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  1. I visited several times this season and never encountered any major issues. I had an incredible experience no matter when I visited. Sure, there were a few shops and food stalls occasionally closed, but that's to be expected. Every coaster that needs 2+ train ops were running multiple trains, so wait times were never an issue. There weren't any noticeable maintenance issues either besides one visit where Powder Keg opened late with just one train running. Either I have been extremely lucky, or Shavethewhales has been extremely unlucky.
  2. You did see a tunnel entrance by Boomerang. Though, it isn't being incorporated into the new Zambezi Zinger. That's the old tunnel from the original Zambezi Zinger. The entrance of the tunnel was buried when Boomerang was built. The exit portion was completely removed as it would've been roughly where Boomerang's unused photo booth is now. The park has shared a couple photos on social media of them starting work on removing the last bits of the tunnel. In typical Cedar Fair fashion, the park proposed the idea of selling chunks of the old tunnel over on their Twitter.
  3. Looks like a fun ride! Obviously, it's not something that's gonna be mind-blowing, but it still looks like a super enjoyable ride. I think it's a great way to pay homage to the original Zambezi Zinger. I'm also really interested to see how those Infinity Flyer trains perform.
  4. Wildfire had a single rider queue, though I've only seen it in use once. It was located towards the entrance of the main queue, roughly to the right of the big water tank theming piece. If I remember right, the signage was still there for it when I visited last October. Though, I think it's only used when they have enough staff to have a dedicated grouper loading trains.
  5. From what I've seen shared on other platforms, the building looks pretty much the same inside the park. It is also VERY visible from most of Fireman's landing. I'm hoping that they do something to dress up that side whether it be draping vines down the building like on the current FITH or a painting / mural.
  6. That pool has always been an overcrowded mess, even on what would be considered slow days for Oceans of Fun. Obviously, we don't know exactly what happened, but I could see how a small child could go unnoticed by lifeguards when the pool is crowded. Absolutely tragic that this happened.
  7. Are you trying to pull it up on your phone? The mobile version of the site is incredibly bare bones and doesn't seem to function correctly. The link the grsupercity shared pulls up everything we've mentioned so far. However, I'm on my desktop. That link may not pull up the same thing on the mobile version of the site.
  8. If you pull up Plan Number: CRBC-2022-40151, go to the reviews tab (may only be viewable on a desktop). If you click on the second CPPU-Building Plan QCR, continue by clicking on the red text and it will bring up all the corrections. It lists things mentioning wood coaster foundations in one of the corrections.
  9. It's certainly an odd choice to build a new wooden coaster just a few hundred feet away from the park's last new coaster, which is also a wooden coaster. Though, that's assuming that this project is related to the ongoing clearing adjacent to Boomerang. The permit lists that this foundation system has a total valuation of $785,000, so I don't imagine they'd spend that much on concrete just to add additional bracing to either of the park's other wooden coasters. That leads me to believe it's something completely new. It just feels weird that they'd build another wooden coaster. The only thing that could separate itself enough from Prowler is a Gravity Group with some sort of gimmick element to it, whether it be a shuttle coaster or something that inverts.
  10. They did shut off that dang mid course. That's part of the system upgrades for Mamba. I visited last Tuesday and the mid course brakes didn't engage at all. To tell you how fast it's running now, you get solid airtime dropping off the mid course even in the front row. There were some rides I had on it just a year or two ago where the back didn't even get airtime on that drop. I've always liked the ride even when the midcourse made it feel like it would valley on the return run. But now, it's an excellent ride outside of that whole "physically cannot run more than one train" bit.
  11. Seeing that you're going on a weekday in the summer, you will not need Fast Lane to ride the coasters. However, If you're wanting to do every single major attraction at Oceans of Fun in the short time you will be in that park, then you will need Fast Lane. The only reason to buy Fast Lane during a summer weekday is for Oceans of Fun. You will be able to get all of Worlds of Fun's major coasters done in just a couple hours. Doing all of Oceans of Fun attractions with typical crowd levels would take a good amount of time. It just depends on where your priorities are. If you only plan on doing a few things at OOF, forget about Fastlane. If you want to experience most of what OOF offers and still have plenty of time at WOF, then you will need Fast Lane. It's also worth mentioning that if Oceans of Fun is still doing reservations, then the slide wait times will be rather short. I didn't go last season, so I wouldn't personally know. But I've seen many people mention that the crowds were actually manageable for once. Though, the website makes no mention of reservations, so it looks like it will be back to the usual crowd levels. It's probably best to judge whether you will need Fast Lane once you get there. There's no need to buy ahead of time since they never seem to sell out of Fast Lane each day.
  12. The son of the owner mentioned on a reddit post regarding the ride (or it was on instagram, my memory is failing me at the moment) that the reasoning behind the paint job not being finished is due to the cold, as paint sometimes doesn't apply very well when its absurdly cold out. They plan on fully painting the ride once it has been assembled.
  13. Made a quick visit this evening to snag a few night rides. I didn’t originally plan on visiting, but the app listed every ride including Mystic River Falls as a zero minute wait. Considering I haven’t experienced that ride yet, I couldn’t pass up such a short wait. In short, it did not disappoint. It’s a gorgeous ride and is incredibly fun if you enjoy water rides. If you don’t… well, you better avoid the thing. I’ve never gotten more drenched on a water ride before. The rapids did a good job at soaking my lower half and the splashdown at the end sent a massive wall of water over the seat backs that ensured I didn’t have a single dry spot left on me. Head to toe, I was completely soaked. It also seemed to be operating very well today. Lots of boats on the circuit and it didn’t appear to shut down the whole time I was there. The fact that few people were riding probably helped. Everything else went well too. I was able to get all coasters + MRF within 45 minutes of being in the park. Yes, all coasters were running one train, but they were often waiting for people to ride, so there is absolutely no need for multi train ops. A little note, it would appear that Powder Keg only has one train now. I noticed from the brake run when going by the maintenance shed that there were no other trains in there. Though, I know that they often do maintenance work to prepare for the Christmas season, so the other train (or trains) may be off getting worked on. I imagine the situation is similar at other coasters.
  14. Christmas season still seems to be fine when it comes to operations. It's pretty much one of the few times of the year that you'll have a good chance at seeing rides running at high capacity.
  15. I can't really fault the park on the operations situation. From what I understand from a few conversations with some employees there, they legitimately do not have the staff to run more than one train. And this was a problem before the pandemic too. I don't know if it's a Missouri law or just park policy, but they have to have a high number of ride ops stationed at each ride to run multiple trains. That's a common policy at parks, but SDC seems to struggle with it more than other parks in the region. It also seems that the park is prioritizing having more rides open at low capacity instead of closing some rides and having those ops help run select rides at a higher capacity. With the employment situation for SDC having no signs of improvement, it's just become an expectation to see rides routinely running just one train. At least the ride ops themselves are incredibly fast and get trains sent out pretty quickly, keeping the lines moving at slightly higher than a snails pace. .
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