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  1. I liked the Mr. Freeze queue at SSTL... With the exception od the air conditioner being broke in it. For such a cold themed ride it sure was hotter than hades in there.
  2. six flags in my opinion has queues that are unecessiarly long. The biggest offender of the four parks i've visited [ SFOG, SFKK, SFMM & SFSTL] is The Boss at SFSTL. I saw 2 trains fully cycle while walking up to the station. Another bad one is Mr. Freeze
  3. My first trip to SFOG back in 2007, I missed Deja Vu becuase my friends didn't want to wait in the line, But I didn't really feel bad becuase I got to ride it at MM.
  4. went to magic mountain in the spring of 2007, rode everything except for Riddlers Revenge- Line was to long Tatsu- Line was to long & I never rode a flyer at that time and it looked like it could possibly make me sick. Also I missed Jet Stream, Tidal Wave & Log Jammer, but im not that big on water rides.
  5. I'm probally going to regret asking this, but here it goes. How long is 1/4 an hour exactly?
  6. I'm going to Six Flags St.Louis in a couple of weeks, And I was just wondering which rides have the on ride photos.
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