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  1. Hi folks, I came across a family album of our trip to FL in June of 1978. My mom wrote descriptions on the back of most of the photos. Thanks mom. Anyway, I figured some of you would enjoy seeing the parks in 1978. In the photos you'll see me, Greg, when I was almost six and my brother Jeff, age seven, along with our ultra-hip parents. Damn, Southern Cinderella sure cakes on the makeup. Our home for the week would be the Dutch Hotel. Mom must have liked it cause she bought this post card. One more post card of the Dutch. My brother and I swam every day in the pool, until h
  2. If the Allman Bros are considered country music, consider me a country music fan. Midnight rider for me.
  3. Current onride photos are: EK: bottom of the first drop Boss: in the helix log flume: bottom of drop Scooby Doo: bottom of drop, if you can call a three foot slide a drop.
  4. I enjoyed your report. Let's be honest here. This year's retracking picked up where last year's left off. The ride has had a lot of work done, but it has not been entirely retracked. I still find almost no air other than the bunny hop just after the right turn at the bottom of the double-down first drop. I've ridden on numerous occasion this season and find the ride is running better than in the past. Shuffling and washboarding are lesser than in past years, but still exist. Also, the ride crawls through the pre mid-course break run, not sure why it has slowed so much at thi
  5. SFOT is my choice of the parks you've listed. Consider who you will be spending the day with and what type of day you want. HW is a fun park, but you will have time to do everything within a few hours and will then spend time revisiting what you've already done. This is great if you want to ride your brains out on some wood. Or will you also do the waterpark? If you choose VF, try to add MOA to your trip. SFOT has my vote because, well, it's my favorite of the parks you've mentioned for their variety of rides. Plus it's one of the SF gems and the original at that. You could easil
  6. Phoenix. The Rocket couldn't have been given a better relocated name.
  7. If you've never been to either I'd say go to Cedar point just because it's "Cedar Point." My preference of the two is Great adventure, but only because I want to ride El Toro and Nitro over and over again. They're both great parks to enjoy.
  8. I remember when a man died on Fire in the Hole. A quick search and I found the news article. Wednesday, July 9, 1980 - A 26-year-old male was killed at an amusement park in Missouri when the ride operator of a roller coaster mistakenly assumed that the train in which the victim was riding was empty, and switched the track to direct the train into a service area. The area in which the service track ran through was of low clearance, and the victim's head got jammed between the back of his seat and an overhead wooden beam. At least one other person was injured in the accident. scoop.
  9. SDC is the best park IMO. However, DW has better cast members. By that I mean so many of them are ultra enthusiastic, Miss Lillian, and really play the Appalacian hillbilly part to the max. SDC does have some great cast members, but I always feel like they hire senior citizens who can't afford to be retired. Nothing wrong with that, just that DW's employees add a bit more to my day at the park. Coaster wise the parks are equal due to DW's new MM. Overall PKeg is my favorite of the parks' coasters. OzCat and Thunderhead are both winners. Call me crazy but I like OzCat better. Wildfi
  10. So far and in order: Silver Dollar City Dollywood SFSTL Holiday World Valley Fair Park at MOA Mt Olympus Timberfalls MI Adventure Cedar Point Fun Spot IN Beach
  11. I'm not sure what to tell you about the crowds. It's always busy when I visit. CC is a must do. The park is pretty small and nice. Oz Cat is a personal favorite. It's not that BIG or fast, but it's loads of fun. Plus, as Chris Grey put it, "It's got the bam bam." You'll know what this means after riding.
  12. Not necessarily the strongest, best my vote for the most fun launch goes to Powder Keg. The air after the launch is priceless. For sheer force it's kinda hard to beat TTD or KK, but force and fun aren't necessarily the same thing.
  13. TTD is one of 3 coasters that elicit a bit of fear whithin me. By fear I don't mean maybe I shouldn't ride, but a feeling of oh yeah, this is gonna send my brain into overload. TTD is one of the best rushes in coasterdom and I hope you enjoy it.
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