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  1. one question bout tagging: how do you upload multible photos? I can only do one per post (which is why I use photobucket and post that way instead...)
  2. http://photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/Cedar%20Point/ pictures, including some shots from my 2003 trip aswell...[/url]
  3. after riding TTD and StormRunner all I can say is this: Awesome rides, but theyre usually too short. Even StormRunner, which actually has a layout after the tophat (unlike most rockets) only lasts a matter of seconds after the top hat is gone...
  4. After looking at those videos, and all the pictures, I think we can safely say that this might be one of the greatest coasters ever, and this is coming from a guy who just got back from CP. I have to plan a trip to HW now...
  5. Parks Ive been to: *CP *PKI *Coney Island (ohio) *SDC *IOA *USF *SFKK *Mt Olympus *HP Park with best woodies: Mt Olympus (cant top Cyclops or Hades...) Park with best steels: CP Park with best coasters: CP Park that you can have the most fun at: Coney Best theme: IOA I think that covers it all...
  6. It began at about 9:00 when 2 of my best friends, Tim Brennan and Alex Ray, came over to my house, all packed up. One hour later we set off for CP...This would be my second visit,and thier first. Sometime around noon we stopped at Burger King for some lunch, then we set off again. At about 3:00pm we finally arrived. It had seemed all to long since I had last seen that skyline filled with coasters 2 years ago...We checked into our cabin (right behind mean streak) and got settled in before buying our 2-day ride and slide tickets. Then we walked into the park at the soak city entrance... ---------- Day 1 As soon as we entered CP, we went straight to Magnum. It was funny that the DJ was blasting 'Feel Good Inc' by the Gorilaz, because we had just finished listening to it on Alex's MP3 player. Anyway, we trekked up the line to the station, where we got into the back car. After showing them both what VorteX does, they wanted as much airtime as possible. Needless to say,this trip delivered. As we went through the course, we kept feeling slight pops of air on every hill. I think the best part is the last tunnel, where you dont know when your floating... After our warmup coaster, we went to TTD, which was actually running unlike my 2003 trip...Just seeing it launch left me breathless. I had been on StormRunner earlier that season, but this launch looked completely different. While we were waiting in line, Tim and I kept trying to persuade Alex to ride it later, and that we werent warmed up yet. In other words, we were scarred shitless. I tried calming down by watching the trains go over the hill, looking to see any rollbacks. Fortunately there were none. Finally my turn came: we boarded the back row and front row of the last two cars of the green train, and we were off. I hated the prelaunch, cuz you stall for such a long time, not knowing when your gonna launch. My heart was beating out of control when the train finally slid back into place. Then came the signal and VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM we flew through the launch section. Then up the hill, buttlift , and back down into the break run. The experience was incredible....completely worth our one hour wait. Once we got off I went for an onride photo. Unfortunately we werent all in the same shot, so we would have to ride it again later..oh well After Dragster, we decided to cool down with Iron Dragon. It was much more boring than I had remembered, though we did get a split second of air going down the first hill for some reason... Next came M-force, as we nicknamed it. The giga coaster had a one hour wait that turned into one and a half due to slight technical difficulties...Waiting in line and going up the ramp, I found out exactly how scrawny I am, when I stuck my whole arm through one of the fence holes so I could attempt to high five the riders going by...Finally we got into our car, and I tucked my bucket hat into my shirt, creating a uni-boob We all loved the station music (does anyone have it who can send it to me?) but it didnt last long since the lift took us away. One thing I love about M-force is that lift hill. It feels like your going faster and faster into the sky before you take the plunge. The ride itself was nothing to laugh at either. During each hill I experienced a unique type of air that didnt really float me, but pushed me over the hill... As we got off, we went into Johnny Rockets cuz it started raining. Conveniently we were getting pretty hungry too. We all ordered our food, and watched the live entertainment...Then the rain cleared and we left. Next we went to the boardwalk. WT was closed, but chaos wasnt Obviously we rode it. They loved it so much, we double rode it: first time I sat with Alex, second with Tim...IMO, Alex was a better flipping