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Everland Discussion Thread

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Returned to the park during the vacation, when a rainstorm earlier had meant the park wasn't too busy. Sadly Everland's icon, the magic tree seems to have been completely removed after the fire.


A little bit of a shame when it features in the new fireworks show.


There'd been a typhoon the previous day so I wasn't too surprised to see this sign.


The whole area was roped off even at closing Friday, but T-Express was back up and running the next morning.


At least Roling X-Train was open..........yay....


The birth of the twin pandas and the uncertainty of when/if the current baby panda Pubao will have to go to China seems to have driven up interest. Reminded me of trying to see the Mona Lisa.


And I ended up seeing the panda mostly by lifting my phone up.... so just like the Mona Lisa. The baby panda not looking so babyish anymore.


Unlike the Mona Lisa however, you can live cam the exhibit while standing right next to the exhibit.


We waited 10 minutes to get in, but this was the line on the weekend... and this is even before the new pandas go on display. Interest seems to be extremely high. My wife and son both desperately want to go when the baby twins do go on display but I'm assuming, based on the way they displayed Pubao when she was a baby, those reservation tickets will sell out in seconds when they go live.


We recreated the viral thing.


And finished our time there with panda ice cream.


Oh no, my son loves the Summer Night dance parties, but the amount of water is insane. Those tipping buckets in the picture are over the seating areas.


A very drenched child...


... Being already wet we hit up the rapids. We hit up the ride 5 minutes before they shut it down, around 8:30 to make sure the ride is emptied out before fireworks, so we waited 5 minutes.


Everland has really been putting out a lot of new fireworks shows lately. Instead of the Summer Jukebox (usually themed around musicals or film scores), there was an original production Evertopia The Origin of Everland, this year.


In over 12 years of going to Everland, I think this is the first time I've ever seen them run it in the rain. It's always been outright canceled or just the media portion. Usually, since we've only ever seen it run on dry days, everyone has to sit down for the fireworks, so this was my son's first time ever standing up.

He is 120cm and has got very spoilt on being able to see from wherever from sitting shows. He moved 3 times in this performance due to new people coming in, standing, and blocking his view or one or two children on shoulders, and has decided he doesn't want to do standing shows again.



Unlike previous shows with fireworks throughout, it's mostly a 15-minute cartoon starting the Everland mascots, with only a few fireworks here and there and then a big 4 minute firework finale.

Until I can figure out how to upload movies to the forum and embed them without them just turning into download files, here's a copy I put on my Youtube.




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T-Express, a roller coaster at Everland, a theme park located in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, will cease operation for five months.

Everland, a resort division of Samsung C&T, announced on the 9th, “We plan to stop operating T Express from the 20th to April of next year.”

Every year in early January, T Express suspends operations for about a month to conduct winter safety inspections and improve facilities. Unusually, it stopped for close to half a year. Work to improve the rail will be carried out during the suspension period that will run from this winter to next spring.

An Everland official said on the company's YouTube channel 'Titanam' on the 8th, "T-Express has two sections, and we plan to improve the rail of the first section," adding, "We will prepare to make it smoother and more fun for passengers." .

T Express is the first amusement ride in Korea to use wood for all structures except the wheels and rails. It is popular with Everland visitors as its speed is up to 104 km/h and the falling angle is 77 degrees.

Intern Reporter Park Jong-hyuk onlinenews1@kmib.co.kr



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