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  1. Why do almost all B&M coasters seem to have the same type of first drop? They never go up and then straight down, they always seem to curve and then drop. Is it just a B&M signature or is there a reason for this? I love big first vertical drops at steep angles, I never find this on B&M coasters. I appreciate B&M coasters I am just confused why I never seem to find my favorite type of first drop element on them.
  2. $100,000! Not bad, I wonder how much it would cost to move and reassemble? I would love to put one up in the backyard! I love that ride for some reason!
  3. kraxleRIDAH, your right I am extremely paranoid (as stated in first line of original post), although I still have gone on the ride over 30 times. I would like to really understand how this locking mechanism works, you did do a good job although I would like some more data on what makes that latching mechanism stay latched so as the pin does not pop out as when the ride returns to upright position at station.
  4. I am sure it is safe, but I need to tell that to my brain. Hence the reason that I am posting asking for more solid physical evidence to prove that it is safe. At this point, I am trusting more than any other attraction since almost all other attractions that are more dangerous they generally have more than one safety restraint. While in the flying position I would imagine that if any ride warranted a secondary restraint, it would be this ride! I mean come on, does Revolution really need two restraints!? How about Dejavu's three restraints! (Seat Belt, OTR and then secondary seatbelt connecting OTR to chassis). I would think that a flyer should have two! Then again it might take away some of the extra thrill that goes into making you think that perhaps you just might fall flat on your face from 180+ feet above a hill
  5. Thanks so much for the info, the vest is the least of my worries I do not have any fear of the vest failing it is the Pin lock system that you discuss in the second paragraph that I worry about, since this seems to be really the only thing holding the restraint together. If that pin failed it really would not make any difference how strong the vest it. I wonder what type of backup the pin could have because it does seem like a simple latch (which I am sure it is not), The patent does show a good breakdown of the mechanism although the text is not in English and I have misplaced the link to the patent at this point. Now at the end of the day I am sure it is very safe although I need to tell my brain that, it still does not believe me. It needs scientific proof.
  6. Thanks for the reply, although I need some scientific proof! Does the weight of the rider pushing down on the restraint while in the flying position physically prevent that latching mechanism from popping open? The little metal bar on the restraint that latches into the seat? I could imagine if there is weight pushed down on the metal bard that it would be physically impossible for the bar to become unlatched while weighted. That is my theory at this point which is why I still ride the attraction, but I am still scared crap less on that lift hill and at the moment when you do a flying move that puts lots of pressure on the restraint (right over Valencia falls)
  7. OK, I am probably paranoid and all but no matter how many times I have been on Tatsu (over 30) I still get super freaked out going up the lift hill looking at the concrete down below and thinking to myself this is it, the restraint could just open and there is no secondary little seat belt (Ala: Deja vu, X or Riddlers) to make me feel safer. I mean come on, revolution has two restraints for Gosh sakes. I have tried looking up the patents ( for Tatsu's restraint system to try and prove to myself that there is no way on earth the restraint could pop open but I have been unable to find the piece that describes the locking mechanism. Does anyone have any information or knowledge regarding that locking mechanism that would alleviate some of my fears? I love the ride and I know fear is part of the fun but I really don't ever want to fall out on the lift hill! That would really suck! Please answer first and then check the Patent URL just because otherwise you will get stuck looking up all the patents and forget about this post, I know all about ADD www.personal.psu.edu/faculty/v/a/vac3/nonus.html
  8. I know many people rate coasters on Air Time and negative or positive g's. I personally love the great big drops as my favorite element in a coaster. What coasters would you say have the best first drops? I do hope that someone like Robb or Elissa who have ridden almost every coaster in the world could chime in! Based on my narrow ride counts I would say I rate Mforce as my #1 for best first drop, followed by X, Goliath SFMM and MagnumXL.
  9. Crowds should be fine during the week this late in the summer game. September will be even lighter till they start Halloweekends. Have fun! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  10. Mr. Holland, is the general manager of MM, he needs to take responsibility for the parks preformance. Wether or not all the parks problems are his fault or not he does direct the parks staff and needs to do a better job at it or have someone else come in who can. As you stated regarding Huricane Harbors manager taking initiative and getting out in the front lines, this is exactly what MM needs from a general manager right now.
  11. Well usually in cases such as these you would imagine that a corporation would hold local park management responsible for poor park presentation (i.e ride operation, park cleanliness, employee behavior) and be strongly advised to shape up or ship out. Although given the fact that Mr. Snyder and friends seem to be more interested in real estate (IMHO) then in making these current parks top notch. I do not see the will to hold Mr. Holland responsible. Frankly I Would hope and imagine that Mr. Holland would on his accord make sorting out the employee moral and presentation issue a top priority. Especially with now being the time to really prove that this park should stay. There is always hope!
  12. Cool shirt, good job! I think it is a great idea and hopefully can make the suit and ties around the world in the theme park biz realise there is money to be made at a real coaster park in So Cal! Long live Magic Mountain!
  13. Interesting screamscape article, in it contains a theory about how the idea about selling the park is possibly a big publicity stunt to make people think the park is closing to increase attendance. I don't think I buy that but I hope he's right! http://www.screamscape.com/html/six_flags_magic_mountain.htm
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