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  1. Jetscream (SFSTL) Zambezi Zinger (WOF) Orient Express (WOF) right side of the Runaway Mine Train (SFSTL)
  2. From what I remember, the track was broken, and the train headed straight for the section that was broken, then turned at the last minute. I will try emailing SDC and get the solid scoop on it...
  3. Are you sure about that? That would have to be a huge section of the ride. thats what I was asking about, I had read in a couple of places that a section of the ride had been removed since the accident.. I still think its where that wikipedia site says that it is. " If you look close at the scene where the cabin is burning there is a moon and some stars above one of the old track areas." ---this is where the change is supposed to have taken place. when riding this week, the first time I rode it I noticed the moon and stars up in the air by the cabin on fire, where the wom
  4. I knew that something had happened, I was just wanting the details on the accident., thanks for the info.
  5. Thanks, and thanks for posting the shot of the swinging bridge. man do I feel dumb confusing it with the bridge on hucks hide out.
  6. I see now that the turn on PK is shorter than when it was Buzzsaw falls though.
  7. Below is the drop for Buzzsaw falls, this isn't the same one as the hill on powderkeg? they had to have used the lift or the supports at least. they are iendtical... Powderkeg drop Buzzsaw falls drop
  8. ok so while questions of Silver Dollar City are floating around, I have a couple... I know that Powderkeg is Buzzsaw falls revamped, how much of the track was buzzsaw falls? I know the lift hill and drop are part of it, but how much more of the track was part of it.? one other question, this one is concerning Fire in the Hole... Was there ever an accident on it, back in the late 60's early 70's? as far as the crowds were on Tuesday, here is a shot I took while walking back up the hill to the main building, this was around 2 pm..
  9. oops! I believe that you are correct on that one! well crap...still I remember going in that treehouse thing when I was a kid.
  10. it was like 1:00 when we rode PK--honestly, the park was dead big time! of course I checked out Grandfathers Mansion, that was one of the "had to see" things, I remembered that from when I was a kid..no there wasn't any sign of work going on inside. I was kind of disappointed that the swinging bridge was closed off, was looking foward to that too..
  11. Thanks everybody, for clearing it up for me, I was looking around at everything else, i'm guessing the collapsing Bridge is where you hear the rumble sound. I do remember seeing the Bridge sign too. I was looking up Fire in the hole and I got this off of Wikipedia: An interesting fact to Fire in the Hole is a section of the ride has been removed. After the first dip (Collapsing Bridge) the ride would turn right and later reconnect in front of the second dip. (Train Collision) If you look close at the scene where the cabin is burning there is a moon and some stars above one
  12. Ok so I just got back from visiting Silver Dollar City, I wanted to go back and relive some childhood memories. When we got to Fire in the hole, I was anticipating it so much.. I got to sit in the front seat and it was great! I loved the ride, the hills were great and the effects were fun and I remembered them from when I rode it as a kid. But after the ride was over, I started thinking about it and then I realized that the ride was different than I had remembered it to be... I do know that there used to be a scene with a collapsed bridge in it, and the train would drop dow
  13. Ok, I decided to do a trip report, I unfortunatly didnt get all kinds of photos, because my camera is pretty much going out on me, and decided to use this trip to really enforce that so not really any pictures here... ------------------------------------ So we arrived at SDC on Tuesday morning, had an expensive breakfast at Molly's Mill restaurant--then it was off to the walkin.... Thunderation, (wait time 10 min.) I wanted to ride it so I could get the coaster credit, needless to say I was rather surprised at this coaster! this has to be the best mine train coaster I have be
  14. oh I'm glad we had a dead park too, I have heard some crowd stories.. unfortunately the camera stopped working while there, didn't get hardly any pictures. I did manage to get an offride video of Wildfire that I was going to post tonight, and just do a TR to give an opinion, and to ask a few questions about the park. will be doing that within the hour...
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