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  1. Thought this was interesting and some would like to watch, esp as this relates to this park.
  2. Hello . Going to SFFT for the first time April 2. Will have one day at the park. Would like to know if the Flashpass is a necessity to get a ride on everything. Rally pumped for Iron Rattler as I do love me some RMC
  3. Yes ! Zipper cargo shorts are a must ! I have like 9 pockets in mine . Now on to Orion . I got 6 rides in at the first rider auction on Wednesday night , I could have done more, but all good . Not every coaster is going to be a SV or MF. Orion is a good ride and a good addition to the park. I thought that the theming is good (there is a reference to Magnum I believe in the queue area). So if not happy with it , protest by not going to KI and not riding Orion. For the record , I remain disappointed that there has never been a coaster named Laser Snake Horse on Fire.
  4. I used to have fanny pack , my daughter would scoff until it came time to get in a ride , then she was handing me her phone. Shorts with zipper pockets are the way to go go
  5. I am cool with this as long as this is named “Laser Snake Horse on Fire”
  6. You had me at cinnamon bread . Oh my , I am 4.5 hours away from Dollywood and that cinnamon bread alone is worth the trip ! Great trip report and photos.
  7. Thank you. The parks open at 8am each day we are there. So will most definitely be there early. Do both parks open early to those staying on site every day?
  8. Hello, Going to Universal during spring break (in parks 4/9-4/11), yes, I know, horrible idea, nevertheless, tickets, air fare, etc all bought. I usually plan things to the nth degree, but with the crowds they way I think they will be, planning order of attractions may not be for me on this trip. I would appreciate any suggestions or tips from those more experienced. A major attraction for us is both Harry Potter areas and I have purchased park to park tickets. My plan is to go to either Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley first thing on the first day, and then the other on the 2nd day. As we are not staying on site, we will not get in early, but it is what it is. We will then stay in that HP area until we have done everything and seen everything for as long as it takes. Repeat for the other HP area the next day. I have bought unlimited express passes for Saturday 4/11 to make sure we get in everything else. I would REALLY appreciate any feedback/tips/changes/suggestions on my plan. Spending some dough on this so I want to make the most of it. Thanks. Oh and I will be packing my handy dandy zipper pocket shorts for the trip. Every coaster nerd needs zipper pocket shorts. Ken
  9. Great report. From Ohio so I frequent CP, but enjoyed the summer I got season passes to Dollywood instead of Cedar Fair. The park is just so nicely themed and the employees so much nicer. i And yes, I was looking for the cinnamon bread portion of the trip report I want one of those magical ovens. Now.
  10. ^ Don't USC and OSU both have a net of 5 BCS wins? 6 wins, but each has had one vacated. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bowl_Championship_Series So USC is tied with OSU for most BCS wins. Percentage does go to USC, which has fewer BCS appearances than OSU. Clemson sure kept trying to give OSU the win last night. Guiton should have played the 4th quarter.
  11. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Still will watch these every now and then.
  12. If the Buckeyes lose to MSU, then I agree, Auburn goes, provided they beat Missouri. Not too long ago it was Auburn whining about being undefeated and not playing in the title game. Now the Auburn AD is screaming that 1 loss Auburn should go before the undefeated Buckeyes. We agree, if Buckeyes win, they go to play FSU. And they may get beat in the title game, but that will not be known until the game is played. I do grow weary of the Ilinois scoring on the Buckeyes stuff. On the same day Alabama beat a non ranked team by a score of 20-7. I saw no whining and crying for Alabama to be ranked lower after only putting up 20.
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