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  1. I was at Halloween Haunt last night. It was great as usual! The park was pretty much dead the whole night and we were able to do 8 of the 9 mazes in 2 hours. We did all the mazes except Big Top Terror and we did all the scare zones. The only show we did was Elvira's Superstition (for the first time!) and we saw the ending of Disturbia. My reviews are below, with gradings on A, B, C, D, F scale, going in a bit of a random order. (NOTE: There are MAJOR SPOILERS!) Maze of Madness- This was actually the first and last maze we did. We waited about 5 minutes when we first got into the
  2. Where did the info come about KD's haunt? It doesn't appear to be on their website, other than the Dodgems are closing for the remainder of the year...
  3. I like it so far! Especially Starchaser's building! I don't know if this was asked already, but is this a recreation of Kentucky Kingdom? Or are you going your own way with it?
  4. I was at the park this evening. Let me say a couple things: First, BBW was doing great tonight! It didn't break down (at least while I was in Germany) although they did a maintenance check on each train once while we were in line. It only took a minute or two. Also, Griffon got stuck. Right before the first drop. Stuck for 5-10 minutes. They got it through the ride and did test runs for a while. Never got to ride it. Otherwise, the park was pretty busy. We parked in overflow. Apollo's Chariot was also running really well tonight- lots of airtime! Overall, we h
  5. *registers for season pass* I like Dusty Mountain... looks so cute! I dunno, but I want to know more about Iron... it looks so cool, yet bizarre at the same time!! What kind of hacks did you use?
  6. So, we're having tons and tons of thunderstorms in VA, and KD is under a tornado warning. The storm is over KD right now...
  7. The local Richmond news (NBC12, as posted above) is what made me know this.
  8. Seriously, I hate it when people bring up how much they think Berserker and The Crypt hurt. I love those rides, and ride them basically everytime I go to KD. If you want pain, go ride Anaconda!
  9. I would definitly get Quick Queue. BGW has major crowds all the time, but especially on July 4th weekend... Good luck, that's pretty much all I can say.
  10. You know, whatever. I don't see the difference, but I don't stare at track all day to see what type of coaster it'll be. Whatever it is, it is.
  11. Led Zeppelin (now the Time Machine) is the worst B&M I have been on. I rode it somewhere between 2 and 4 times when I went to HRP and each time I had a headache when I came off, and I didn't have one before.
  12. How so? The amount of space, plus a cable lift and a cable launch look similar.
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