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  1. An account I follow on Instagram said that they messaged the park regarding that construction area and that they were told that it's nothing more than a path widening project to improve this area's crowd flow for one of the seasonal event's later in the year. Now, take it with a grain of salt because, you know, anyone can and will say anything on Instagram. I'm not too familiar with Pumpkin Nights as i haven't visited during that event yet, but didn't SDC announce that they were going to expand the event more into this area of the park? Though, if the construction fence goes all the way around
  2. Hope this plays out well for that park! Anytime a closed Schwarzkopf gets a new lease on life, it's a win in my book.
  3. It wasn't packed full of people, but it was enough to give Prowler, the only high thrill ride open, a 1hr+ queue. But then again, it was running one train and was cursed by WOF's typically abysmal dispatch times. So that might not have been the best judge of crowd levels. Jokes aside, from my experience, they definitely drew in a decent crowd size. But when I visited, the park cleared out well before closing. There just wasn't a lot to do outside of Prowler or Spinning Dragons, if you didn't want to watch any shows or live entertainment, that is. Knowing that most WOF's clientele doesn't visi
  4. Good to see that RMC are improving upon the restraint system. Thankfully now, it looks like those harnesses were *almost* designed to be used by humans. That *is* an improvement in comparison to the first design. Also, the stripes on the front of each car do look very nice, I must say.
  5. I got to experience erUPtion at Frontier City while it was operating. I got many rides on it thanks to the park not running it as an upcharge attraction. Even without the seat rotation gimmick functioning, it was a very exciting ride. The sensation was comparable to their tower rides, just... sketchier and more intense. Aside from the shoulder restraints coming down super hard when the ride launched, it was overall an excellent ride.
  6. Oh, I hadn't heard about them doing work on TNT. It's good to see them do some major work to it instead of letting it tear itself apart. It would be a shame to lose such a unique and rather intense mine train.
  7. Here's the thing with Outlaw Run that Lightning Rod isn't lucky enough to have. Outlaw Run's track issues aren't preventing it from running. It's incredibly reliable and doesn't seem to experience many extended periods of downtime. Sure, it has potholes and isn't perfectly smooth, but it isn't literally broken like lightning rod. So what would happen if they poured the money into giving the ride I-box track? A few enthusiasts might think of the ride slightly better? Most of SDC's guests would still find the ride to be too aggressive for their likings, so there wouldn't be an improvement in rid
  8. "Move" may not be the best way to word it. "Build a new version of it" is a better way to describe it. Think of what Mystic River Falls is to Lost River. More than likely, it would be a completely different ride, but with a similar theme. And putting a Firefighting themed ride in Fireman's Landing makes more sense than having it plopped down in the middle of the city. *edit* sdcfan88 beat me to it
  9. I've always been quite fond of adding a tower ride like Texas SkyScreamer to the park somewhere between Wildfire and Powder Keg. The views from that would be simply breathtaking. And with the lattice style design of the tower, they could easily give it a mechanical theme and tie it in with Wildfire. They could say that it's one of Dr. Horatio Harris's new inventions or something similar.
  10. I believe the area in question is behind and left of Fireman's landing. It's wedged between Fireman's landing, lake Silver, the train's roundhouse, and the park's Maintenance and Construction buildings. I haven't seen the clearing personally, but I attached a rough sketch of what I believe the clearing might look like. It appears that this isn't part of the Pumpkin Nights expansion as the park shows the event now extends into Mystic River Fall's plaza area. Assuming that this clearing isn't simply an expansion of the park's M&C area (which I feel is the most likely situation at
  11. That's one of those things that just seems way too good to be true. However, seeing the recent timeline of events at this park, it seems just about anything is on the table.
  12. I believe that all the elevator has left to be considered done is the little theming structure on the top of it. And I must say, SDC certainly did a good job at making everything look like its been there for decades! The rockwork looked good on its own, but the moss and extra paint/stain details adds so much.
  13. Yeah, that's just what I figured out. I still find it odd that they wouldn't specify what is what more directly, but after reading what their website says, it's starting to make more sense. I'm certainly not expecting anything luxurious (duh, its Mt. Olympus after all), but after looking at some photos and room tour vids on youtube, It doesn't seem to be as downright sketchy as the other buildings. It still has some mixed reviews like the other properties, but the newer reviews seem to be notably more positive than older ones.
  14. I've heard chatter that the ride will be located where the figure 8 on Dragon used to be and then connect roughly where the games are by Tornado, leaving the rest of Dragon's plot and station to be used for something else in the future. I mean, it makes sense as that's the only area that has seen any demolition or land work. I don't imagine they'd reuse Dragon's station for a free spin as the modifications they'd have to make would make it more worthwhile to just start from scratch. I mean, you'd have to setup entry and exit points on both sides of the station, completely redo the queue ramps
  15. So, maybe some people can help with this. I'm looking at visiting sometime in July, so I'm looking into booking our stay right now. I've read many reviews and experiences from people who have said that staying in Hotel Rome will be your best shot at getting a decent room that doesn't run the risk of being run down, dirty, or have bed bugs. But, maybe I'm missing something, how can you tell what property your reserving a room for? Do we even get a choice? Their website does make it sound like Hotel Rome is completely separate from the rest of their properties in the area, but looking at their r
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