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  1. ^Agreed. That area of the park was my favorite at Universal, and one of my favorite anywhere. Now I love HP and I am excited to see it, but I wish they could have got rid of the ugly ass comic section with Blondie, Popeye and that stuff, instead of the best area in the park.
  2. I am just tired in general of all the "world is going to end" threads that we have for so many parks. SF, Busch, IB, Conneaut, KW, etc. Just support the park and let some time pass before you make the judgement. There will always be parks going under and there will sometimes be new parks. The cycle just works that way.
  3. I agree with most of my UK trip brethern, though I enjoy Chessington much more then Blackpool. But, as Larry will tell you, I often have a very "unique" idea of what makes an awesome park. Ginzo, your orginal list is very good and after legoland I felt there was a huge dropoff in the quality of parks in the UK. Alton still ranks as my 5th favorite park out of 120.
  4. ^Next to Dubai. Tyler just ask her to do anything. That is why college is great. I took girls I liked to the grocery store and it worked. Just be real and have fun the rest will take care of itself.
  5. We have an Astroland tribute in Indiana, its called Fun Spot. The only real difference is Fun Spot is a lot cleaner.
  6. The Pats will still make the playoffs. The back up is fine and you still have Moss to throw to. Remember Culpepper with Moss and without him. Just play solid defense and give him time to grow, from what I remeber the Pats have a medium to easy schedule so play it safe and let him grow. Remember without a bledsoe injury Brady would have never played.
  7. Why did you bring back Thomas Jones and not try to make him lose his job to Benson?
  8. Maybe as well as they did when Brady replaced Bledsoe. Seriously good teams can recover from the loss of anyone, even their quarterback.
  9. You were invited, by us, back in April, you refused.
  10. The union sucks thats why I am not in it. No I don't think the nea will support merit pay, that is why i wondered why you said his plans will have NEA written all over it.
  11. ^Great so they are the same and I personally don't think either one can pull that off. I wish and hope that either one can, but if their educational philosophies are about the same then I look at secondary issues to me and I agree with more of Obama's. Not all, just more.
  12. Obviously, you missed the 2002 State of the Union speech when Bush singled out Ted Kennedy for his work on NCLB. Any teacher getting excited about Obama and what he'll do for education better be careful for what they wish for. My wife, a teacher, is dreading what could happen. Anything coming from Obama regarding education will have NEA written all over it. I wonder what DC school Obama would put his kids in. Definitely not a public school. Remember Chelsea Clinton and Sidwell Friends? Weird because he has said he wants merit pay and to hold teachers accountable, 2 things that are as far away from the NEA as you can get. There is also almost no way possible the gov't can screw up schools anymore then they have now. Again, why even in political conversations is it always about what the other candidate doesn't have as opposed to what your candidate can bring. So what are McCain's ideas on education? ^^As far as listing Obama's inexperience again please address how the Republican's can attack that, then put someone second in command with less experience? I have never said Obama had lots of experience, I just think experience is overrated.
  13. ^Thanks, so why is it that Bush was the one always talking about it? BTW Joe if you could find a Harangody or McAlarney avatar I will buy your lunch next year at Dollywood on Spring Break.
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