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  1. Little sidenote. Not sure if anyone else has been watching the webcams the last couple of minutes but it's been funny watching them chase down a random drone flyer that decided to start flying over the Boardwalk construction site. Found the drone, followed it and ended up finding the guy on the east side of the parking lot by the residences over there. Within seconds, CP Police rushed him. Funny to watch.
  2. Someone posted this on Reddit today. From the looks, it appears on the left that all of the cables have been severed/removed from the control boxes that monitor and/or control launch brake fins. Pretty much confirms removal of the hydraulic launch.
  3. Thoughts of LSM limitations in terms of achievable speed are pretty moot. LSMs have been used in maglev high speed rail for years and have hit speeds over 300mph. The key is how much space is needed to achieve the desired speed, and whether or not TTD has that space. To me, since speed is achievable and space is the concern, the sheer length comparison between Red Force and TTD's launch section leads me to think that it should definitely be possible to bridge 8mph difference without too much issue. Trains would definitely need replaced with lighter, permanent magnet mounted versions.
  4. Here are the pictures: (Originally by @cltkendall05 on Twitter)
  5. The problem wasn't the brakes, it was the flag plate on the train detaching. It damaged brake fins, but they weren't the issue. The brake run fins that were damaged are stationary and should have been quickly and easily replaced and recalibrated if they were just "fixing" the issues from the accident.
  6. Just a couple of thoughts I've had the last couple two days. Mostly throw away but nonetheless... Wicked Twister used LIMs which required a very large amount of power to run. Since it's been axed, they could extend it's power line (which is a much higher voltage, dedicated line run to mainland) over to TTD if it were to get an LSM conversion. Definitely would alleviate a large chunk of infrastructure cost comparative to if they needed to run a brand new high voltage line entirely. Any sort of change to LSMs is going to require a much larger infrastructure cost than just track, trains, stators, controls, etc. (which are large in and of itself). If Intamin is involved in this (and it's not some other manufacturer), could it be possible that some of the cost of this could be part of a differed settlement between CP and Intamin? I can't imagine there weren't any discussions between the two, legally, after the accident last August. Curious to see if anything decent, change wise, will be visible this weekend. When it has come to "renovating" coasters, CP tends to wait until the last second to announce it before it would be way more widely recognized as happening. Rougarou was already being painted in more remote, non-highly-visible areas prior to the announcement, which afterwards they immediately started attacking it with new paint. Mean Streak had markings everywhere but cranes showed up immediately after it's send-off. Feels like déjà vu right now back to 2002 with speculation over layout, launch, etc. Can't wait for months or year (if CP pulls another Mean Streak/SV and this is for 2024) of speculation ahead.
  7. Everyone knows they are taking that launch track, turning it 45° and re-supporting it to become lift track that way they can be the tallest non-launching roller coaster in the world. Lift, turn, drop/spiral, brakes. Just renamed "Coaster".
  8. A retheme means.... No more "Ready To Go" on repeat. A moment of silence is necessary.
  9. Missing launch cable means nothing one way or the other. It would need to be removed and replaced prior to reopening again anyways. Steel cable sitting stationary for 12 months = no bueno.
  10. Great addition for the park but very curious on the decision to snake it around the existing slides and cluster up the area. Will be very interesting to watch it be built and see how it impacts the water park visually. This will be Waldameer's biggest single investment to date at $7-8mil, coming in at roughly $1mil-ish more than RFII cost to build ($6mil).
  11. Well they posted another teaser: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChuQ2ovLp1i/ Looks like they are getting a ProSlide RocketBLAST, which would make sense as they mentioned it being the "largest water park investment" they've made. With that survey pin location, I'm very interested how they are going to shoehorn this in. Will be intriguing to see.
  12. Very interesting, would not have expected anything else in that specific area. Definitely a tight fit, whatever it might be.
  13. Waldameer teasing on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/p/ChQU4ROg2Rt/ Judging by the looks of the location, I believe this tends to point to an addition in the former kiddie pools area of the water park. We'll see. Waldameer loves informal announcements, so who knows when they will mention it.
  14. Interesting to see (at least in the renderings) that this ride isn't entirely Titan Track. Large sections of it are, but there are a lot of wood track sections too. I would think that it would either be entirely one or the other. Maybe a cost factor, or maybe as a furthering test of Titan Track and it's capabilities?
  15. Update via the official PR, the Wild Mouse is a Zamperla spinner: https://www.cedarpoint.com/blog/media-center/cedar-points-heyday-reimagined-at-the-boardwalk
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