partner. After that, we went to DT. The ride was pretty boring, but Alex started flirting with some girls in line...I liked how my DD shirt glew in the dark under the blacklight...As we got off, we asked the ride op how to get back to CP from Alaska. His responce was basically that CP is large enough to cross over into Alaska... Next came Blue Streak, or the floating wooden coaster of extreme air time...Then off to Raptor, the best Invert in the US that I have ridden. My friends classified it as "Like Face/Off exept, you know, fun." Then we went for Demon Drop, as it got dark. This was all of our first Intamin Drop Ride's so we didnt know the restraints would hurt so much. Or, as Alex put it: "This is not happy!" Right before we took the plunge. After that we took a ride on MF as the park closed, and found out the front has more air then the back... ---------------- Day 2 We awoke in our cabin at about 8:15 so we could get ready and have 15 minutes to walk there for ERT. That day's ERT rides were MaXair, M-force, and Dragster. We chose to take M-force for our warmup and then head over to TTD. Unfortunately our plans changed since Mantis opened after our warmup coaster. On the bright side, we were one of the first trains of the day. The ride op was awesome. Id like to quote his responce to the ride summery if I may. "Your about to go really really high, turn around, go really really low, then we'll turn upside down a bunch of times at a speed I like to call really really fast!" Best...ride op..ever. (Exept the one on Runaway Reptar, cuz we did stuff like play games and do the wave while we were waiting for the train to run its course ) After Mantis, we decided to hit what we forgot yesterday. First we went over to Power Tower. I knew what the launch up was like from Dr. Doom's Fearfall, but I had never riden a launch down version. I still say the launch up version is better. Then it was off to Corkscrew. To put it bluntly, the ride ops put our restraints down just a bit too low...This ride inflicts pain :shock: After the painful experience, it was off to Gemini. Unfortunately they were only running one side Regaurdless we had a ride op named Bob, and the ride produced nice head choppers and air time. Next Tim and Alex got some smoothies. I wasnt thirsty, so I nabbed a credit on the Woodstock express instead (yay credit whoring!) They finished theyre drinks, and we went for Mean Streak. Wait in line, I kept bragging that my dad once knew Summers (which he did, for a very brief period of time before I was born ) The ride was nice, with some good bouncing airtime. My only regret were the seatbelts, which were convienently located right above my crotch and liked to bounce Then it was time to check back in with my parents (aka drivers for this trip since I dont have my liscence yet, but thats another story.) We changed and went into soak city for a few hours. I have no comments, exept their lazy river was one of the nicest I have ever been on (the wave pool one), and that the positioning right by magnum was a nice effect. Once we got back to CP, we just had a bunch of rerides, including Chaos, TTD, Magnum, and we played some DDR in the arcade when it rained (stupid Dennis.) On Magnum, our ride op tried to mock the one on Mantis, but wasnt as good. Plus he said that Magnum far surpassed Raptor, so he automaticly sucked...After a second DD credit was denied, we hit the gift shop and left the park. I bought a TTD monkey and a 'coaster challenge' shirt with all the rides listed in a list. Tim bought a dragon sculpture since hes a dragon freak, and Alex got a Dragster shirt. We drove away and bid farewell till next year (Im planning a CF roadtrip next year...) Pics are coming soon, theyre getting developed and I should have them after work at 11:00 Ohio time...
  7. DRAGSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I rode it twice, and got no rollbacks the entire day
  8. wood: cyclops (mt olympus). that ride is perfection when ridden in the back seat...the only thing i hate is its so short steel: vortex (pki) the only looper i know of that produces at least 2 pops of air regardless of where you sit. and let me tell you...that is some sweet air
  9. Well you live in Wisconsin so you dont count...Then again Ive only ridden IJST 5 times...who cares though? I mean, its just IJST... As for Hades, I managed to ride it twice...It wasnt an airtime machine for me, but I rode it after a backseat ride on Cyclops, so yeah....Im sure you know about that thing's perfection^^
  10. no...chaos? Aaaanyway, Ive been watching the weather lately, and the rain wont hit CP till thrusday, so Im good...I guess I should add demon drop to my list of what to do, since neither of us has ridden it. As for shirts, last time I was there, one cost $20 exactly after tax. Are they still doing this? Im guessing food will be about $7 a meal, and onrides about $10-$15...Exactly how much should I bring?
