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  1. If the bolts are sticking from age, they are a lot harder to remove, and could require torch cutting. It depends how careful they're being with the ride. Also, Boomerangs have a lot of electrical components and mechanisms that need to be disabled and removed, such as air tanks, conduit, chain mechanisms, etc. They have to work around other buildings and attractions in the area as well, so that adds a little more time.
  2. But that's the only thing you've done in this thread since becoming a member. Not to mention I've given you a pass on a couple of borderline rumors, including the Sherwin Williams Ride of Steel fiasco and asking 5 times what's new for 2017. If you're "not trying to start a rumor", please don't say anything, it is really just worsening the quality of this thread that's already stereotypically bad in most members' eyes.
  3. Sol Spin is not used. My mistake, I just assumed it was a part of the ride buy like Carowind's attractions were this year. I still stand by what I said when it comes to getting used to the system though. Some of it is going to rely on guest feedback as well.
  4. It doesn't surprise me that they're going this conservative to start with Sol Spin's cycle. Top Scans are extremely temperamental, and a lot of it can be accredited to intensity of the ride. Considering that this is a used ride to begin with, they'll probably boost its intensity little by little as the maintenance crew can learn the system a little more.
  5. I have to drive through that mess just about every day. The reason why it gets so congested is because everybody is trying to merge onto the 290, and there's only one lane to do so. Nobody around here knows how to merge, and nobody wants to let other cars in. So people ride the middle and left lanes until they get to right before the exit, then slam on their brakes and force their way in. It causes gridlock all the way down the 90 sometimes to downtown. Whoever designed that system with only one lane to merge on needs to be hung. There are really two lanes, but one is coming from another entrance onto the thruway, and it's filled with cars anyways.
  6. ^Yeah, most people I know either go that way, or Genesee. Depends on how close they are towards Cheektowaga or Depew/Lancaster. My dad, who lives in West Seneca, told me that he used to take Clinton all the way down when he used to go. There are a ton of different ways with little traffic, so it makes the thruway obsolete. Just because Google or MapQuest suggest a certain route, doesn't mean you have to take it. I've tested over the years many iterations of the route and found one that I'm happiest with. A big thing for me was avoiding that damn village where all the grannies drive 20 mph. Now, I take a side street with a 35 speed limit (which 45 is acceptable), and the main backroad leads right to the park with a 45 speed limit (55 - 60 is okay here).
  7. Taking the back roads is a lot quicker than the thruway, at least from where I'm at. Even if you're taking the traditional route down Broadway, through the village of Alden, and straight to Allegheny Rd, it's slower than the shortcuts I take. You just have to be smart about what roads you take (which I'm not going to reveal because there are almost no cars on them, and I don't want to ruin that). I once raced my friends taking the "long way" and made it to the park at least 5-10 minutes before them from the same point, following all speed limits and road signs. Edit: And actually looking at Google Maps, it claims that my way is .1 miles longer and should take 2 more minutes. I think that avoiding the village with the 30 mile an hour speed limit and traffic lights really breaks the flow.
  8. I myself am debating getting a pass this season. It's really just more of a time thing than anything else. I didn't travel to many other parks last season, and committed more time than I wanted to at DL. I'm thinking about buying a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass instead and loading up at their parks. The fact that there aren't any new rides is not a big factor in this decision, but I have to admit that the lineup is getting stale for me. I wanna estimate that I visited maybe around 15 times last season, and my visits took less time as the season rolled on. I'd rather commit more time to riding new things at different parks that I haven't seen yet. It's a tough decision though, given the pass will pay for itself in 2 visits, which is a steal. In the end, I probably will visit at least twice.
  9. Ahh, the proverbial yearly thread about the Mitch poll. I'd be willing to help if the OP is serious about developing this. I have some skills in programming and scripts if that helps, but usually these posters come in serious about the idea, realize that it is too much effort, and fade off into the sunset. Robb's got the right idea here. The first step is to develop a program or algorithm that takes users rankings and fairly matches them up based on rider count and popularity. It will take A LOT of trail and error to get the desired results, so just a warning that it wouldn't be a one shot deal. Here is the explanation for the Mitch poll: http://ushsho.com/howitwrk.htm
  10. Quite honestly, this is the best case scenario from an investment firm standpoint. It's not that CNL didn't have the money to invest, they just didn't want to invest for whatever reason. I think that they went into the Six Flags deal knowing that the parks would be a relatively quick flip, which is why they only fixed up areas that absolutely needed it. Remember that this deal has reportedly been in place for 2-3 years. EPR actually has experience in the industry, and now Premier has a good deal of control when it comes to investing and the budgets for the park. If it's true, a 40 year lease gives them a lot of security to start building bigger, if they so please. I wouldn't be surprised to see them use this year as a feeling out before deciding their 5 year plan, which I would imagine includes something larger scale.
