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  1. I just wonder what he is going to get for compensation. I imagine him walking around the park with a big barrel of soda on his back and a tube running into his mouth, pumping soda into him constantly.
  2. If guests start throwing stuff of coasters from here on out, they get a park pass to ride only the Fast & Furious ride.
  3. Actually, they have raised $1,351 since starting their fundraiser in February (on my birthday, no less). So in 9 months, they earned an average of $150 per month. So I calculate they will reach their goal in about 11,000 years!
  4. Great report! When I had a Sea World AP, you could get a plastic pass for $5.
  5. ^I think there are 3 possibilities: 1.) They will "fix" the Lost Continent by putting in bigger and better attractions. 2.) Harry Potter will take over the rest of LC. 3.) LC will be themed to another IP. My feeling is that 2 & 3 are more likely.
  6. The Sinbad show was a little different when IOA first opened, but it always has been pretty cheesy. The Sinbad show wasn't nearly as bad as Bandits Out of Time. *shudder*
  7. Breaking news! The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad show at Islands of Adventure is set to close on September 15, 2018. No word yet on its replacement. I think the time has come for this show to close. It has been getting long in the tooth over the past few years. Check this out: http://themeparkuniversity.com/universal/breaking-eighth-voyage-of-sinbad-closing-at-islands-of-adventure-sep-15-2018/
  8. It's great to see another Erik and Smisty PTR! Did Erik lose weight?
  9. I would like to see him go on "Shark Tank" to pitch this idea. It would be fun to see the sharks rip him apart.
  10. I think they should use whatever money they get on a nice documentary film about Geauga Lake.
  11. With all the roller coasters we ride, I would assume there are some that we have gotten sick or vomited on. I almost vomited when I rode Dueling Dragons once. That morning, my group was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel. We had an idea to go to Dueling Dragons upon rope drop and ride the front row as many times as many times in a row until the crowds came. Before heading to rope drop, we ate at the buffet breakfast. The plates were pretty huge -- they were as big as my head. All of us had at least 3 plates full of food. After eating, we headed to Dueling Dragons and rode the front row as many times as we could. After the 5th or 6th ride, we all felt a little sick. After unloading from Ice Dragon, we all collapsed on the baby swap bench. If we had rode one more time, one of us would have surely vomited. So have any roller coasters made you vomit or made you sick?
  12. If you want to be the first EVER rider, you have to be famous or rich. Parks usually have charity auctions where you can bid to be one of the first riders. Otherwise, if you are going to be with the GP, be sure to be hit by lightning so you can turn into the Flash and run really fast on opening day.
  13. The Golden Ticket Awards seem to have similar winners year after year. You could just copy and paste the results from last year and they would be close to this year's.
  14. I'm leaning towards the DreamWorks Theater or an attraction based on the Dark Universe as a replacement for T2.
  15. I find the pictures kind of disorienting. Stick with a tegular lens.
  16. Westcot The rumored Spaceship Earth: Time Racers was a neat idea, but I know some Disney fans would have cried blasphemy for putting a roller coster into a treasured ride.
  17. Pennsylvnia has a lot of neat small parks. Delgrosso's and Waldameer come to mind.
  18. ^If anything, Marvel Super Hero Island needs to be re-themed to look less 1990-ish.
  19. ^^The link below will take you to the entire Marvel Universal deal if you want to read the entire contract... https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1262449/000119312510008732/dex1057.htm
  20. Great photos of all these Japanese parks! I'm surprised Acrobat wasn't called "Flying Coaster."
  21. I am hoping for meet and greets with R.O.B. the Robot and the dog from Duck Hunt.
  22. The music for Soarin'. I always seem to hum it as I exit the ride and it sticks in your head all day.
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