  11. I like this one, but the end seems to loop for some reason...hmmm...got some footage of vortex so I can do one?
  12. Well, after getting held back for 3 weeks, Im finnally going back to CP^^ Im making this thread to get any last details before I leave on Tuesday. Me, my friends and my parents will be staying at an on-site cottage...Anyway, what's the cost of food, on-ride photos, and t-shirts like in general? And while were at it, the price for some DDR (me and Alex are DDR freaks.) Finally, what are the lines like? We plan on hitting all the coasters, power tower, chaos, and maybe maxair (but since we already got delerium...) Thanks for any advice. Jared"Hopefully I'll get my TTD credit this time"Becker
  13. This season Ive only been on Hades, and IJST...IJST is a nice little launcher, but Hades owns it. Therefore, I vote Hades
  14. YAY FUNLAND!!!!!! I love thier chaos and gravitron
  15. Well thats the coaster, but theres supposed to be a big website, not just a few pics...
  16. I couldnt find the right type face on paint, so I improvised...
  17. Well first I need more detail on construction. Thats why Im looking for sites with tips on how to build woodies...then I need to get the permit. After that is construction...Im hoping to get to that part asap. Also a dumb question: will this count as a coaster credit?
  18. My question is are they worth it? Ive never been on one cuz all PKI has is a skycoaster and the slingshot. I have a grudge against the slingshot cuz it occupies part of KC's old land (Im sure you all know by now that Kc was one of my fave steels ever). I have nothing against the skycoaster, but it doesnt seem too appealing...PLus they cost alot @.@; Is it worth the $15?
  19. Yeah but thats not the Reid coaster....Unless I can find enough grain elevator metal to rework (or whatever he did) I need wood.... Also, preview animation of the first section! (done in ms paint)
  20. Cyclops, but I have doubts that it lacks a record, due to the TREMENDOUS amounts of airtime on that thing...on a similar note, good old Vortex. One of the best arrow multiloopers Ive been on, and with good reason. After multiple rides all over the train today, I discovered your guarenteed ATLEAST 2 pops of airtime regardless of where you sit...and thats ignoring the floater air down the first drop^^. Considering this is a ride built for G force pulling inversions, I say this ride is friggen awesome! The same reasoning goes toward Cyclops, but its a nice small wood twister instead...
  21. Did I neglect to mention that Delerium is waiting for parts from Germany...BIG problem for one of PKI's best flats...maybe they shall have to tear it down...but what would they put there? (KC shall rise again.) On another note, I apparently can get ejector air on the back seat of Congo Falls 0.o;
  22. Goliath (SFMM) both SF owned both hypercoasters
  23. Technically FOF is a multilooping coaster...but you remember the safari? I only rode it once before it was torn down, so I dont remember too much about it. You raise a good point that they have a bunch of land out back (where they *could* have put delerium rather than takeing down KC). However, after wasting lots of their money on IJST, I doubt wed get anything so huge as an uber terrain giga, although it would be sweet. Finally, PEOPLE WHO LIVE WITHIN PKI UNITE!!!!!!!!!*points at location* Im actually gonna go right now or tommarow to ride VorteX as many times as possible, so they wont tear it down. I urge you to do the same to protect our rides... edit: im back. not as many rides on vortex, but I did manage four from different spots...This thing absolutely owns! Atleast 2 pops of air time are experienced despite where you sit...I think on my last ride I floated a good 6" off of my seat going down the first hill^^. Besides that, there was a decent line for it, so I doubt their gonna take it down...
  24. ...Only if it smells like pie xD Does anyone have a link to the site for Reid's coaster? I wanna see if he left any tips on building coasters or anything...
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