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  1. The Excalibur ran very good. I liked it slightly better in the back. The wild mouse was OK at best. I have ridden better wild mouse rides for sure. But, not a bad addition to the limited space this park has.
  2. Here a few pictures of me an my family visiting Funtown USA in Maine. This was the first time I have been to the park. We had nothing going on this past Sunday, and the kids were complaining they were bored. So... I figured we would drive an hour and half and visit this park. I was very impressed with what this small park had to offer. It was perfect for both my 2 and 10 year old daughters. I also invited my sister and brother and law to tag along. They have 2 kids of their own, they also figured it would be a perfect day trip. When we left it was very humid with over cast skies. By the time we got to Saco Maine (which is located on the coast) their was a chilly breeze with a few sprinkles. Luckily the heavy rain held off until we left. There was absolutely no lines for any of the rides. We got to ride the Excalibur coaster 4 times in a row. The ride attendants said we could re-ride. This coaster was a little better in the back, but with the fog looming, it made the front that much better. I hope you enjoy this short TR. I'm visiting SFNE next week. I will post a new TR when I get back. This is my favorite picture of the day... Fog looming over Excalibur. I'm the guy with the fat ass running up the stairs to ride Excalibur. I couldn't wait to get this credit. again... more of us on Dragons Decent Me praying before our free fall. Hurry up and take my picture! The family on Tilt A Worl That's me trying to guess the speed of my pitch. I won on my second try. I guessed 60 MPH. I think the gun was off, because I know I can throw 101!!!! My daughter on the kiddie swing.
  3. Those are great pictures. I'm glad you shared them with us. I love the fact that the trains had no restraints.
  4. My sister just told me they bought MK tickets outside their hotel for $52 each. They were part of a park hopper package that previous guest used and turned in for cash. She told me they gave her a hard time, and asked were she bought the tickets. She said when the scanned her finger print they said it wasn't reading, and the girl that sold the tickets said not to worry and tell the attendent that the tickets got wet. In the end they let her and her 2 kids in the park, she just had a nervous break down in the process! If you use old tickets, beware of the finger print machine when getting in!
  5. Nice TR... I would love to ride that zip line ride.
  6. Are you talking about the one girl who lost a leg on "Scream" at SFNE?
  7. But you're also not being smart about your visits if that is how much you think you need to spend. Yeah, it really just sounds like you are not into Disney and you're trying to convince everyone else what a horrible place it is because YOU don't like it. And all everyone else is telling you is how you can do Walt Disney World a much smarter way if you WANTED to, but it sounds like you just don't want to, and that's fine. Just don't piss on everyone else's parade if WDW isn't your thing. We did 7 days at Walt Disney World (stayed at Wilderness Lodge) in February of this year and it was $1550 for the three of us for the hotel and park tickets, $900 for airfare, and about $750 for food and other stuff for the week. That's $3,200 total for staying on property at a DELUXE resort. Everything included. Your cost estimates are just absurd. Whatever you're doing to spend all the money at Walt Disney World, you're doing it wrong. --Robb You are totally missing my point. I just feel that NOTHING is worth $80 admission the second time around. If you see my initial statement. "he second time was when I was 6 "now that experience has stuck with me for life". I will agree that WDW gives you an experience like no other." WDW is incredible on your first visit. MY OPINION, and that is all! is that it is not worth the price inflation for the food, park, parking, and hotel. To give an example... I'm a HUUUUGE Red Sox fan! I refuse to pay $95 for a ticket for 3 hours to watch an obstructive view of the field at Fenway Park. I can watch it on my 62 inch big screen while drinking a .50 cent beer, instead of a $8 beer! I understand it's about the experience, that is why I will pay $18 for bleacher seats, and drink before I get in the park!!!
  8. I'm not an expert, but that ride does not look 450 feet tall! I may be wrong, it looks about 220 feet or smaller.
  9. I'm not putting down your TR. I very much enjoyed reading it. I just wanted to give the readers an outsiders perspective of this park. I have had the privilege of visiting over 30 parks in the United States, and Canobie is not in my tops for "thrill rides" However, they have a great layout, with a friendly family orientated work staff. I actually visited a local Maine park (Funtown) this past weekend. I will post a TR for everyone to view. I had the chance to ride Excalibur. It was better than the Yankee Cannonball, but not much! However, I still got to enjoy this ride with my family!!!
