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  1. LSMs by nature consume a lot less energy than LIMs do, as they only generate the necessary magnetic current needed relative to the trains speed via the stators which react with the permanent magnets mounted on the trains themselves. LIMs on the other hand use the magnets externally mounted on the track and send a constant current needed for the "ideal" speed, and the trains themselves don't have magnets, but metal fins that react to the magnets on the track. LIMs are extremely inefficient, energy wise, and also generate a massive amount of heat which requires additional systems (fans or other) to cool down the LIMs. LSM development has pretty much put LIMs into extinction, for good reason. Due to the removal of WT and TTD, which required a very large power draw to run the hydraulics, and only adding a larger LSM system, I would assume that the overall energy draw will be significantly less. Side note, it wasn't until yesterday that I realized Intamin offers a new-age Impulse coaster using their new track style and LSMs. The only example of this is an upscaled, new-era WT clone: Legendary Twin Dragon in China
  2. Random thoughts in no particular order... Not a fan of keeping arguably the worst part of the original name, especially when Cedar Point hasn't been afraid to rebrand (ala Rougarou and Steel Vengeance). Don't like the random blue thrown into the color scheme, especially that shade of blue which doesn't mix well with the new slate grey (in my opinion). Very surprised they kept the queue in the infield, though it appears with way more covering which will definitely help cool guests down on sunny/hot days. Wish the initial launch was a little stronger and created more of a similar rollback to what TTD used to unpredictably offer. Very surprised that Zamperla is matching the old Intamin track style for the new track on the spike. Track gauge aside, I figured they would go with a more simple track design. All in all, I'm excited for the new iteration. CP could have easily pulled the plug on the ride entirely after all of the headaches that Intamin left them with in the initial product. Here's hoping Zamperla can get everything operating smoothly and that this new version cuts out millions of dollars of annual operating costs that CP has been saddled with for the last 20 years.
  3. Well, Waldameer finally did what I figured they would do ever since purchasing the old Inn at Presque Isle... The finally bought out the Village Mobile Home park, which sits along 6th Street between Peninsula Drive and their other entrance on West Lake Road: https://www.yourerie.com/news/local-news/slapped-in-the-absolute-face-village-mobile-home-residents-upset-on-new-park-ownership/ For those that are curious, the mobile home park is highlighted below. The news article mentions that Waldameer is acquiring 27.5 acres of land. The mobile home park consists of only 13.7 acres (according to tax maps) so I wonder what other property is included in the purchase. Big expansion possibilities.
  4. The speculation has been a reverse spike behind the station and a swing launch. The photo posted shows it at the very top (best angle to show how inline it is with the old launch). Here is a closer look at the pilings and cofferdam built in the disassembled Iron Dragon area. Very curious to see how this plays out.
  5. Not a great light being shined upon ProSlide by Paul Nelson with Rocket Blast likely a miss on being ready for the opening of Water World: https://www.goerie.com/story/news/local/2023/02/16/waldameer-erie-pa-new-water-ride-unlikely-for-start-of-summer-2023/69886278007/ Article might be paygated, so here is the contents:
  6. Kind of right. Cedar Point officially announces that revamped TTD is coming in 2024: https://www.cedarpoint.com/new-in-2024
  7. Cedar Point changed over the 2nd webcam to point back at TTD: https://www.cedarpoint.com/live-video
  8. For now. It has only been one week with no additional track removed. Who knows what's next.
  9. LIM launches are a lot less reliable and power hungry than LSMs, but both are more reliable than the hydraulic launches have been. During the investigation into the accident, it was reported that CP / CF spent upwards of $2mil per year in maintenance on the ride. Regardless of the actual uptime reliability of LSMs, I would imagine that alone is the main contributing factor into replacing the old hydraulic launch, without any other modifications to the layout.
  10. ^ All of the track other than the tower has been removed and is sitting stacked back by maintenance now. Definitely done neatly compared to normal removal to not be reusing it.
  11. What are the chances that we get the full details on the project on January 9th, 2023... The 20th anniversary of the original TTD announcement. I couldn't imagine a better date to put the details out, since they seem to be following the "you can see it but you don't know" scheme that they did originally with TTD, even if it is a 2024 re-opening.
  12. Little sidenote. Not sure if anyone else has been watching the webcams the last couple of minutes but it's been funny watching them chase down a random drone flyer that decided to start flying over the Boardwalk construction site. Found the drone, followed it and ended up finding the guy on the east side of the parking lot by the residences over there. Within seconds, CP Police rushed him. Funny to watch.
  13. Someone posted this on Reddit today. From the looks, it appears on the left that all of the cables have been severed/removed from the control boxes that monitor and/or control launch brake fins. Pretty much confirms removal of the hydraulic launch.
  14. Thoughts of LSM limitations in terms of achievable speed are pretty moot. LSMs have been used in maglev high speed rail for years and have hit speeds over 300mph. The key is how much space is needed to achieve the desired speed, and whether or not TTD has that space. To me, since speed is achievable and space is the concern, the sheer length comparison between Red Force and TTD's launch section leads me to think that it should definitely be possible to bridge 8mph difference without too much issue. Trains would definitely need replaced with lighter, permanent magnet mounted versions.
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