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  1. Very nice pictures! That Patriot with the sun glare one is really fantastic! I'm heading down there in July to ride the Prowler. And to check out that new Schlitterbahn waterpark, anyone know if it's open yet?
  2. Cool I'm from Nebraska, and I'm heading to Virginia on Saturday! We'll be hitting up Busch Gardens Saturday evening, Tuesday, and Wednesday! Also Kings Dominion on Monday. We got those tickets (I think it's called a Fun Card? Correct me if I'm wrong) where we can visit Busch Gardens anytime during a 7 day period. You'll probably hear me on Tuesday, I'm the one kid that screams obnoxiously loud!
  3. I hate that big gap in between the station and the train on Demon! When I was there last year on a band trip my shoe got caught in between there and I fell on my face, making it bleed profusely! And then the ride op starts laughing at me, what great service. But yeah I know what you're talking about.
  4. Wow amazing TR! Isn't Cedar Point wonderful? Yeah I wasn't too excited on riding Maverick but when you get on it's one of the wildest rides you will ever ride! But you're wrong on the front being the place to ride, it's all in the back...
  5. Great TR! I'm going to both of these parks next month and am so excited!
  6. Kind of stupid, but on the Dominator stats board it says "Angle of Decent."
  7. One of my friends that works at Cedar Point said that Maxair is now back up and running, is that statement true?
  8. Yeah and then they blame the animals for defending themselves against the idiots that provoked them.
  9. I saw pictures of the new Raging Bull and it looks SEXY! Can't wait to come here Saturday! The locker policy sounds like it sucks though. Is Batman and Raging Bull the only rides with this policy?
  10. So next weekend I'll be up in Chicago with my band and Saturday we'll be at Six Flags. I checked the weather forecast and it said that there will be showers that day. Is Six Flags like Cedar Fair when there's a light sprinkle they shut the whole park down? And another question is where should I go if I want to purchase a Flash Pass, is it where you get your tickets, or in a separate building? And is there a set schedule for each ride on them? Thanks a lot to whoever answers!
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