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  1. Well I know Elissa is a notorious Morgan/Arrow hater so that may explain some of the hate going on here. That's ok though, when you've been on as many coasters as they have I guess it really gets to the point where it has to be special in order to be fun. Morgans are enjoyable rides as long as it isn't neutered on the B-Brakes. Mamba is a better ride on cooler days and at night. There were times I've seen just in the past 2 weeks where it was barely being slowed down at all on several night operations. BTW, SD2K is a giant Mamba than Steel Force if anything. It was modeled after it although I'm surprised they left out the drop turn after the 2nd hill as that's a cool element.
  2. Wild-Thing was one. I was kind of excited for the tunnel and the supposedly longest stretch of airtime on any coaster. I even rode in the front car the first time to see if it was true. I hardly felt any considerable airtime. Mamba which has a 184 drop and a more severe peak still produced more. Also Wild Thing was braked into oblivion which was a let down. It has potential.
  3. ^That is true, they can interperute it anyway they want to. But the fact remains that Patriot produces more G's in the back than in the front. There's nothing opinionated about that part. And since he said he only rode once he had to come up with his opinion based on only a front seat ride. That's what he was referring to. There's nothing wrong with the way he rode it unless he was saying there was a lack of G' Forces all together on Patriot then that would be wrong. Make sense?
  4. Let me give you a little tip on Patriot. Front Left is the best but still not as forceful as the back seat. I'd figured if you only rode once, and in the front you'd come to the conclusion it's forceless. There are some good G's more so to the end of the ride. You just got to ride in the lefthand side. Timberwolf is actually being retracked now. It won't all be done until next year so that's the deal with that. It's still jerking but it doesn't leave you with a migraine at the end. Mamba- Best time to ride this is in the evening or on cooler days. This is when they really let up on the MCBR's. It really will fly through the camel humps when it's running this way.
  5. Wouldn't somewhere like Kansas and Missouri actually be prime spots for Amusement parks. If they're as rural as everyone claims than there's also an abdunace for acreage of Theme park re-estate.
  6. Actually Mamba used to go through wheels heavily and this was when it was still abeing heavily trimmed. It would do a test run and the acceleration roar of the train was amplified and sounded like a jet engine. Then you could hear a clanky sound when it returned through the plaza area. I hope you scenario was a brake run issue. I hope they also insepct the B-Brake too cause if it happened up there they're a good 70 feet off the ground and that would have been worse. Mamba used to be hard trimmed. Not Wild THing hard but close but most of last year and pretty much all this year it's been easing up a GOOD amount on the B-Brake. In fact it gets better as the sun sets. When it gets dark there are nights where it barely slows down and it comes rocketing through the bunny hops. Mamba really has improved overall these past 2 seasons. So if anyone here hasn't been on it in the past year or rode during the daytime when it was hot are missing out on this beast's potential.
  7. This is the best one I could find This is the best one I could find
  8. FYI, Mamba did OPERATE today and also wasn't KILLED by the trims either. It was chugging at a good pace. It did though however, open 2 hours late as it was throroughly inspected.
  9. Guys Patriot is ALOT of fun. This is not biased. I admit it's not AS intense as hyped but there are Instense Burst in quick spots. The park looked great and Mamba was running good. The B-Brakes were very light at night.
  10. WoF is themed after" Around the World in 80 Days" which was around the turn of the Century time or shortly after I believe. Cedar Fair kinda butchered some of it when they first took over but are slowly trying to get back to that theme. Patriot is located in Americana which features a Frontier style Queue house.
  11. Today there was a shooting for Patriot to be used in a commercial. Many employees were on hand to ride Patriot. Already from what I'm hearing is that it's one of the most Intense B&M Inverts out there. Coming from those who have ridden Raptor, Batman, and Montu. http://coastercommunity.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=3189&g2_page=1 I can't wait to get on this thing. April 8th is almost here.
  12. http://coastercommunity.com/gallery2/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=3014&g2_navId=x903283b3
  13. Big news! Patriot started its very first test run today around 4:25 p.m. CST. http://www.worldsoffun.com/public/inside_park/rides/thrill_rides/patriot/constructionjournal.cfm April 8th is almost here.
  14. No doubt, I can't wait for test runs to start soon. Talon has a 120 foot drop into a 98 foot loop. Patriot has a 123 foot drop into an "89" foot loop. You figure the rest. Plus the ride goes lower and lower to the Immelmen loop which is also very tight. Then the initial angle into the High banked spiral is severely steep. Almost an inclined loop.
  15. No kidding, but you actually do alot of walking when visiting a park.
  16. The Only people that aren't Excited are the people who have already rode Talon or Coaster Enthusiast outside the immediate KC area. Everyone in KC or even Missouri and Kansas are pumped for this ride. The GP will eat this ride alive. The thing is the layout is similar as well as inversion order. The thing though is the shaping is alot different and the elevation changes are there which aren't on talon. THe Loop is really round for a B&M Invert and the pull out and turn is also very tight. I think this coaster will surprise a few people and may make the top 20-25 steel list.
  17. The Trains are on Sight!!! http://www.worldsoffun.com/public/inside_park/rides/thrill_rides/patriot/constructionjournal.cfm?year=2006&month=2&day=undefined Man April Can't get here soon enough
  18. There's nothing wrong with Mamba. The problem with it though is that it needs to stop being trimmed so heavy. It got better this year especially in cooler weather and at night time. It ran good under those conditions and I can understand Timber-Wolf. In fact Timberwolf is supposed to be getting retracked for this season.
  19. Some of these transitions looks tighter and more heavily banked than talon. It appears to be a more Intense version. That Inclined helix looks to good. The angle on that looks close to Mantis's Inclined Loop.
  20. Well today they finally "CROWNED" Patriots. It's finally done http://www.worldsoffun.com/public/inside_park/rides/roller_coasters/patriot/constructionjournal.cfm (Courtesy of WoF.com) http://www.midwestinfoguide.com/worlds/patriot/011406/ (Courtesy of Dustijin Hollon of MiG.com) This ride looks a whole hell of alot betta than in the 3D animations.
  21. Wow, once again GREAT pics Johnny. We appreciate it alot that you take time out to come from Florida all the way to Chilly KC to take pics of our new Underated coaster. This thing is going to be a huge hit I can see it. This will be something that the GP will Eat up at once and I bet enthusiasts will catch on a bit later as well.
  22. since I won't be visitng many parks at all this coming season.Patriot is the only I can look foward to because it's at my homepark. All the haters should look at how "THE REAL" patriot looks now. It does look more impressive in real life than in the Animations. And it's going to be more intense than many are giving it credit for. http://www.midwestinfoguide.com/worlds/patriot/121805/
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