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  1. I've done Viper at Darien Lake quite a few times in a row without getting off. I'm not sure just how many times, but it was a lot. It's difficult to re-ride this particular ride when there is a line. The exit spits you out on the opposite end of the ride and you have to do a good deal of walking just to get back on.
  2. I'm sure it's possible for B&M to build a Giga, possibly better than what Intamin and Morgan have given us, but.... When Millennium Force and SD2K were built, there was a lot more hype around them because they each opened as the tallest coaster in the world, with SD2K replacing MF's record. But now there are full-ciruit coasters that go over 400 feet. For a park to build a giga-coaster now, it would just be a rediculously expensive investment, with no height records being broken. A park can get just as good/popular of a ride from a hyper as they can from a giga, but for far less money.
  3. When I went last in '07, it was Maverick, Millennium Force, and Raptor for early entry. I actually ended up of being able to get a nice front seat ride on Raptor (one train wait) before doing anything else. On the other hand, since MF and Maverick are your goals, you would probably want to pick those two. I had time for two rides in my early entry, and I went with MF as my second ride, because Mavericks queue seemed close to full; MF's line was just out of the station. I'm not sure the waits for the two rides would be that unbalanced now, since Maverick isn't brand-spanking-new anymore. I'm not sure if they still do these three rides now either, maybe they switched it up. When I don't have early entry (or after my early entry) I seem to start at Magnum and make a circle(ish) from there. Dragster's line seems to move quickly when i've been on it, unless there is a major break-down, which doesn't seem to happen nearly as often as it once did. Have a good time!
  4. Well unless I make some freak unplanned trip to a year round park, it will probably be Darien Lake. Also, unless it's for some reason closed, I generally ride Viper first. Not really sure why, it's just an unofficial tradition I guess.
  5. A lot of Arrow coasters have really loud lift hills, especially the loopers and hypers. Gemini's is pretty loud as well, but I was surprised at how (relatively) quiet the lift was on Iron Dragon. Also, Intamin Impulses and Vekoma Boomerangs as they whip through the station.
  6. Well this is some good news that I didn't expect! Even though it sounds like a mild/family ride, it will probably be the third or maybe even second best coaster in the park.
  7. I'm gonna say Vekoma makes the rougher coasters of the two. I can't think of anything by Arrow that's as rough as the Mind Erasers i've been on, as well as Top Gun at Wonderland. I don't have too many problems with Arrow coasters, though some of them can be uncomfortable for sure. Magnum is pretty rough and painful, but I still like it a lot. I guess Corkscrew at CP is the worst Arrow i've been on, and it fails more on being lame than being painful.
  8. Wow, this is a very easy question for me. My first Predator ride was by far the most horrible theme park experience in my life. I had ridden the Comet at Hershey, so that was basically what I expected. I even tried to hold my hands up on the first drop. My ribs hurt got banged up so bad, I remember wishing the ride would end the whole time. It gave me a fear of coasters that lasted about two years, and was ended by my first Viper ride, hence my bias for Darien's Viper.
  9. I didn't think they'd tear it down, only because there are rides still operating today that people have died on. Then again, every accident is an individual situation, and this was clearly not a "rider error". It must not have been possible and/or worth it to keep this ride open after this.
  10. B&M. I really like Mantis, and have no problems with roughness on it. To me it's just a big forceful B&M. I did still somewhat enjoy SkyRider and Iron Wolf, but got beat up a bit more on them. I've never ridden an intamin, but there's one sitting in pieces at Darien right now. I doubt it will ever be installed, and that really doesn't bother me one bit.
  11. Well, i've done Viper at Darien Lake 15 times in one day during our camping trip of '03. Many of the rides were consecutive without getting off.
  12. Predator-It's like falling down 10 flights of stairs while strapped into a wheelbarrel. Nothing good about this ride. SLC's-Too rough to enjoy, to me anyway. Both of which can be found at my local park. Mean Streak, while very slow, and forceless, really didn't seem to be too rough to enjoy this summer, at least to me. Magnum really is actually kind of jerky and painful, but I still like the ride a lot for some reason.
  13. I always thought it was kinda redundant the way they put two inverted shuttle coasters in the same park, in the same year. I know they're different and all, but still. Maybe i'm just being over analytical. I can't see removing this rides as being a bad thing for any of the parks. All three of those parks have plenty of other coasters with good capacities to ride (If SFMM loses theirs too)
  14. Eh Canyon Blaster is tiny. It's a family coaster, under 60 feet tall. Also, it never operated at Old Indiana. Old Indiana was closed when Opryland's rides were stored there, and only a couple of the coasters stored there ever operated again (Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is another). As far as large relocated rides, both of the Vekoma Six Flags Ninjas were relocated from other parks. They aren't that big, but for relocated coasters I guess they are. According to RCDB, the Georgia one is over 120' tall, so I guess that's the tallest relocated coaster I can think of.
  15. Oh wow I forgot about Gemini. It's on the top of my list as well. I think it's smoother than the Magnum, and definitely more comfortable. I like Magnum's layout a lot better though, and it's much more exciting. Oh and BTW, Gemini was always steel.
  16. I guess i'm torn between two. Darien Lake's Viper and Cedar Point's Magnum are both personal favorites of mine.
  17. Well I've only been on Roar at Six Flags America. It doesn't have Millennium Flyers, but it was still a decent ride I thought. It was kind of rough, but then again, Predator was last wooden coaster i'd ridden before it, so it actually felt smoother than butter! But then I rode Wild One, which proved to be a far superior coaster.
  18. I really don't like the Intamin 1st gen i've been on. I much prefer Power Tower over Demon Drop. There's just so much banging around and sudden jolts, it's like you're in a trashcan with the front cut open.
  19. It's a shame, I used to think the Deja Vu's looked like such cool rides. But I guess if after all these years they still haven't made them reliable, they should just give up.
  20. I really do think Kings Dominion would be the perfect park to send Dominator to. The capacity is really high, and it seems like the park could use a ride like that. Also, it's not launched. They haven't put in a traditional lift hill coaster in a while. It's also long compared to the park's other coasters, and it'll be one of the taller coasters in the park as well. I agree with people who have said Michigan's Adventure would be good for both Thunderhawk and Head Spin. I don't know how likely that will be, but i imagine they'll get one of the two.
  21. Nice PTR. I don't want to get my hopes up when it comes to Darien Lake "turning around", but i've been impressed with what i've seen on my visits this year, as well as some TR's. I found it interesting that you had such smooth rides on ROS. I'm jealous! I tell you, this year, I've had the shakiest rides of my life on that thing. Magnum at Cedar Point even seemed smooth compared to ROS, and that's just an Arrow Mine-train on steriods. Idk. Maybe it's just me. It's still easily the best ride there, by a long, long, long shot. If I wasn't able to tolerate rough coasters, i'd be screwed living near Darien Lake and Canada's Wonderland I personally enjoy Viper quite a bit too, but I agree on the remarks about the other coasters. It's good to see they're replacing that fence on Boomerang too. I've always thought that green fence-thing was such an eyesore. It made the ride look so cheap, like it was only there temporarily or something.
  22. I think KD would make more sense than WOF since WOF just got a major B&M. Kings Dominion has gone many years without a major adult coaster. (Italian Job is a family ride).
  23. That's a good name for a ride like that. I too thought it was going to be another SV, but someone on the last page brought up a good point about Steel Force probably being the reason for the new name.
  24. Whoo hoo I have one now, thanks to Maverick. It's a good one to have, though I'm not sure where I rate it among CP's coasters.
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