  10. I agree... I went to those two parks with my wife this year, and it was worth every penny. I hate to disagree with everyone here, I just don't see paying $90 bucks for Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and the Haunted mansion. They reaaaaallly need to upgrade their theme rides. I rode these when I was 12 years old!!!!!!
  11. To reiterate my initial point... 4 adults 1 child to the magic kingdom with parking and food will run you just over $500. That is absurd!!!!!
  12. Southwest- 5 people= $780 each way= $1560 Rent a car- $30 a day/$10 gas a day= $120 Hotel (stayed on Disney property)- $180 per night with tax $190 = $570 WDW- for 1 day 3 adult 2 kids = $384 $12 for parking = $396 Food + drink (all day) $100 Animal Kingdom- 1 day 3 adults 2 kids = $384 = $12 for parking = $396 Food = $100 Blizzard Beach- $195 + $12 for parking = $207 Food = $90 This comes to $3529 after spending at last $8 per person for breakfeast each morning = $160 and 2 nights eating out for 5 at a Olive Garden & Chili's = $14 spending $ on fried dough and Cotton Candy for 3 kids for the trip = $50 = $3573 I admit! I over exaggerated on our total cost, However, I didn't include suvourniers or taxes that we paid. All I know is when we got back, I spent just under 5 grand when everything was said and done. It's still aloooooottttt of money for most of us!!!! My apologies for my over reaction, it's still wayyyy to much!!!
  13. Let me start by saying that I live in the Boston area. I visit Canobie Lake at least 4 times a year. This is mainly because of my 3 kids. This park is mainly for kids between 2-11. If you are any older, you may find yourself bored with lack of thrill rides. However, this park is very clean, with a friendly staff. When I was a kid, I very much enjoyed riding the Yankee Cannonball. After riding this coaster the last 4 years, it really lacks any kind of intensity, airtime, or fun. For younger folks, it's a relatively smooth out and back coaster, that gives a few seconds of enjoyment. The only other coaster this park has is the Corkscrew. This coaster may give the worst head banging trauma that any individual can endure. This coaster has absolutely no relevance what so ever. They should knock this ride down and build "anything" in it's place. Besides the rides mentioned... they have built a nice frisbee ride that is very fun. Besides that, they have the same old flat rides that most old parks have.
  14. Hmmm.... I guess I'm out on a limb here by my self. I have visited WDW 9 times in my life span. The first time was when I was 4 years old (not going to lie, i don't remember much of it) the second time was when I was 6 "now that experience has stuck with me for life". I will agree that WDW gives you an experience like no other. However, with the recent economic struggles that this country has endured, it is absurd that they can raise their prices twice in 2 years. I will say this... Disney is not stupid. They expect to make an increase in profit. Why wouldn't they when they haven't added a new major attraction in over 10 years (I'm only considering the Magic Kingdom). Let's be serious... us middle aged Americans still have that Magic Disney experience in logged in our heads. That is what Walt himself had in mind when he built Disney. But, it's only worth the price of admission once. After that... it's us adults mesmerized by our past experiences, hoping our kids have the same life long mesmerizing experiences we did. Let's be serious... I live in Boston. The price to bring my family of 5 to WDW for 3 days would cost over $5,000. Let me repeat that... FIVE GRAND!!! I can take my family to the white mountains, while going out to a 5 star restaurant 5 days in a row while staying in a upscale hotel for 7 days for that amount of cash. I could also take them to 2 local theme parks, and a water park for that kind of money. I guess I'm a little bitter at the fact that I can't afford to bring my family to Orlando for a vacation. However, I look at value... and spending $365 to visit 1 park for a day isn't worth the price of gold (that isn't including lunch or dinner which would cost us at least another $120). So my thoughts... Disney is completely over rated. I guess if you are independently wealthy, than it might be. It's just not for us average Americans!!!
  15. Ok... This is a life or death scenario. If someone put a gun to your head and said, you have one last ride on a coaster before you die. Which coaster would you pick?? Remember, this is the last thing you will remember before you die! However, I would like for the people that have experienced less than 50 coasters to exclude them selves from this thread. I'm not trying not to contradict myself, but I would say... Bizarro (SFNE) "superman ride of steel" This is because it has all the characteristics a coaster enthusiast looks for. It never let's up, and is in a park that most of the GP don't get to experience. I would also say I would like one last spin on Manta at SeaWorld Orlando. Mostly because of the on-line theming, but the ride itself was intense and enjoyable as well!!! Let me know what you think???
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