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  1. I was at Halloween Haunt last night. It was great as usual! The park was pretty much dead the whole night and we were able to do 8 of the 9 mazes in 2 hours. We did all the mazes except Big Top Terror and we did all the scare zones. The only show we did was Elvira's Superstition (for the first time!) and we saw the ending of Disturbia. My reviews are below, with gradings on A, B, C, D, F scale, going in a bit of a random order. (NOTE: There are MAJOR SPOILERS!) Maze of Madness- This was actually the first and last maze we did. We waited about 5 minutes when we first got into the park. I felt it was much better the first time around than the second time. We kept merging with the group in front of us in the room with the body bags hanging and the girl that kept yelling. I kept getting freaked out by the guy that was on the fence reaching down like he was grabbing for you. But overall I didn't get a TON of scares, more or less startles in this one. B+ Elvira's Superstition- I wouldn't really consider this a show, it is more of a ride to me, but ok. This was actually the first time we've done Elvira's Superstition. I enjoyed it, and it was fairly well-done, but I wish it was a bit longer. We had to watch the pre-show 3 times though before they finally let us, plus the air-conditioning in the theater was broken. >.> B The Harvest- I loved this scare zone! They had sliders, this huge guy who I think was on stilts wearing a creepy pumpkin costume and man he could run! Later in the night they brought out a woman with a live rat and people would just stare it and then a slider would come and scare them. It was hilarious. But I don't think I got any scares in this one, sadly. And another bad thing was that the scare-actors seemed to be confined to one area rather than all around Old Virginia. A- Blackbeard's Revenge- This had been my second favorite maze last year but I found that it wasn't that good this year. I did get a few startles, but I was able to see most of the scareactors. I found that this maze just winded through and used up a lot of space, but they didn't fill all that space with scareactors. They should've taken some scareactors from other mazes I think to put in this one, because it really kind of ruined this maze with all the open space and a lack of scareactors. C Blueridge Blood Bath- This was great! One of the scariest ones of the night. I'd heard that this one wasn't nearly as good as years' past, but I couldn't believe that. Many scareactors weren't afraid to come right up the car and bang on it. They had bush people as well. One girl came up and I looked out the back window to see if she followed us and she saw and came running up to the car and said "What are you looking at!?". The grand finale of this one definitely got me good, I screamed quite loudly especially since I wasn't expecting it... I was looking the other way. I won't say what it was though. A The Slaughterhouse- This was the first time I'd done one of the mazes like The Slaughterhouse/BloodShed. But I wasn't a fan of it. I didn't get scared much (except the finale again). It was a pretty short maze but that's to be expected since it's in the Grizzly Falls Arcade. Most of it was just blood and gore really, not many scares, although the finale was pretty good. I did enjoy one part where this guy was holding a head and I said "Nice head" and he said "It's not as good as yours." B- Toxic Plague- This maze was my favorite last year, and it remains my favorite this year for everything EXCEPT scares. I'll get to that later. Anyway, this maze waas great. The rice dropping on you, the bugs on the wall, the guy being eaten by the spiders, everything was great. It was well-themed, and I really enjoyed it. They even made the maze look like and sound like a sewer. I would DEFINITELY do this one again. A++ Club Blood- One word describes this one for me: TERRIFYING. One of the first rooms has what seemed like 10 scareactors in it but I kind of ran through it because one them was right in my face. There were people in glass boxes, banging to get out and then they WOULD run out. They had hallways with body-bags hanging from the ceiling. There was a room with a vampire thing that burst up off of a bed. This maze was one of two to feature a bungee scareactor. That, of course, was scary since it looks like they almost hit you! But anyway, finally at the end of the maze I looked behind me and saw this tall dude who was probably on stilts and I screamed "OH MY GOD!!!!" and sprinted out of the maze and he chased me out. Everybody in the line was watching. I kept walking down the exit path and another scareactor came and chased me even more. Anyway, this was BY FAR the scariest one of the night. A++ CarnEVIL- This was my favorite scare zone last year but The Harvest now has that title this year. Anyway, this zone was just creepy. They had sliders like last year, but they also had conjoined twin girls, piggy-backing guys, and this one clown who was all funky and he followed us until we left