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  1. CP=Lotsa cool coasters, but no themeage IOA= Lotsa cool theme, but not too many coasters. Theyre complete opposites, though they both have nice coasters.
  2. Dont worry...Im saving the death rides for you guys
  3. BTR...againn xD Hulk both green both BM
  4. ZOMG PROJECT WILDCAT IS NOW OWNED BY SFMM!!!!!!!!!!!1111134341323$3$#2#1 You know I had to do that. As for the housy thing, the one by the lift is mine, and the other guys are still mad we built the house, but theyve gotten over it by now, since they solved their privacy issues...Actually the only house in those pictures is my own (and my puppy got into 2..) The house I was talking about is hidden behind a wall of trees for privacy...The coaster itself never leaves my house or yard.
  5. Raptor both B&M inverted both CF owned
  6. Its continuos...I just didnt have enough stakes to cover the whole track, so I did one section, took pictures, took out the stakes, and repeated the process throughout the track. If you mean the crossover part, I coulnt quite show the true height of the lift, but there will be enough room for the car to go under it... The layout looks like a horizontal figure 8 for all you guys wondering about that....I may do side friction, but I think that the dip between the tunnel and lift will provide air, so I dont know if thats safe...plus the lift goes into a double dip... edit @ twister: I drew it out and measured on the hill...Im pretty sure that the only place where the train not making it is possible is that last hill, but only because I dont know how much momentum the double dip will produce. I made a modle on RCT2, but that game isnt very accurate for this kind of coaster...
  7. I'm sorry if this post is bad, but im in a rush all the photos are up in this link... http://photobucket.com/albums/v467/Reon_Skyridge/Rollercoasters/backyard%20coaster/ I have eplinations as the comments...remember this is just to give you an idea of the layout and placement...Ill be back at about 11:00 to answer any questions...
  8. Your working on one too? Nice... Yeah I'm planning on 2x4s like you said, but the rest is still work in progress...obviously this is my first time doing this, so some of it is still new to me...Aaanyways, I'm off to put down some stakes to plot the layout..I'll be back with some photos later... and yes, its wood
  9. While I FULLY agree with your KC comment, there is NO WAY that PKI will ever take down Racer. Sure it sucks, but do you know the history behind that thing? Its too important to tear down...Unless I forgot, Racer was the ride that resparked the coaster craze long ago....theres no way they can take it down...
  10. I'm sorry. I forgot this what a board of grammar nazis...
  11. permits or insurance for the ride? well, like I said, my dad's an architecht (who once worked with Curtis Summers for a BRIEF time) so I've pretty much got that much covered already...
  12. It was a tough decision. I love Delerium, but I like the control that you have over Chaos. I just went with the later, cuz I have fallen in love with flats you can control lately...A couple other good candidates would be the spider/octopus/monster (great ride cuz you control the spin, and airtime on it while you randomly move up down and around) and the gravitron (I hope you all realize why...these things OWN!)
  13. Thought I'd make a thread devoted to my big project: a backyard coaster! I know theyre hard to build and such, but I have the will, the experience (architecture runs through my veins), and with help from my parents, the funds to build it... As for the ride itself, it will be a terrain coaster, with trick-track, a natural tunnel created by some trees, and a double dip finally. Starting tommarow, Im gonna be laying out some stakes to get a general idea of the layout and how it fits (I already made blueprints and measurements). Ill try to upload the pics with a digital camera so you all can see....I know you all have doubts that this will work, but I want to do it. It will be something that I hope to be remembered for, and it might just help me get into Miami University (a good school for architecture in Oxford Ohio. I figure that if I show them what I can do, it will help me out...) As for the name, Wildcat is just the first thing that came to my mind. I may change it later...
  14. nnnno....if they get rid of a big ride to make room for a new huge coaster, my moneys on sob...too rough, and vortex beats it any day....(on a typical trip to pki, I ride vortex at least 3 times and sob only once...) Did I neglect to mention that these 'typical trips' I take occur almost weekly? (Reon's coastin Ohio tour so far: 2 weeks ago, PKI. Last week, Coney Island. This week, PKI again. Next week CP) Jared"PLEASE keep my Vortex"Becker
  15. The Ohio Coney Island has both a tilt a whirl, and a round up....
  16. While Im all for a little roughness in woodies, I must agree that SoB=owies. Front seems smooth to me though...weird. Its too bad you didnt get on VorteX. Its my fave ride there...IJST isnt that bad if you want to wait for it.... Since Im nice, I'll provide some photos for you (gotta have some for the TR xD) Pain @.@ How can you not like this thing? FLOATER AIR! launch #1 I understand that I posted 2 coasters that you didnt ride, but thats all I had, so I had to work with it...xD -Jared"goes to PKI almost every tuesday"Becker
  17. and so is Sheikra's. From what I've seen, there are pipes on the train that shoot water during that spot...
  18. Did they shorten the ride time on Tomb Raider??? It seemed so much shorter this time than it did in 2002 when I was last up there before this May. I still like it, it's just way too short. I cant really say, cuz I never timed it xD. It does feel a bit tamer though...and I still hate that ending (youd think they would atleast shake the car a bit or something...)
  19. good thing i get off work at 11...ill try to catch them tommarow, but adult swim is on then too...
  20. Dueling Dragons both at IOA both B&M edit: coasterfan apparently beat me to it... Dragon Khan both owned by universal (I think) both B&M
  21. Flight of Fear (PKI) same park chain same ride company
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