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  1. Regardless of school being in or not, Tuesday-Thursday is usually a solid choice. Even yesterday I was averaging about 15-20 minutes on Banshee, and that was with 2 train op. As for the new ride itself, I've been on 10 times now-and I feel its more of a front seater. Although I normally advocate back seat for better forces, the front is DEFINATELY more prevalent in Gs (and those zero-G rolls are FANTASTIC when in the right spot.) So far I recommend left side, but only time and more rerides will tell....
  2. Thanks. I do remember rattler being next to roadrunner, and it seems like I should use the same plan as last time...any predictions on crowds for Easter Sunday? I'd like to save money and avoid the qbot if possible.
  3. Heading to the park for the first time since they had Joker's Jinx this Sunday. Anyone have any tips on the best ways to get through the park these days?
  4. ^I feel like Drop Tower: Scream Zone and Delerium could stay the same. Just rename/theme Congo Falls, Invertigo, and Flight Deck (obvious Bat). Can't wait for some serious vertical construction! I try to test ride Windseeker whenever I can to get a peek at the site....
  5. Pros: Longest invert, 7 interesting inversion, potentially forceful 2nd half, awesome color scheme Cons: Wingrider restraints (unless they fix the issues), potential to be forceless, why not go for 8 inversions or 200' drop while their at it? Overall, AMAZING looking ride, but restraints and forces will make or break it for me. From an operator standpoint, I wonder how much it will stack when the only blocks are station, lifet, and brakerun....Either way, looks like my home is finally getting something more twisted than my VorteX Getting ready to scream in 2014!
  6. I'll be heading to the park soon if anyone wants to meet up. I'm rocking my old Laser Snake Horse on Fire shirt that Zach and I made for Diamondback, and possibly trolling with a SoB hat. 9 hours and counting!
  7. Heading back on thursday after a stop to SFGAm today. From my past experiences, Zues and Pegasus are 1 and dones. A bit rough, and relatively forceless. As for the other 2, Hades was alright before the mod-but I'll have to see what the corkscrew does in a few days As for Cyclops, that thing is still fighting Phoenix and Voyage for my favorite woody. Airtime on that ride is phenominal-especially if you ride back seat by yourself...Only coaster where I've ever been launched over the seat divider TWICE during the same ride....
  8. So anyways, REALLY want to hit the Towers now. Its been baiting me ever since the age of Nemesis, but this...THIS.....Theres just no words to describe Smiler's epicness. Even the line's interaction has me baffled. Any tips for someone coming from the states to plan a trip? I still have my passport from when I went to Israel a few years ago.
  9. In the past, I HAVE seen Fastlane sell out pretty early on Saturdays, so if you want one, it may be a good idea to reserve just incase. As far as basic vs Plus, only go for plus if you want to ride Firehawk, or cheat a Beast night ride with no wait. Firehawk and Flight of Fear usually have the longest lines in the park, since X-Base is a small all-coaster section of the park. The rest of the park is pretty easy to hit without Fastlane if you plan properly, but once again you DO want to come on the busiest day of the week so there will be lines for everything. Hope that helped a bit...come see me at Vortex/Windseeker when you stop by
  10. Windseeker is one of those rides that needs to be balanced, so under smaller crowds it often only loads half the ride. Sadly I wasnt there too re-open it this year, since I was helping out at Planet Snoopy yesterday. Still, fully retrained at Windseeker this year, so cant wait to work it and VorteX again this season... Can't wait to hear more about the construction...Im as clueless as everyone else, but I'm betting 2014 will be HUGE
  11. ^Done and done. I'll actually be in Orlando this week for a family wedding. I'll be there a few days early to scout out the place-checking for potential yearround ride op employment and hopefully hitting some sort of park...With all that Disney and Universal hype around, I'm actually more excited to see this underdog of a park develop. Especially with this HUGE expansion...
  12. I love how that woody threads the firgure 8 element. Looks very nice and ofcourse twisty!
  13. Im seriously debating the trip right now as my 25th birthday present, if I can convince my folks to pitch in since I'm the poors right now. For people interested in both days, whats the best deal for hotels etc? I'd love to visit Disney or something while I'm out there, but like I said, kind of on a budget right now...
