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  1. So...I was at hershey this past Friday, because they had an overnighter from 9pm to 5am for high school seniors. Being a high school senior, I went. Farenheit only had one soft opening. The water dummies have been sitting in the seats so long that the plastic has stuck to the seats, my friend works there, he took me up to show me. (cause in PA we get scorchers). Farenheit opens on the 24th as does the Boardwalk (waterstuff). I got two night shots of farenheit on my phone cause i didnt have a camera You can get really close to Farenheit from the paths, tons of great photo ops. ::NOTE:: I fully intend to go to Farenheit's opening, so, if anyone wants to meet me there message me or e-mail Krazykral10@comcast.net THANKS!! PS - Soft openings are NEVER the day before the official opening. Doesn't make sense. Gorgeous first drop. Layout seen from over top the bathrooms.
  2. I heard this! I doubt this will happen. ONLY because a year or two ago they were saying the same this abot Jolly Roger's. Dude Trimpers just bought a crap load of new rides and stuff! I'd be realy upset if it closes. Well, the boardwalk would be less crowded at that end! but Trimper's is better than the Pier or Jolly Roger's. I do however LOVE Splash Mountain!
  3. So...I could actually see the bumper car one working...I mean they did make "Dude! Who Stole My Car!?"
  4. i have to agree with Dorney Park...I think the only ride that's been there for a while is Thunderhawk. I mean they even moved the entrance from the "back" to the new front! Plus the whole water park and that whole section over there. Dorney is TOTALLY different. But I think most parks change ALOT as they grow so you could really say any park, even Hershey, they added Midway America and that section is so expanded its huge!!
  5. weeee!!!!! love him most! love her more! love her twas cold
  6. So I'm sure that at least a FEW people that read this post know who the Westboro Baptist Group is. If not, check out their website: www.godhatesfags.com Anyhow, well my neighboring high schoo, York Suburban Area High School, put on the play "The Laramie Project" which, for those of you who don't know, is about the 1998 murder of an openly gay, University of Wyoming student named Matthew Shepherd. Anywho, Westboro decided that they wanted to picket the play, LET ME TEL YOU SOMETHING!!! They generated SO much publicity that the school sold more tickets than seats, they never had such a large attendance for a play, by the way, I went and it was AMAZING! But I have to laugh at this groups view on homosexuality. The next day, Sunday, the picketed 6 of the "largest" churchs in the area, because these church's were not "doing their part" in preventing this "sinful lifestlye" (homosexuality) from spreading. Well I attend the one church occasionally and whe we went they had a sign that read, "You willeat your children!" I was very confused my this sign. They informed me that after being gay, the next phase, in your "sinful lifestyle" is to eat your own offsrping. Well I asked them, "How am I to fit them in my mouth?"
  7. You think YOU'RE bad at creating buildings!? Need I remind you about MY attempts!? Good job so far...can't wait to see more!
  8. yea...i don't feel the need to tell everyone that i'm gay...I only tell people once they get to know (because it really isnt THAT obvious)
  9. This is from my birthday like 4 months ago
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