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  1. What was wrong with Enterprise's exit? It was 2 exit gates, on either side of the control panel/booth. The paths merged behind the control booth and to a single exit gate. I don't understand what's wrong with that setup. It gets people out of the ride area quickly. I would guess he means how it exited back into the main park and nowhere near the entrance to the ride
  2. During your ride on JL, was the audio with the Joker working? While he was moving (very slowly) he wasn't "saying" anything. Yes, the Joker's audio was working. And just to be sure I remembered correctly, I asked my kids the same question, and they also said his audio was working. Actually, everything worked. Even the fire effect, which doesn't work about 1/3 of the time in my experience. Yep, the fire effect was working for a change.
  3. During your ride on JL, was the audio with the Joker working? While he was moving (very slowly) he wasn't "saying" anything.
  4. While a flyer would be unique, I'd prefer a coaster that has a higher PPH.
  5. I think that you have to take into consideration that if you use the Dining Meal Plan at Six Flags you are only allowed to go at certain times during the day. For lunch it is 11:30am -3:30pm and for Dinner 4:30pm - 7:30pm. I am hoping that Sunday was just an extreme bad day for the park. I got in line for food at Mooseburger at 1pm and did not get my meal until after 2pm. Usually that would be considered "off peak time" - also in my defense, I passed several restaurants on the way to Mooseburger that had lines just as long as what Mooseburger did. Dinner was slightly better at Colonnad
  6. Did the middle slide ever operate this year? I'm all for it being removed and one of Tornado slides being put there. Yeah I've heard All Wheels Xtreme will not be returning as well. That's prime land there that could house a decent sized coaster. I personally would prefer a B&M - floorless, wing, sit down looper. Not too picky.
  7. WOF has also done a lot of infrastructure upgrades in that same period of time (much like what SF has supposedly done) - the thing with WOF is that they are actually visible. I've been impressed with how ops have improved. I wish SF would take pointers, especially from food services. Coaster rumors are getting louder again. Next season may be the last season for the Forum/Heart of America ampitheatre
  8. Right... In news actually pertaining to WOF - Le Carousel has already had its ride components removed. The building is still standing for now.
  9. I think a Shoot the Chutes ride would go over well at this park. They could connect the path between the Raging River to over to Dragon Island (near Puff the Magic Dragon) and then have the ride utilize the "lake". That way, the two major water rides in the park would be next to each other. I think the next coaster needs to utilize the area where Inverter is now. I still think removing Super Screamer was a mistake, but putting Inverter there was almost a slap in the face. I agree that a hypercoaster should be the next addition. The park does have some unused land behind Raging River
  10. Ok as much as I bitch about this park I will say I appreciate that they finally have a single rider line on JL. I got 5 rides today with my high score being 374306. It said that was top 5% of all time.
  11. I wish they would have put North Star in the helix of Wild Thing instead of here.
  12. TNT actually is an amazing op. I've had the privilege to see him work, and it is incredible. If he was working today then I must have missed him.
  13. No I get it. The park has been in such a bad state of disrepair for so long that you are celebrating the little things and that is comendable. However to expect the same enthusiasm out of people who are well traveled is laughable. I shouldn't have to go to the park and turn a blind eye on the neglect and remind myself that this is a process and they painted a little over here this year so I should just ignore this. Maybe if the park had amazing ops people could overlook the neglect but the park doesn't even have that.
  14. I'm sorry. Are you saying we should be falling all over ourselves because the park is FINALLY (much emphasis on finally) doing basic upkeep in the park? Um, no. Basic upkeep is required in any business and should not require fanfare. This is my first visit to the park this year (today) and so far the most glaring issue is ops. Front gate, Food, Rides. I get that working at Six Flags is not a glorious job. I've worked here myself in the past. But it's obvious that supervisors have let their underlings slide for too long this summer. There were 2 workers at Mooseburger who did abs
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