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  1. Just a random note here. I just noticed that Alan Schilke (RMC) designed Tennessee Tornado. Ron Toomer apparently designed Drachen Fire, but it really doesn't look anything like his normal design or Arrow's. That cobra roll looks nearly identical to the Kumba one. However, Tennessee Tornado is undoubtably an Arrow coaster and used the same type of support structure and similarly out of character elements. It could have just been an evolution for Arrow possibly inspired by B&M but of course the Drachen Fire legend will always live on.
  2. They should cover all the major new additions. Voyage at Holiday World Goliath at SFOG Speed Monster at TusenFryd Patriot at WoF Black Mamba Phantasialand Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom B&M Flyer at SFMM Intamin Woodie at SFGAdv Stealth at Thorpe Park Also they should get some less known ones... Fuji-Q Highland's new coaster Thunderbird at PowerPark The new X-Car coaster at Parque de Atracciones Madrid Vliegende Hollander at Efteling - Russell Heiman
  3. I got the "FANtastic" cd a while back when it came out in 99, it was $9.99 and I was 9 so I thought it was cool if I bought it. When I saw the coaster videos with the songs in them I went to get it out of the dust... lol. It's like Aqua's stuff. I don't know how, but I scratched it and the Intro and the song "What About" don't play... lol. This CD is really rare and it goes for $100 up on amazon... click here to see. - Russ "I used to listen to that stuff?!?" H.
  4. The straight couples are allowed to by the teachers and school staff, why not the gay/lesbian? Her mom sort of caught her in the act. She has been grounded for 3 months by her parents, who are very conservative. They took away her cell phone and computer. She got kicked out of her house the other day and now actually lives with her girlfriend and her girlfriend's sister. I just found this out today. Don't think her parents will talk her out of sex... shes like addicted. At least there both first timers, they have only had sex with each other and nobody else, so no STDs here.
  5. Just found out some more info on the first park. The park is actually called "Takakonuma Greenland" http://www.rcdb.com/pd1240.htm The same guy has an English site with even more pictures of the place: http://www.juergenspecht.com/documentations/?number=40&page=1 The Jet Star that you saw was not a Schwarzkopf... it was a clone. [Thanks Duane of RCDB for the links and information. ]
  6. My friend, Nicole, is a lesbian. She lives a few miles away from me. We talk a lot about stuff and she is a true lesbian. She is not what you people see in pornos. She never liked guys, she always liked girls and came out in about 7th grade. She has been with her girlfriend for about 2 years and they are in love. If you see them... you know its love. When they kiss you see the passion. They are in a sexual relationship too. They are in 9th grade. They show their affection in public, including school. They get teased by the girls and sexually harassed by the guys. Teachers reprimand them and not the straight students for showing their affection for each other. This is a reason why I did the day of silence. I want to stop this harassment and false perceptions of lesbians. Stop the bias!
  7. Theres an overview of the park... Closer up Anyways... Kernie's Familienpark is built on the land of a never completed atomic power plant. The atomic power plant project was canceled early enough that no radioactive material was ever brought onto the site. The large containment wall (the cylindrical shape you see of many atomic power plants) was built and is now used as a rock climbing wall. That's official... lol. They have one coaster, Achterbahn, a Zamperla Mine Train Coaster.
  8. The last one with Storm Runner... great stuff! You've got some great talent man
  9. The first link that was given was to pictures of the "Tsuga Recreational Area" which opened in 1973. I don't know when it closed.
  10. It is a custom flyer... I'll get more info soon.
  11. Now why the hell do I have to be living in NY.... lol. I wish I could attend... I really want to meet people. EDIT: Looks like you are going to have to win the lottery... http://www.screamscape.com/html/industry_news.htm
  12. Today is "The Day of Silence"... The Day of Silence, a project of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) in collaboration with the United States Student Association (USSA), is a student-led day of action where those who support making anti-LGBT bias unacceptable in schools take a day-long vow of silence to recognize and protest the discrimination and harassment -- in effect, the silencing -- experienced by LGBT students and their allies. I have actively participated in this today at my school. Each time someone talks to you... you hand them a card explaining the issue and why you aren't talking. The organization website can be reached by clicking the banner below.
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