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  1. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/theygotwet.jpg the cool part about this is, it actually looks like your really getting wet and such... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/firsteverpovshot.jpg my first onride shot ^^ you can see alot of the layout, plus some other rides. my only regret is somehow getting my finger in the way...[/i][/url]
  2. Home Best Feat: Song: Shining Polaris Game: Max 2 Score: AA Mode: Heavy Where: My basement (my first AA...w00t!) Arcade Best Feat: Song: Across the Nightmare) Game: DDR Extreme Score: C Mode: Standard Where: PKI, Festhaus (hey...its a hard song) also, what are your fave songs? for me, my fave is across the nightmare, even though i cant play it on heavy yet...
  3. ^Well I havent been to BGW yet, so I dont know...Iron Dragon still owns TG... I had a realization. Why not take out TRTR or Delierium? Though I enjoy both rides, both of em have been fuctioning as much as KK this season....
  4. Note to mod/admins: please close this thread. I found the old one, and have continued our discussion there...
  5. (I figured Id post here, since I dont want to create chaos (or DO I?)) ----- If we had a choice of what was gonna go, Adventure Express or Top Gun. Im fully with BGWfreak on his oppinions. And whoever said TG was one of the best suspendeds, I think Iron Dragon>Top Gun IMO. As for why I chose Adventure Express, we have too many family coasters! Lets see now... *Top Cat *Beastie *Scooby *Reptar (I actually like it for a "trainee SLC") *Adventure Express *IJST ...That means 6/12 coasters are family orientated...
  6. @phisheh: if we did, I didnt see the thread. Care to point it out? @coasterfanatic: Yeah, that was one of the suggestions Screamscape made... edit: Almost forgot for a second...why would they make a MTV sponsored ride? All the music videos on in tv's throughout the park are sponsered by VH1...an MTV wouldnt make much sence, cuz then theyred be competition inside of the park...
  7. I dont know where rumors go, so move this if you need to.... According to Screamscape, rumor has it that PKI is taking out one of the following coasters to make room for a new attraction: Top Gun, Vortex, Flight of Fear, Son of Beast. Even though they STILL have all that unused land in the back of their park, my money is on Top Gun. Aside from it being the only one of the mentioned coasters that I dont ride every time I go to PKI, TG has lost it....no more themeing, a bad color scheme, and no real thrill. As for the other rides... *Vortex: An Arrow looper with MASSIVE airtime on its first drop and during the corkscrews. I think it deserves to stay *Son of Beast: A good ride if it werent so rough. However I found out that the front seat is actually quite smooth for a woodie. My only other regret about this ride, is that its probablly the world's only hyper coaster without airtime. If they were to replace it, the only thing acceptable would be another hyper twister, this one with airtime.... *Flight of Fear: A fun ride now that the OSTR's are gone. Its not the best though, since the layout is a bit boring....
  8. pepsi python at coney island....my photos will be developed soon (including some onrides)
  9. They said as soon as possible, which means Im gonna have to ride it during ERT (if I can). Hmm...the 6th you say? I should stil be there then...when are you arriving?
  10. King Cobra of course. I dont care if its a TOGO death machine, I loved that ride....Also, for flats, a chaos or gravitron. I dont know if theyre are any defunt or extinct ones though.... edit: apparently kc's allready in there ^^; BUT, I have some comments on the layout in RCT2... *there is a drop going into the helix *between the hill after the helix and the turnaroun, that flat track tilts to the right for a trick track segment *the line is like a box inside of the layout. they start on the outside of it, go under the lift hill, then weave through some switchbacks on the inside of the layout before climbing up a short flight of stairs to the station. about the park itself, which version of RCT2 are you using? normal? Wacky worlds? Or TIme twisters?
  11. Yeah, I think I'll hit GL next year if I get a pass at DP. I'm thinking a CF roadtrip starting at Dorney then going to Ohio. are any other CF parks reletively close by?
  12. Too bad Im only going to CP and GL, not any other CF property xD. So is the admission to GL $25 or is that just the add on to the season pass thing? Also, I was just considering buying a 2-day pass, cuz this is probabbly going to be my only visit this year. Next year, however, I plan on doing a Pennsylvania road trip (Kennywood, DP, HP, are there anymore parks there I can hit?) , so I'll get the CF season pass at DP, then go to the Ohio properties later if time permits...
  13. Okay, I'll keep that in mind, though I dont know if I can go anyway o.0; Something just occured to me though. My dad doesnt want to go back to CP (wimp was there with me last time though) so is there anything around there that he can do? Also, IF I go to GL, is there some sort of pass or deal that gets me into both Cedar Fair owned properties that I can use?
  14. I figured I should post here rather than make a new topic on this. ---- I'm planning on making my second trip to CP with some friends on the tuesday/wednesday of the week after next. I'm coming from Cincinnati, so I'm wondering if a side trip to GL would be of an advantage. I'm planning on staying at Breakers express like I did last time, so I dont know if I'll have enough time to do something at GL, or if it would be better just to skip it and go straight to CP...
  15. Reon

    Coaster Videos

    I already checked that thread, but I figured it was better to post here instead of reviving that other topic...I suppose I'm still allowed to film at CP, just not onrides....I'll try to see if I can get a Python onride when I go to Coney next week...if I can, I mean...
  16. Reon

    Coaster Videos

    So then I suppose it would be pretty pointless to bring a video camera to CP? How about PKI or the Ohio Coney Island?
  17. Reon

    Coaster Videos

    Hmm...has anyone been successful doing this at Cedar Point? Because I'm planning a second trip there in two weeks. Also on the video taping matter, do you have to have a specific type of video camera to be able to edit or post on your computer? And what program do you use to edit? Thanks in advance to anyone with the answers. Jared"newb coaster filmographer"Becker (aka Reon Skyridge)
  18. Hi! I'm Jared, but you can call me Reon. My current coaster count is in my sig, and I hope to expand it as fast as possible. My aim is reonskyridge if you want to reach me for some reason...
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