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Worlds of Fun (WOF) Discussion Thread

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tdmamba wrote:

There's nothing wrong with Mamba. The problem with it though is that it needs to stop being trimmed so heavy. It got better this year especially in cooler weather and at night time. It ran good under those conditions and I can understand Timber-Wolf. In fact Timberwolf is supposed to be getting retracked for this season.


Mamba would skyrocket to my favorites list if they shut off the damn trim brake. But I mean, but what can WOF do?... supposedly, when they run it trimless, they go through wheels like water. As it is, the coaster is just unbalanced. Up until the mid-course brake run, it's fantastic (that second drop, wow!); but, the bunny hops running back are really boring when the trim is on.


As for Timber Wolf getting retracked -- AWESOME! It was absolutely horrible in 2004. Let's just hope they get a good crew to work on it, and not the crew Wild Adventures used on Cheetah.

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The Only people that aren't Excited are the people who have already rode Talon or Coaster Enthusiast outside the immediate KC area. Everyone in KC or even Missouri and Kansas are pumped for this ride. The GP will eat this ride alive. The thing is the layout is similar as well as inversion order. The thing though is the shaping is alot different and the elevation changes are there which aren't on talon. THe Loop is really round for a B&M Invert and the pull out and turn is also very tight. I think this coaster will surprise a few people and may make the top 20-25 steel list.

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Well, its nothing big, but WOF has finally announced its upgrades for 2007. Hopefully since they arent getting anything big this season, the rumors of a new GCI in '08 will come true.


Ready to have fun outdoors again after the cold winter months? After its first winter rest, Worlds of Fun wakes up the highly acclaimed PATRIOT® inverted roller coaster on Saturday, April 7, 2007 to kick off a season donned with fresh looks, a new dining option, renovations, and a special milestone!


Riders soaring the sky over Worlds of Fun on the PATRIOT coaster notice enhanced landscaping throughout the park below. The addition of designated smoking areas throughout both Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun not only contributes to a more comfortable environment for guests, but also aids in keeping the parks beautiful for visitors. For the convenience of those who wish to smoke, there are ten designated smoking areas located throughout the parks.


Guests dine on Oriental favorites at the new PANDA EXPRESS® restaurant. Located next to the entrance of Spinning Dragons roller coaster, this new food stop boasts a menu that fits the theme of the Orient section of the park.


The quality of restrooms is important to park visitors, so two restroom locations are remodeled for the 2007 season in addition to the four completed in 2006. Fresh paint throughout the park is especially noticed on the Wacky Worm roller coaster for kids in Camp Snoopy. Larger groups scheduling a catered meal, or those participating in the Joe Cool’s Backyard BBQ Admission & Meal Package, feast beneath the shade of a giant new structure at the Festhaus picnic area.


Oceans of Fun waterpark celebrates its silver anniversary when its gates open on Saturday, May 26, 2007. Stay tuned to worldsoffun.com as we celebrate 25 years as the midwest's largest tropically themed waterpark.


Worlds of Fun is open weekends only starting Saturday, April 7, 2007, and daily starting Saturday, May 12, 2007 (closed Sunday, April 8 for Easter; closed Fridays, April 20, May 4, 11, 18, September 7, 14 and 21, 2007 for private events). Oceans of Fun is open daily starting Saturday, May 26, 2007. Worlds of Fun Village RV sites open March 5, and cabins and cottages open March 26.




For more details on other 2007 upgrades, click HERE!

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This is the first press release I've ever read that mentioned new bathrooms!


I wonder if the CGI in 2008 will replace Timber Wolf. I hope so because that was one rough coaster!

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^They aren't new bathrooms, they're just remodeling old ones (which was seriously needed).


I'm glad they're adding smoking areas (or "cancer-in-a-box" as I affectionately call them). It's always a downer to have to breathe in someone elses smoke all day.


And of course the Panda Express is awesome.

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So Geauga Lake starts the trend of going to smoking areas in the chain it seems. I wonder if maybe the CF execs saw this at the Paramount Parks and thought it was a good idea? I say good for Cedar Fair for putting this into practice at their parks (even if it is only a few of them right now).

