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  1. ^ That is correct and somewhat annoying. Being a web developer, I've come across this on many websites I've worked on. Long story short, within JPG files there is a EXIF data flag for "orientation" which are values 1-8, the common values being 1 (no rotation), 3 (rotated 180°), 6 (rotated 90°) and 8 (rotated -90°). Essentially your camera (and it's sensors) always take photos in one static direction, but based on the accelerometer in the device it will flag it for orientation differences. Some image programs naturally observe this and display it in it's intended orientation when view
  2. Waldameer trying to troll enthusiasts ("Really Making Changes") with what I assume to be typical offseason retracking work for RFII:
  3. Unfortunately it doesn't not surprise me very much. One of their major draws was "free admission" which had to be done away with this season for attendance / capacity tracking purposes. This has been a major complaint from what I've seen and heard, despite the fact that it was almost 100% mandatory for them to have to do it. I did buy two season passes this year (for both my wife and I, as we live literally less than a 1/4 mile down the road), but we still have yet to visit. We love to take spend random time there throughout the summers, just walking around, riding a few things, people wat
  4. Great to hear AJ. I'm guessing this will be a reconfiguration to include some of the space left over from the removal of the old kiddy pools. Also, AJ, something I've been curious about this since the parking lot expansion... Does Waldameer have any plan for the old Inn at Presque Isle sign that was left over at the intersection of Peninsula and 6th? It was painted during the expansion, but I've been surprised that there was no signage placed on it (even if temporary).
  5. The wheel seats on RFII definitely allow you to feel the rattle more, but it definitely feels smoother this year than it has in the past. Took a couple of laps last week in the 3rd car of the red train in both wheel seats and it wasn't bad. With the speed the train maintains throughout the ride the wheel seats will always give more punch than the first row. There isn't much let up in the layout.
  6. Here is a video of it in the middle of the "stall": [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  7. Eh, par the course for Erie from the start of May until about the second week of June in terms of weather forecasting. Most of the time it's just a straight 40% to 60% chance of rain predicted every day. The only thing you can really count on is the temperature being fairly accurate, although every day has been around 5 degrees or more above the forecasted high.
  8. Just because the registrar is GoDaddy and it's pointing at GoDaddy nameservers doesn't mean that they have control of the GoDaddy account that holds it. While you are more than likely correct (and by that I mean probably like 99.75% correct), there is a chance that if someone else holds the GoDaddy, there wouldn't be much they could do as GoDaddy is complete garbage in assisting with account related access stuff. We've had a lot of nightmare scenarios with my clients that a developer took access of an account or became the owner (through transfer or the like) and GoDaddy pretty much said
  9. I'm sure that is more-or-less the land that was being referred to. I'm sure the park would love that piece of property as it is the only barrier from them owning all of the land from lake/Sara's Campground to West 6th Street. As of now, this is (as far as I know) the land map of the land they own. Red = Current Developed Park, Yellow = Parking / Roadway, Blue = Undeveloped Owned Land
  10. ^ I completely agree. It's amazing to see the transformation alone in the water park after almost completely neglecting it (upgrades wise) since it's installation. In terms of the coaster, I know it has to be in their plans. Once ajfelice starts talking at all about it, then we know it'll be close to on it's way The article did state that they do have all of the land they need for their current 10-year plan, but they are not opposed to new land buys if the price is right and it makes sense (quoted Nelson as saying if the price is in range he's "buying it") so that's always good to h
  11. It's still possible that they add a new coaster in the near future, but they won't tip their caps at that until they are ready to announce it. The second you say "we're adding a coaster" without concrete plans in place, you risk a lot. Hell, it might seem like a distant memory now but the whole 10-year long fiasco with Ravine Flyer was a mess of a situation (Park getting construction variances and clearances and their battle with the Candelas, which I never understood). Luckily it worked out, but it had so many hurdles and was so drawn out I don't see them saying stuff too early like that
  12. A nice little write-up today in the local paper about Waldameer and their "half century of Transformation" https://www.goerie.com/news/20190217/half-century-of-transformation-at-eries-waldameer In addition to Chaos for this year, the park is also installing a new "hot tub" / relaxing pool to the new expansion area (between Kidz Zone and the Wave Pool) which has a capacity of 125-people. The capacity is a 3x bump over the old pool which I believe will also operate this year as "overflow" but will be removed in the future. It has also been announced but not discussed here yet that th
  13. ^ Yep, it has been announced already that Waldameer is adding a Zamperla Midi Discovery for 2019 named "Chaos". Here is a more detailed quote from AJ from earlier on regarding location, etc.
  14. Decided to stop into the park late today just to take a walk around with the wife. Surprisingly this is the first time I've been to the park this year even though I live less than a quarter mile down the road. The water park definitely looked packed today (not shocking as it got up to about 96 degrees today). Scoped out where the new ride is going next year. For sure looking forward to it. Will definitely be a great addition to the park.
  15. My wife was at the park today and sent me a picture of the Spider. Currently looks as if its sitting in pieces. Curious if it's just down for maintenance or something larger?
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