the zone pretty much and he was saying all sorts of jibberish. Of course they had of scareactors. One of those was a guy on a pogo-stick who was greeting people and bouncing up and down. Overall though this scare zone wasn't as good as last year. C Medieval Macabre- I actually did this one last weekend at the ACE event. I personally found it to be much scarier last weekend, but it was also pitch black last weekend. They brightened it up just a touch last night so you could see where you were going. But it wasn't as scary, but that might be because there also didn't seem to be as many scareactors as last weekend. There wasn't really a finale or anything in this one, sadly. B- Feary Tales- Meh, this scare zone didn't impress me too much. We went through it twice, and between both times, I only got one startle. They need to expand this zone a bit more though, because the scareactors don't really have much room to work with. But they still did an alright job I guess for the space they had. B VooDoo Swamp- This scare zone was great the past 2 years but I was rather disappointed last night. Although there was a huge creepy bird-like creature who could almost GLIDE at you and spread out wings, nothing else really got me here. In fact, I saw a couple scareactors here standing off to the side just talking then coming out to try and scare us. >.> Well, there was a guy on stilts chasing people. That was funny I suppose. [/b]C-[/b] Alien Outpost- One problem with this maze was that they simply let too many people in at once. We had about 5 or 6 girls in front of us who were screaming at about every corner and it ruined the maze for us. However, this was the other maze with a bungee scareactor. But still, not many scareactors here (unsurprisingly due to the lack of space), but they should either scrap this maze or find something else to help improve it. C Central Stalkway- This was a boring scare zone. There was plenty of space, and if they used more fog, they easily could have had more scares. I think there were only 4 or 5 scareactors in there when we went through. Definitely need to improve this one. D Alright, spoilers over, here are my overall grades for each maze and my current favorite mazes/scare zones: Maze of Madness: B+ Elvira's Superstition: B The Harvest: A- Blackbeard's Revenge: C Blueridge Blood Bath: A The Slaughterhouse: B- Toxic Plague: A++ Club Blood: A++ CarnEVIL: C Medieval Macabre: B- Feary Tales: B VooDoo Swamp: C- Alien Outpost: C Central Stalkway: D Favorite Maze (overall): Toxic Plague Favorite Maze (for scariness [is that a word?]): Club Blood Favorite Scare Zone: The Harvest Wow I know that was long but I figured I might as well post my review of it.
  2. Where did the info come about KD's haunt? It doesn't appear to be on their website, other than the Dodgems are closing for the remainder of the year...
  3. I like it so far! Especially Starchaser's building! I don't know if this was asked already, but is this a recreation of Kentucky Kingdom? Or are you going your own way with it?
  4. I was at the park this evening. Let me say a couple things: First, BBW was doing great tonight! It didn't break down (at least while I was in Germany) although they did a maintenance check on each train once while we were in line. It only took a minute or two. Also, Griffon got stuck. Right before the first drop. Stuck for 5-10 minutes. They got it through the ride and did test runs for a while. Never got to ride it. Otherwise, the park was pretty busy. We parked in overflow. Apollo's Chariot was also running really well tonight- lots of airtime! Overall, we had fun but I think that will be our last trip until Howl O Scream. Oh well! I cannot for that this year, being the 10 year anniversary and getting, what did they say? 15 new attractions? Heheheh....
  5. *registers for season pass* I like Dusty Mountain... looks so cute! I dunno, but I want to know more about Iron... it looks so cool, yet bizarre at the same time!! What kind of hacks did you use?
  6. So, we're having tons and tons of thunderstorms in VA, and KD is under a tornado warning. The storm is over KD right now...
  7. The local Richmond news (NBC12, as posted above) is what made me know this.
  8. Seriously, I hate it when people bring up how much they think Berserker and The Crypt hurt. I love those rides, and ride them basically everytime I go to KD. If you want pain, go ride Anaconda!
  9. I would definitly get Quick Queue. BGW has major crowds all the time, but especially on July 4th weekend... Good luck, that's pretty much all I can say.
  10. You know, whatever. I don't see the difference, but I don't stare at track all day to see what type of coaster it'll be. Whatever it is, it is.
  11. Led Zeppelin (now the Time Machine) is the worst B&M I have been on. I rode it somewhere between 2 and 4 times when I went to HRP and each time I had a headache when I came off, and I didn't have one before.
  12. How so? The amount of space, plus a cable lift and a cable launch look similar.
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