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I would guess that KBF might be among the next on the list to get smoking areas. Even as a smoker, I don't mind that one bit, in fact I think it's a good thing. Designated areas at Six Flags have never bothered me, and this way those who don't smoke are not exposed to it.

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OOH, yay. I've heard of most of this stuff. Except the Timberwold renavating rumor. If it's true, I guess I'll have to give up my oath not to ride it or Boomerang anymore.


Wait, new GCI for 2008!?! Awesome! Where would it go? That parking lot next to Mamba that no one ever uses?


My only hope for a new ride was if the watchamacallit flying dutchman at geauga lake would come to WOF, but I guess not. Sorry, I can't keep up on the rumors anymore. Too much school work.


I think that this is one of those threads that only Kansas City or surrounding city places residents would look at. Everyone else would be like, "wow. new bathrooms." Only WOF peoples could really appreciate this, I think.

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Wait, new GCI for 2008!?! Awesome! Where would it go? That parking lot next to Mamba that no one ever uses?


This is simply a RUMOR, but it seems to have some validaty. Here is what was originally thought:


It’s a bit of a stretch to start talking about a possible new coaster for the park in 2009, but our latest rumor may have hit on something. We know Cedar Fair likes to install similar rides at many of their parks as we’ve seen them do many times before, and our source claims that if Valleyfair does get a new wooden coaster in 2007 followed by Dorney Park in 2008, then apparently Worlds of Fun is next on the list for 2009.


Here is the newer version:


Previously we had heard rumors of a wooden coaster in 2009, but after deciding not to add anything this year the new rumors claim that the coaster project may have been bumped up to 2008. Of course Dorney Park was previously rumored to be getting the woodie in 2008, so perhaps Dorney’s plans have been bumped back to 2009. Cedar Fair typically doesn’t build similar rides at their parks in the same year, instead they would rather build one a year and spread the projects around. At this point, they could still be planning anything and just looking at their options. Anyone know more?




EDIT- I forgot to answer your second question. My guess is it would go into the Scandanavia section of the park behind Finnish Fling in that big open area. There is a lot of room for expansion over there.

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Check out http://prowler.worldsoffun.com for POV, videos and other info.



KANSAS CITY, MO – Deep in the woods of Worlds of Fun a dangerous predator lurks, ready to shred those fighting to escape the claws of the new PROWLER roller coaster. Beginning in spring 2009, guests at Worlds of Fun amusement park in Kansas City, Missouri, become prey to PROWLER, a beast of a wooden coaster tangled within the park’s forested terrain.


The two-and-a-half minute high speed chase begins with the ride’s only feature above the trees’ cover, a swooping 85 foot plummet into a ravine. After the spiral plunge, the train rips through a seemingly endless amount of high speed hills and sharply banked turns that hug the wooded land below. With a top speed of 51 MPH, riders grasped in the clutches of PROWLER carve a path with powerful but smooth changes of direction, speed, and elevation.


Prowler is an $8 million investment and is located in the Africa section of the park near the Zulu thrill ride. The classic wood structure blends through a forest of unique terrain, creating a total elevation change of 102 feet throughout the course of the 3,074 foot ride.


“PROWLER reinforces our dedication to being the region’s leading thrill park and family entertainment destination,” said Frank Wilburn, Vice President and General Manager at Worlds of Fun. “This wild roller coaster will attract both families and thrill-seekers when it opens this spring.”


PROWLER is custom designed and built for the topography of Worlds of Fun by Great Coasters International, Inc. (GCI) of Sunbury, Pennsylvania. The adventure begins when riders board one of two custom 12 row, 24 passenger GCI Millennium Flyer trains. These extremely comfortable trains feature a metallic blue, green, and copper color scheme with black seats and accommodate approximately 850 riders per hour.


PROWLER is the seventh roller coaster at Worlds of Fun and is scheduled to open spring 2009. Construction is currently underway, but those who cannot wait until spring may take a virtual ride on PROWLER at worldsoffun.com. Visitors to worldsoffun.com may also access exclusive PROWLER updates and features, like a live construction Web cam, virtual renderings, ride statistics, construction photos, blog, and online fun.






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