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  1. Thanks Nemmy! I'll give it a try and hopefully will get some great footage! Maybe I'd better look into camera insurance too
  2. I was wondering how you get your cameras on the rides. The last park I was at, we had to leave everything behind on the platform for most of them. Is it possible to get permission somehow or to just sneak them on under a shirt? I have done a hesitant trial with a plastic bag and Duck Tape at home in preperation for the water rides (which seem to have less bag restrictions) but was still concerned about how to go about it all. We are planning a trip to Chessington next weekend, and Thorpe Park a week after that! Also, if I order a Coaster Dvd today, would it be in time to get sent out before your next trip? I have refound my love of coasters after being put off them by the coaster at Rotunda in Folkestone which I nearly fell out of. (Safety bar didn't lock...luckily my Dad's reflexes were good, and he grabbed me.) Rainy Day
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