  14. So I've been looking into the option of working at Nickelodeon Universe for a while (since I love beign a ride op, and its year round there), and I finally put in an application the other day. Just got a call back, and interviewing next week Heres where my question comes in though. Me and my friend are coming up from Ohio to potentially move ino the area, granted we get jobs etc. Nick Universe offers $9 an hour, but cant garuntee a set number of hours per week at this time. So....what is the cost of living in that area for finding an appartment for 2? Thank you for any help. Can't wait to make my trip up there next thursday!! -Jared
  15. Python at Coney Island, Ohio? Its one of the only 2 copies, and pretty sure it meets the other criteria so far....
  16. Interesting... 1st: Floorless wingrider? 2nd: Some rost of launched flyer is all I can get out of it. The inversions are a bit confusing. 3rd: Inverted standup for the win! Restraints look a bit minimalist though 4th: Standup Hypers? not entirely sure, but okay. The supports on that past verticle drop look WAY too minimal though. That thing could snap. 5th: ZOMFG actual art?!?! Decent ideas, just could be a bit more realistic...
  17. That Junior Coaster in Amazing Worl looks AMAZING! Custom compact spinning wild mouse with an interesting layout? Seems like the perfect coaster for the small-medium sized indoor parks that I dream of making if I ever had the money...
  18. Front seat 1am run on the Beast during the Haunt last friday. Chilly, but epic.
  19. I feel Diamondback doesnt really matter where you sit so much as how much room you get. I try to avoid getting stapled on that thing AT ALL COSTS because it makes worlds of difference with the amount of airtime you get. Of course, I always take my pattend pending "cowboy style" whenever I ride (1 hand holding up the lapbar the entire ride and the other in the air). Those restraints fall FAST if your too reckless.... From my flatrides in Coney Mall today, the park fluxuated a bit. Started off suprisingly crowded (12 cycles on Scrambler first hour where I usually get about 7), and then went up and down in terms of capacity over the day. Also, we filled out our ride placement sheets for next year, so with any luck I'll be on Vortex or Racer crew next summer As for the SoB coffin, just noticed theres more chains this year, and that the coffin itself is more "torn up". Interesting.... -That guy who works in Coney Mall now ^PS: If it was a night ride, Beast and Diamondback are LAYERED in fog. Epic
  20. ^Not quite. During the day, they still have Planet Snoopy open, barn animals, and the other stuff they used to. Now dinotrail is added to the mix. At night though, lets just say that I came to a sudden realization last night that Monster and Scrambler are the only operational ride you can bring younger kids on.... And Maniac, DO IT! Self-promotion aside, Kings Island is a great family park with some gems here and there. I havent been to too many Haunts outside of CP/KI so far, but theres a few decent ones atleast (Tombstone Terrortory and Club Blood are my favorites right now) Just remember to come on a Sunday to avoid crowds, or Friday if you want Haunts... -That one guy who works at KI for some reason
  21. Missed you by a day for my day off in the park...Anyway I actually talked to Firehawk crew about their fastlane during the few hours I worked there. Doin it that way is annoying, but otherwise they're feeding a constantly refilling fastlane into both stations. Doing it that way, the same dozen or so keep reriding until they get bored, while everyone else stands in the same heat on an already blazing hot line. I guess they changed it so they could have a constantly moving line and one train always ready for fast lane....Did the seperater still send riders to the Fast Lane line to fill up trains? The TPR member that works there NOW, Jared PS: I'll be working tonight , and probabbly pick up a shift somewhere on Sunday so make sure you swing by Monster/Scrambler/DOdgems if your in the park....
  22. Stricker's Grove tommorow. I need to get my Tornado/Flyers/Tip Top fix for the year
  23. Fridays will always be less crowded due to that fact; but it's also going to be 75 and sunny as well so expect more crowds. But usually in the past the first couple of weeks have less crowds. And around 11 or so the locals will get their last rides in; so you could get extra rides between 11pm-1am. All of this. Working every day of Haunt so far, I can definately see it being less crowded on Fridays since we dont have the extra crowds from company picnics that buy out the park post-season. At the very least, the park is EMPTY once 11ish comes around. Over the last few weeks I've had midnight hours with about 5-6 cycles on Scrambler, where it can usually get a good 11-14 per hour on busy days.... As for going to the aprk, I have all weekend off, so I'll probabbly check out the Haunt friday. May/may not get a fright pass if I care to do ALL the mazes, especially since I think this will be my last time to enjoy the park this season...
  24. As a scrambler operator who had to go in to work last night for Haunt...nope. Only thing I've seen them take down for Queu purposes was the grand carousel. And planet Snppoy of course.
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