  11. Are assigned seats for Superman leaving along with the VR? Hell, if they removed it from all rides it would be a better addition than Joker.
  12. It's not so much something new, as it is replacing something that's taken out or SBNO. At the same time as we've received a handful of rides, the same amount (or more) have been removed. It sucks in years like this, because we are technically going down a ride or staying stagnant. Hopefully this year, at least Twister will be functional. I mean I know that the park is still going through a sale, but that didn't stop Frontier City from adding something. At least put in a kiddie ride or something that's marketable. God no, because those are sizeable investments, and they would stay fresh for a while. Most parks do take off years, but after dropping cash on something bigger. If management thinks that an off year is needed after a 1 million dollar slide complex, then they seriously need to shake things up at the higher level. Even Martin's Fantasy Island has a track record of spending that kind of money year after year. I don't mean to sound like I'm beating a dead horse, but I've been visiting the park since I was around four. I know that to management, I'm just pass holder number X, but I notice how things historically have worked. When the park adds something, the people come, and when they don't, the crowds taper off. The last time this happened was 2014, and management even came out and publically stated how disappointed they were. The last "major" expansion IMO was Splashtown in 2010, and since then, the waterpark alone has attracted a boatload of new customers. It's not just an enthusiast thing either. I hear so many GP'ers complaining at the park. I can't tell you the last time I visited and haven't heard one of these comments while waiting in line (keep in mind they are in GP language so it's not my words ): "What happened to the other carts? They used to run like three" "They should build another coaster. X park is so much better" "We should go to Cedar Point. They have like 20 coasters there" "How old is the Superman now? *(Does math in head) Damn, its already 18 years old" People aren't too thrilled with the same rides over and over, and attendance trends show in the off years. You need to invest to even worry about an ROI. Rides don't spawn out of the ground. You make really good points, but none of us are expecting a huge 30 million dollar coaster. I think most people would be happy with just a Eurofighter, or a Predator rehab, or something just notable for a good chunk of years. It's not a feeling of entitlement to build the park up to a flagship level like most people are mistaking us as doing. With that said, I'm optimistic for Premier. I have been since day one. I'm just worried how this year will go, and that it won't scare them off from additions if the attendance disappoints. I hope that I am proven wrong. The new concert plus admission plan may work out really well in the park's favor. Not to mention that they have done a lot of work to the campground the last couple of years.
  13. See, that's a great point, but I doubt most people are expecting something of this size. It's not a complaint from locals that the park isn't adding 5 star coasters regularly, it's that the park just isn't growing all that much. Have there been some solid additions in the past few years? Of course, but in the last ten years, half of those have been off years when it came to additions. 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014, and this year have seen no additions at all. Knock on them all you want, but even Six Flags strives to market something for all parks, even if its small. It wouldn't be a huge problem if Darien had a modern selection of rides and was pulling huge attendance. But considering the state of the rides and operations, we are hurting for some replacements. Even in years with additions, it seems like a sideways move as something old and unreliable had to be removed to make way for them. It's not even like we see many "general improvements" in the off years, as the infrastructure that needs repairs and investment doesn't receive the budget. It's really a catch 22 for the park, because attendance has proven not to rise in years without an new addition, but ownership is afraid to invest if they see attendance taper off. You need to build to bring in more people. The same old selection year after year won't work, especially seeing that the last thrill coaster was added 18 years ago. Maybe I'm wrong, and the new concert & admission tickets will bring in some more people, but it's gonna be tough considering that the park has barely done any advertising, and they aren't putting in something new. It's really not a huge challenge for us as locals to expect at least something new or improved every year, with something larger (not necessarily a coaster) coming every handful of seasons.
  14. ^ Please tell me that's sarcasm lol. The management for the past few years has been out of touch with what the people want, save for a couple of additions. Even in an off year like this, they won't put lights on the Giant Wheel.
  15. I'm a little embarrassed to say that I still watch wrestling. But it's more of just a weekly show for me that I enjoy. When Raw came to town and Goldberg's entrance happened, it was one of the coolest things ever with the pyro. And the company hasn't changed a bit since the 90s. They still try to cram certain wrestlers down people's throats. Now there's Roman Reigns, but unlike Steve Austin, this guy has very little skill on the mic and in the ring. But the fans aren't taking it anymore. They boo him so bad when he comes out that once in a while they have to edit it out. Chris Jericho and Undertaker are two of my all time favorites. But I like many wrestlers, it's a tough choice.
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