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Six Flags Darien Lake (SFDL) Discussion Thread

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If so many SF plarks are and/or will be closing, they might as well just sell the company. Maybe someone else can do a better job at managing the parks. I've always said that Six Flags Inc. was way over their heads trying to manage 20+ parks/water parks, especially since a few are not in the best of locations. But even if the company is sold, I think a few properties should be shaved from the chain, just to a managable amount of parks.

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^ If they sell the company (not quite sure how they would sell it) the same problems will still exist. I don't think there is a company out there that can rescue the chain in it's current state. Some parks just have to go.


Sure, some will be fall into the Defunct category (SFMM ), but many of the other parks will benefit from their new owners. If Kennywood was to pick up a park like Darien or Herschend purchased SFEG only good things could come of it.


// BTW, there is no reason to scream all the time. Posts in all bold are not proper Internet etiquette.

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It sounds like Six Flags is in a knot here.


It makes you wonder what will happen to the whole Six Flags chain. It seems like it's falling apart.

I disagree. If anything, it's tightening up. To us coaster/park enthusiasts it might look like it's "falling apart" because they interested in selling off properties, but from a Wall Street point of view when a company tries to identify areas they need to cut in order to re-focus the company in a more streamlined, positive direction, that usually is viewed as a good thing. Or at least a step in the right direction.


And with their stock plummeting from $12 to $5 in the last 6 months this would seem like something they NEED to be doing.



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^ LOL!! I think he meant that the day's low was below $5, which is has been quite a few times recently if I recall (I don't check it too often, but I do keep tabs even though Im no longer a holder)


^ I really don't know much about the SF history, but after hearing that I hope CF doesn't end up like SF..

I think they could either do very well with it or run themselves into the ground. The game is now with Cedar Fair.


NICE chop Ted


Poor Darien Lake, I kinda like it considering its a Cedar Fair park in training

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If only they would REALLY "renovate" Predator, lol.


I wonder if they could retrofit it with Intamin prefabricated track.


I'll stop one step short of calling SF liars with them saying the rides are being renovated. Seems pretty obvious that they are going to dump this park ASAP and they don't want to sink another penny into certain rides that are expensive to maintain. But I think in the long run the short term pain will lead to a new buyer who would run a park that suits Western NY. And I think such an owner would be smart enough to renovate the Predator.

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It seems like they're always renovating Predator, and it keeps getting worse anyway.


It'll be interesting if Paul Snyder, the original owner, buys it back:


Could Former Darien Lake Owner Buy Park?

Friday, June 23, 2006 06:43 PM - WBEN Newsroom


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - The man who once owned the property where Darien Lake theme park stands says he would consider buying the park from Six Flags if it were to go on the market.


Paul Snyder tells NewsRadio 930 WBEN he would keep the park the way it is, and would suggest any prospective buyer do so.


Meantime, it's business as usual at Six Flags Darien Lake, with the focus on the Big Kahuna tubing ride opening up. General Manager Bradley Paul says he'll let corporate make the business decisions. He'll focus on running a great theme park.


A dated news bit, but all the more relevant now.

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Wow. Thats a bummer that that park will close a month early. Fright Fest here at Great Adventure draws crowds similar to July sometimes even more people than peak summer days. I figured that Fright Fest drew crowds in all their parks. Guess not.


Alot of those employees will be hitting the want ads a month sooner than expected.

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We made a trip out there in June and skipped Predator due to one train operation and an hour long line. Since Nikki doesn't have the credit, we were planning on going back for another trip. Looks like we won't have to now. I, personally, am relieved about it.

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  • 1 year later...



Darien Lake, Darien Center, New York, will unveil the world's first MotoCoaster from Zamperla this coming May. With riders sat astride a motorbike ride vehicle, the attraction will provide a new and different thrill, one that American coaster riders have not yet experienced.


The prototype of the MotoCoaster has appeared for some time outside the Zamperla factory in Italy but now, after retuning, has been disassembled for shipment to Darien Lake.


The 44 feet-tall ride features a compact three-layer figure-eight layout, 1,198ft long and covers an area 159 x 67ft. Riders, secured by front and back restraints, will feel as if they are sitting on a motorcycle. The train's 12 motorcycles will launch out of the station at a speed of 0-38 mph in less than three seconds.


“This will be the only launch ride that we have at the park,” says Brad Paul, Darien Lake’s general manager. “The speed is amazing. It’s new, it’s unique, it’s fast, and it’s fun."


The engineers at Zamperla predict a life span of 20 years for the clutch and fly wheel launch system. Running in an oil bath, the clutch discs are easily changeable. A second such ride, the western-themed Pony Express, will also appear in 2008, at Knott’s Berry Farm in California.


Here it is on RCDB - http://www.rcdb.com/id4138.htm


Wow... it figures, the year after I move away they finally get something new!

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Well...it looks like Darien Lake is back on my list of parks to visit this summer. It may not be the most intense/groundbreaking coaster, but the fact that the park is getting something new is a huge step forward.


Maybe, as an added 2008 bonus, they'll assemble the Intamin stand-up that's been in storage there since Astroworld closed.

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Three words sums my feelings up, "About darn time."


Darien Lake hasn't added any new thrill rides since Shipwreck Falls in 2002 while the water park have been getting decent additions in 2004 and 05, and a new stage show last season. At least PARC is giving the park some much needed improvements and additions since the late 90's.

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