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  1. The first part of this report is on the first page! First up, Kakunodate pictures, then back to Tokyo. We did more touring (didn't take many photos though). We had sort of wanted to visit the Imperial gardens, but you have to reserve the tour waaaay in advance, so we just wandered around the outside. We also wandered around Harajuku, which I imagine is way better if you are a girl, as there's lots of girly shops around there. The Meiji shrine is also just next door. The main attraction of Kakunodate is this row of old "samurai" houses And some nice fall foliage (and rain).
  2. I hope this goes on the next page, or this is going to be one big page! The day after Laqua we hit up Tokyo Joypolis around lunchtime. It was a weekday, so there was absolutely no waiting in any lines. We took the JR Saikyo line from Shinjuku Station- but beware, the train changes to the Rinkai line halfway, which somehow is not a JR line, which we learned when we tried to use our JR rail passes to exit at Tokyo Teleport station. Joypolis was, I think its fair to say, a little disappointing. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone with only a week in Tokyo, but maybe with two weeks, its an alrig
  3. You know, when I was there, I was really struggling to figure out where the hell they put the intamin impulse and wild mouse (before they got rid of them for some reason ). As in, I knew they were gone, but just couldn't figure out where they would fit in the park! PS. Am I still about to be banned for poor grammar? What's this about?
  4. I decided to skip the Kyoto pictures for now, as this is a theme park forum after all. If there is still desire, I'll add them later. Part 2: Laqua and more sightseeing' This update begins on a more somber note- my attempt to visit Aqua Stadium to ride Galaxy Express 999 (Wikipedia tells me it is pronounced "three-nine"). Maybe I should have figured this out before (I still haven't figured it out, actually), but Tuesday seems to be some sort of lazy start-things-late day in Japan (or maybe it was just the particular Tuesdays I was there ). So I arrived at Aqua Stadium at 11 AM hoping
  5. I recently spent two weeks in Japan, and got to see some amazing stuff and eat some great food. And I brought pictures (lots!) I didn't visit a whole lot of theme parks, just a couple, because I wanted to see regular Japan tourism things, but that just leaves me with more to do next time around. Japan is just full of things to do (other than roller coasters), and has become one of my favorite places in the world. Here's the list of reports I'll be posting (will be hyperlinked when I finish them). I'll also try and create a flickr (or something) album at the end so I can upload the pictures
  6. Yeah, I do understand that not as many people speak English in Japan as do in other Asian countries, and I plan on learning some phrases. Just as soon as HSC is over... or whatever they call it in Melbourne
  7. Hey, I haven't posted in a while but I lurk a lot. I'm heading to Japan November 12-29 and will be in Tokyo probably for around half that time, although I don't know exactly when (also Kyoto and Osaka most likely). I love theme parks but I love travelling and seeing things maybe even more, so I'll probably only reserve one day for theme parks, which I definitely want to spend at Disneysea. I know, only one day? (Disneyland looks pretty great too, but Disneysea is unique) So I was wondering- what is the best way to see disneysea in one day? Obviously I won't be able to see all the at
  8. 0. RCTLL/RCT2 (I couldn't leave it out, but its just too different to be included on the regular list) 1. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (n64) 2. Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 (wii) 3. Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (wii) 4. Mario 64 5. Halo: Reach 6. Pokemon Soulsilver 7.GTA San Andreas/ GTA IV 8. Pokemon Yellow 9. Goldeneye 007 (wii) 10. Portal 2
  9. Great report! So many awesome pics. I'll probably be going to Japan early-mid April next year and am thinking about hitting up Disney, so I've got a few questions. How does this park (specifically the disneyland park) stack up with the magic kingdom? My family seems a little hesitant, especially after so many great trips to Orlando, they're just not sure that the Japan one won't be a letdown. And on that matter, what are the levels of English like at the park? I see that most signs are also in English, but on dark rides and the like, is it mostly Japanese? (and does that affect the rides f
  10. Tokyo disney looks so amazing... I was gonna be there now but the nuclear radiation made us cancel the trip And now to (maybe) win a bag of crap! yippee
  11. I was just at the park the other day and I saw the track from the drop ride... I assumed it was for the disk-o. Typical of me to go to a park before they build a new ride (happened with Cheetah Hunt too). ^That's very true. The main problem with Dreamworld was how slow they operated the coasters based on their ride length. I was waiting for around half an hour to ride the motocoaster and the line started in the station. I think the Movie World thing is also important, I enjoyed Movie World a lot more just based on a couple rides of theirs (Superman, Scooby-doo, and the log flume). Dreamwor
  12. ^^I haven't logged on in years, though occassionally I check out the games thread to see what talent they got over here... I saw nin posted something so I figured I would. And apparently I still have poor grammar, even two years after that one post.
  13. Although I am perfectly fine with losing the Rhino Rally and getting a new coaster, I just don't think it was a terribly smart idea for Busch Gardens. Rhino Rally was really the only "major" family ride (except maybe the 3-d theater or the water rides) and I feel like Busch Gardens will lose their some of their family appeal with one of their main rides for families gone. And it was a great ride too, my brother got to ride in the front seat and the driver was messing around with him. It was funny. Also it's a much more exciting way to see the animals and the water part is really fun.
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