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  1. My #1 favorite band is: NIGHTWISH!!! But I also like: Amberian Dawn Evanescence Halestorm Metallica Megadeth Muse Iron Maiden Rammstein Static-X Wintersun Children Of Bodom Ozzy Osbourne/ Black Sabbath Diamond Head Guns N Roses Disturbed DragonForce Dio Slayer Tool The Sword Dream Theater
  2. There is a band from Finland called "Amberian Dawn". They are a Syphonic Power Metal band with female operatic vocals. They are VERY, VERY GOOD!!!! In fact, they are often compared to old Nightwish in the way they sound. The lead singer is a trained soprano operatic vocalist, Heidi Parviainen. Let me tell you guys, Heidi can SING!!! VERY WELL TOO!!! That much is very evident (and more) in the first song Amberian Dawn released in their music career. That song is "River Of Tuoni" from the album River Of Tuoni. Since the release of the River Of Tuoni album in 2008, Amberian Dawn have released three additional albums. The Clouds Of Northland Thunder in 2009. End Of Eden in 2010. and Circus Black in 2012. Amberian Dawn feature some very fast, technical and melodic lead guitar riffs and solos. Also, the keyboards are a vital part of the band. You will hear them sometimes shread through a solo with the guitar or add their own flair else where in the song, either supporting the guitar and/or vocalist. Sometimes the keyboards will be the main feature in a song, and the rest of the band will follow. Each member in Amberian Dawn are EXTREMELY talented with each of their instruments, and it shows. You can hear it. So, if you are a fan of Nightwish or Symphonic Power Metal, then I urge you to go check out Amberian Dawn. You won't be disappointed!!!! On a side note, have any of you guys heard of Amberian Dawn? If you heard a song or two by them, or all of their songs and you are a fan like me, then what do you think of them?
  3. OK, I have been listening to my Amberian Dawn playlist on my iPod on repeat and shuffle for the past few hours. Time to switch to my Nightwish playlist.
  4. I am currently playing Halo 4, my level is SR77. I also play Gears Of War 3, my level after I have reached level 100 and re-upped is40. I also play Rock Band 3 on Hard/Expert guitar, I'm VERY good at it. From time to time, I will also spend a few hours or more playing Mass Effect 3. If you want to friend me on Xbox Live, then my gamertag is: D3R Meister.
  5. If it was converted to a floorless, then yes it would be a great addition. But that was never in the plans. I would much rather let Great Adventure have Chang and Great America get a new coaster in 2012 or 2013 than get another B&M stand-up and then wait another 9 years for a major coaster. Perhaps we get a B&M Prototype 4D coaster? Like the one that's being built at Gardaland, but with an original layout?
  6. Really? You are complaining that these slides are similar to stuff we already have, and then going on to say we should have gotten Chang, ANOTHER B&M Stand-Up Another stand-up coaster doesn't bother me. Even if it was converted to floorless, it would have been a better addition to the park in the long run. I'm one of the people who goes to SFGAm for the coasters, I did the waterpark a few times (last time being in 2006 when Tornado was new), I haven't been in the waterpark since then, because it's just not that thrilling for me to be riding a water slide.
  7. Frankly, i checked out the Proslide website's description of the SuperLoop and it just looks like a regular slide to me. The image you posted looks like two open speed slides with two on the side with a couple of large turns, doesn't look like nothing special. Also, it looks like mid level is just a double "Tornado" slide with a snake curve at the bottom. Really, is this what SFGAm choose? It doesn't look like anything special. We already have slides and a Tornado that look like what's being shown. I think SFGAm would of been better off with Chang/Green Lantern instead.
  8. How can you have a looping water slide!? Wouldn't the water fall out? Also, the person on the slide would injure themselves on it. It's not a vertical loop right?
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