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  1. Here comes a "when's the best time to go" question. I'm looking at the last week of Aug, weekends in Sept or it looks like their open on Friday's in Oct (I would be going during the day to avoid the Haunt crowds).
  2. I'd also guess that the temporary nature of an attraction like DA means an upcharge is the only way to get a quick ROI.
  3. I'm guessing that the long brake run is due to the fact that they're running 3 trains without a mid-course. It probably costs as two blocks in the computer. EDIT: Looks like a couple of people beat me to it.
  4. Intamin and Morgan made similar leaps with Millennium Force and Steel Dragon.
  5. I agree that Leviathan is pretty much the cats meow with regards to coaster names. Especially when used at the same park as Behemoth. Ziz would have to be a no-brainer for a flyer in the future.
  6. Those are definitely B&M part tags on the new pieces that showed up.
  7. Are the station pieces being held in the employee lot of the regular lot?
  8. ^It seems like you're ignoring the large round footers. I'd put the chances of this being wood at -5%.
  9. I don't believe that the Top Spin at WoF has opened at all this year and it's been down a ton in past years.
  10. I was recently blown away by Giant. I never rode the old one but this new version is close to being the ideal coaster IMO.
  11. I doubt it's a rope course. The classic carousel from GL has been a rumor for a couple of years now.
  12. I'm betting that a new ride will be added to the area where Festhaus was. A permanent Festhaus near the current location would also make sense. They have plenty of room just to the north of it's current location.
  13. The clues on SFStL's season pass renewal page lead me to believe it will be the 4th Eurofighter in the US.
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