills, campfires, etc. (So bring lots of blankets to keep warm) No glass bottles Rules of Participation: • Must be 18 or accompanied by an adult or legal guardian • Payment is required prior to event • Parties who are registered must be checked in between 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 14 and stay until Thursday – no leaving the property or designated areas. • All campers will be subject to a safety inspection • All campers must sign a hold harmless agreement • Six Flags is NOT responsible for any personal items that are lost, stolen or broken…so limit what you bring. Directions and further detail will be emailed to you after you register approximately four days before the event. Click on this link to purchase tickets: https://tickets.sixflags.com/store.jsp?merchant=SF-NJ&autonav=P134550
  17. Here is a photo of Ellen and I at the Fest with my hero, Jim Koch of Sam Adams fame. A little blurry I know, thanks to the drunk guy who took it, but I thought I'd share. The "other man of BACT"...
  18. I believe that's how they built The Exterminator at KW. (Probably on the same scale as this too.) If I remember correctly, when they built Skull Mountain at SFGAd, they were constructing the track and building at the same time. Actually, I think they had 3 sides of the building up and the front exposed. I'd imagine this is how they'd go about building TDK as well. Makes sense as the coaster installation can be completed out of the elements. Plus, with a Mouse coaster, I don't think a particularly large crane is necessary (if any at all). These types of coasters get built and torn down at carnivals on a weekly basis.
  19. On Saturday, Ellen and I decided to check out the monthly open house at High Point Brewing Company in Butler, NJ. We've been wanting to do this for quite some time but there hasn't been one Saturday that's coincided with an open house when we didn't already have plans. Come November 10th, and here we are! High Point is a true micro-brewery in every sense of the word. They're a small barrell producer and only distribute in NJ, NY and PA with most deliveries in kegs and very little bottle production. Their beer line is called Ramstein and they're known for some excellent German style wheat beers. The brewmaster, Greg Zaccardi, studied in Germany and has exclusive rights to a Bavarian yeast that only one other brewery in Germany uses. The results are quite impressive. Any way, the open house was better than expected! It draws a large crowd, they have a great little tour and they even had free food! On to the photos... Finally, one last shot of literally the entire brewery complex. Not very big. Still, a great time! We'll be back. Here's a shot from inside the brewery looking towards the bar area. I'm not sure why but they had a variety of kegs in their warehouse and I never asked why. You can see some from Clipper City and they had Lagunitas too. Maybe old reused kegs?? Ellen really loved the homemade Chicken Soup. It was big hit at the open house. Did I mention it was free? Oh, did someone say food? They had a full Thanksgiving dinner- turkey and all the trimmings plus some kick ass cabbage and noodles with meatballs and sausage. Yumm!! Ellen with her Blonde Wheat. This was my personal favorite. Back inside the bar area. That's the brewmaster, with the black hair just to the right of the blonde bartender. The place is packed! This is what they do for exercise. Climbing the spiral stairs with sacks of wheat. Who needs a gym when you work in a brewery? Here's a better shot of the guide in front of the bottling machine. Our tour guide was awesome. Very informative and funny too. He threw some great digs towards large domestic brewers. As you can see, the brewery is pretty small but check out that spread of food! For Free!! And I love it too! We'll be sampling more of this at the Split Rock Beer Fest next weekend. Ellen loves the Winter Wheat! Just inside the door is a bar area with a nice wood burning stove. Each person receives 4 tickets for 2 oz. samples of beer. One ticket was for the Winter Wheat, just tapped on Saturday! It's like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory except when the door finally opened, the brewer proclaimed, "So, who wants some beer!!???". It's 10 minutes before opening and already a crowd has gathered. Outside the High Point brewery located in a small industrial park near a residential area similar to Victory. The brewery is housed in an old rubber plant.
  20. Guys, this event is held on a regular park operating day. The park is not closed for us or a private group. Typically there is ERT before the park opens to the public and after the park closes. Attendance has been around 200-300 people at these events.
  21. Coaster Celebration is open to all coaster enthusiasts. In the past, I'm not sure if you were even required to prove a membership in any club. More details will be announced in a few months and once I have them, I will post here. Stay tuned!
