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  1. If there is no freestyle battle rap show then this will be the crappiest freestyle music park ever. Therefore, I shall hold my judgement of this park till I see the show list.
  2. I got that exact message twice. I then downloaded it on my older computer that has XP and not vista and it worked perfectly. Verdict: Vista screws stuff up.
  3. Someone set up us the bomb. Sorry, couldn't resist. I'm sure he'll have it fixed in a few. Still got almost half a day left to download it.
  4. I kept getting that corrupted error message to on my Vista computer. When I switched to my XP computer I used the same link provided in the e-mail sent to my Vista computer and it worked fine. Give that a shot. I just tried it again over here to see if it still works and it does.
  5. OK, I just downloaded it for the third time only this time I didn't do it on my brand new Vista infected computer. I used my Windows XP barely functional HP laptop manfactured before the Internet existed and the video works PERFECTLY. Screw you, Vista. Thanks again for doing this, Robb.
  6. I downloaded it again and got the same error trying to open it. I'm still getting the "This compressed(zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted." I'll try downloading it on my non-vista computer and see if that works. When all else fails, I blame Vista.
  7. Yeah, I'm experiancing the same exact thing and can't watch it either. Hope I did everything right. EDIT: just saw Robb's post. Re-downloading.
  8. Yay! My favorite coaster that I've never rode got some front page publicity. How could it not though? That is one sexy coaster. I bet the hits to the site tripled once that link was put on the home page.
  9. It was a blanket statement. I'm not being sensitive. Milwaukee's Best is a Miller beer. You're out of luck again. No... you were being sensitive and saying something that I didn't. Time to go local. Schlitz it is.
  10. Just because you drink beer doesn't make you an alcoholic. Um isn't Coors part of Miller? If I recall, they're owned by a South African company. Umm... at point was I infering that ALL people who drink beer are alcoholics? Don't be so sensitive. And yeah, I'm switching to Milwaukee's Best now that this Coors news has been discovered. They gotta be owned by Americans. Right?
  11. I'm willing to bet your right. Budweiser is a big piece of Americana and seen as the man's man beer. Especially in the geographic region you mentioned. On a similar note; the region I am from, the North East, highly values PMW above all else in life. If someone came in and said something lame like "family" or "education" is going to replace P, M or W well... then I will move to an area where my values are accepted. This logic can be applied to the InBev buyout of Budweiser as many steadfast American alcoholics will be forced to now drink Coors as Coors is the closest thing to the popularity of product that is Budweiser. Some Americans now have no choice but to drink Coors or else they will burst into flames much like the Tony Stewart fan would if he were to walk into Lowes as you had mentioned. I'm buying stock in Coors.
  12. I just saw THIS ARTICLE and then saw that SIX FLAGS STOCK dropped drastically once this news hit an hour ago. excerpt: Edit: Why would Six Flags stock lose almost half its value on this news? Granted it wasn't worth much to begin with but still, how does the Busch Parks potentially getting sold HURT them?
  13. Ah... that's right. The underpants knomes are going to show me no mercy for getting their master plan wrong. Good catch To one up you, I do believe they were "Phases" not "Steps". But I got that wrong too
  14. That's kind of like the underpants knome theory: Step 1. Steal underpants Step 2. Profit
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