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  1. Like the guy above me - clearing out all my old maps, brochures, and manufacturer catalogs. More than I can count or care to write down. Not looking for anything in exchange except for covering shipping. Maps, brochures, guides, catalogs ,etc B&M and Intamin circa 2009 sample
  2. After nearly four years of construction, I present Manta. Thank you for the support in completing this project.
  3. Sorry for the pics being upside down. I'm posting from an iPad and it looks normal to me! The station is done for the most part. I need to add the fountain off the front side but other than that it is done. I am now working on the grass and path. The path is made of clay and spread out thinly to add some character to the model. The grass is being done in sheets/fabric because I thought it looked a lot more realistic. It is tougher, though, because I have to cut holes out for the supports. Let me know your thoughts!
  4. The station is now complete. I am so thrilled with how the entrance to the ride and aquarium has turned out. Next up will be painting the station and then beginning to lay the grass and plant the trees. Things should come together quickly now. Let me know what you think!
  5. The painting is completed! I have spent the last couple of days touching up on the track and supports and now present to you the finished product. Share your thoughts! Sorry the pictures are kind of blurry...will post nice ones real soon! Next up will be the construction of the buildings followed by the groundwork shortly thereafter. Enjoy! General overview
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