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  1. I was there on Sunday and it was a great day! I sat in the front on Volcano and experianced a roll back. Haha it was insane! Almost made it up out of the Volcano but not quite.
  2. Now that Tatsu has opened and the lines looked crazy long from the pics posted, should I still head to X the first thing of the day, or are more people going to be at Tatsu all day? When I went two years back if you dident get to X withen fifteen mins you were going to have to wait two hours! Also, how are the crowds at Disneyland and Magic Mountain on weekdays around the end of July?
  3. I think New France at BGW is really awsome! Not to many rides but they have the Smokehouse and you can smell it the whole way through! Really good scenery also. Another one is all of Dollywood! They dont have to do much to make that park awsome!
  4. There both awsome parks, but I have to geive it to BGW! Its all around a better park. More scenery, AWSOME rides, and its just nice. Pkd has Volcano though!
  5. I like BGW the best, but out of these def CP.
  6. I like them both, well, at least the ones at Wild Adventures anways!
  7. I really like Volcano rides at night! Its amazing!
  8. I really hate when I cant pick my own seat after waiting an hour for a ride! COUGH...California Scremin...COUGH!
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