  22. Hey all, Just received word that the date for next year's annual Coaster Celebration event at Six Flags Great Adventure will be held on Saturday, May 31st. Mark your calendars!!
  23. Picking up where I left off, here are our visits to Victory and Selins Grove. Enjoy! It was a beautiful day and perfect for some outside dining and drinking as well. Selin's Grove was all it was cracked up to be. While I wasn't crazy about the type of food they have, the beer is amazing. We'll be back! Sunday afternoon is pretty laid back, contrary to weekend nights. As for me, how about a Hop Nuveau *and* Pumpkin Ale!!?? The Pumpkin is simply incredible. It lived up to the hype and is the best Pumpkin Ale I ever had. Amazing pumkin pie flavor and creamy mouthfeel thanks to the nitro. WOW! Derek is all smiles with his Pumpkin while Heath "suffers" in anticipation with his Hop Nuveau. The highly acclaimed Pumpkin Ale kicked just after Derek's order but Ellen managed the much coveted 1/2 pint. Luckily, another keg was rolled in! Nothing fancy here. The tap handles are hand-written and made of paper. Ellen getting ready for her experience. Sunday at noon brings us to the Holy Grail of brewpubs, the elusive Selin's Grove for the first time for Ellen and I. To end the night, and in pure stupidity, I take on the very potent Golden Monkey. I would pay for it on Sunday! Heath joins in on the licking action with his Storm King on cask! Just so I can give something new a try, I lick a 4 oz. glass of the newly christened Victory Octoberfest (once known as the Weissen but confusing to most customers). Why I'm licking? I don't know. Alcohol talking perhaps? Heath goes with the brewpub-only Braumeister Harvest Pils. I'm no fan of Pilseners but this one was actually quite good. Monkey?? You bet! Ellen enjoys a Golden variety. One of her favorite brews of all time! First up for me, the GABF award winning Festbier. Yumm!! We're tired, hungry and pissed from having to skip Bates Motel. What better cure than a visit to the kick ass Victory Brewing Company?
  24. So this weekend Ellen and I spent the weekend with Heath and Kim (meeting up for half a day with Derek and Nicole) for what was supposed to be "Fears and Beers" weekend. For us, we had our fears on Friday night at Field of Screams near Lancaster, PA but Heath and Kim got screwed out of the fears portion Saturday night as Bates Motel in Gradyville, PA was packed to the gills with a 2+ hour wait just to buy tickets. So, what resulted was a weekend featuring trips to 5 local brewpubs/beer bars and a few hours at HersheyPark on Sunday. Here are photos from the first two on Saturday. Following soon after will be Victory on Saturday night and our first visit to the infamous Selin's Grove on Sunday afternoon. Kisses to my next selection- Arcadia Jaw-Jacker pumpkin ale. This was great! Some serious pumpkin spices in this one. Next up for Heath, what else? Russian River Pliny The Elder. Heath wasn't crazy about this keg and said he's had better out in Cali. Hop goodness...almost done...need another beer!! Ellen gives my Russian River Pliny The Elder a try. She liked it! Ellen is all giddy about her Sly Fox Raspberry Reserve and Heath kicks up the hops with Sierra Nevada Harvest Ale. Not to fear, though, TDR pulled out some pretty awesome draughts. Next up, en route to the Bates Motel, The Drafting Room in Exton which was supposed to be hosting "Last Victory for Heavyweight" but it got postponed. Notice the Mug Club glass. I'm not a member but our waitress thought I was. I tried the "Catcher in the Rye". a pretty solid Rye beer. Second up for Heath, the just tapped Dublin Dragon Stout! Heath also goes with the Pumpkin Ale and Kim with the Root Beer. Ellen enjoys a fresh brewed Root Beer as she takes it easy to start the day. Spooooky!! First up, and the main reason we were here, was RB's Pumpkin Ale. Not bad but not a Top 5 either. Hard to see, but here is the chalk board of current brews. Big time props to this Rock Bottom's brewer for a gold medal win at the GABF. First up, Rock Bottom at King of Prussia Mall.
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