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  1. It would be interesting to see what they do with the actual parts and pieces for the "Wahoo Wave" or whatever it's called, just drove past the park about a week ago and it was all out in the parking lot - sure just large slide pieces but still. Assuming they open the park at some point (for hypothetical purposes), I'd be curious to see if they just leave those slide pieces in the front the parking lot roped off (which let's be real the way they rope off the parking lot now is sad so I can't imagine they'd do much better if they added more) or if they'd move it elsewhere. They have to do s
  2. Oh don’t worry, that’s coming after they open their second Gate, Six Flags Over the Other Side of the 77 in 2021.
  3. 1. Guess not - or they would’ve probably done it. 2. The water park is nowhere near the campgrounds or hotel
  4. ^ it seemed to depend per house. Hotel Terror seemed to have 10-ish, where Jungle Apocalypse seemed to be closer to 6-7. I don’t think the number of actors was a huge issue since there was so much going on otherwise, but as said before - Darien Lake’s haunt event is nothing compared to one like cedar point with SO many actors in each haunted attraction TL:DR - I believe both cedar point and Darien Lake attractions had their strong suits, Darien Lake had the intricate details and jump scares galore where cedar point is better with efficiency, length of attraction and amount of scare actors
  5. With tonight being my 19th and final visit to SFDL in 2019, I figure I’ll share some photos and what not. First and foremost, This was the first time I decided to go into the houses, and for how dead it was I’m the park (pun intended - sort of), the houses were all practically no wait. Overall I was really impressed. There were a lot of animated things throughout all of the houses and I was not expecting as much motion and detail at all considering the remainder of the park. HAUNTED HOUSE SPOILERS AHEAD: Hotel Terror: for it being within a picnic shelter I was surprised how much
  6. ^ & ^^ Thanks! I’ve been trying out my new iPhone 11 Pro cameras and so far they’ve been amazing, especially for night time photos!
  7. Took a weekend long trip to Cedar Point, the busiest weekend of the year - as seen here by several posts. Was it busy? Absolutely. Did we have a blast? minus traffic, yes. Before the fun of photos, some non-photo info: -We stayed at Lighthouse Point, arrived at the Causeway at about 5:30pm, didn't get to the park until closer to 7:30-ish (counting time to check in and unpack of course, we got to the camp office at closer to 6:30). Definitely the busiest I've ever seen it on my visits, however once we were on the peninsula and settled, the crowds didn't bother us one bit. - On Sat
  8. ^ Depending on when you went through the zones the scare actors may have moved over to the main entrance for “Passage of the Damned” or whatever they call it. PSA: do NOT go to SFDL Fright Fest and expect anything like Cedar Point’s HAUNT. They are two wildly different sides of the spectrum and you will be disappointed guaranteed if that’s your mindset.
  9. They still “switch” from red to blue on Bullet. The issue seems to be that this year they messed up where each color bulb was installed, or the way they wired each section up this year, which is leading to the awkward blue and red combo. As of my visit on Friday they weren’t, I wonder if that’s just a settings thing. Interesting
  10. ^ should be interesting to see if they do anything for Silver Bullet right across the way, looks like the lights don’t change from blue to red currently (they’re just on solid, the ones that still work at least). I don’t know that I expect much from Darien Lake’s night time lighting packages anytime soon. Rolling Thunder when it has all the lights working is nice, and Sky Screamer is nice for now (even though they’re only using one pattern on it for some reason...) but once they’re shot, they’re shot.
  11. If they let ME rot away for long enough, it’ll go from hot mess to aesthetic choice similar to Alton Towers’ Nemesis. Except, Alton Towers paints the wear and tear. Darien Lake is going for the real deal.
  12. ^ very glad you added that Tim Hortons cup. It’s crucial to the lifestyle here in WNY and Ontario Canada.
  13. ^ I went on Friday and didn’t see anything too crazy new, it looks like they had some more details, and I did like the new sign for the Awakening (looks like they come out of the grande theatre now instead of the picnic area) but there definitely still are weak spots. The pros: - the new Awakening - the Corridors of Chaos and Jungle Apocalypse area - the park being open until 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays - SkyScreamer and the Carousel running backwards The cons: - same laser show as last year - Screampunk scare zone - merchandise (no short sleeve adult merch, only 3 tot
  14. They most certainly installed the wheel warmers. That’s not the part in question. However it just never seemed likely that their use was intended for Winterfest. It’s probably for those days we get over here with those cold starts so they don’t need to rely on water dummies or have the ride perform as “sluggish” as folks claim in the colder temperatures If anything else they’re probably perfect for HAUNT.
  15. ^ Vortex has been on the chopping block for years. Viper for as long as I can remember has been a much smoother experience with a much better reputation being one of Western New York’s classic roller coasters. It may be 37 years old but you wouldn’t necessarily believe it based on how it runs. Kudos to Darien Lake for keeping an arrow looping coaster in such good shape over the years. Here’s to hoping for many more.
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