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  1. isnt it just so funny how little things like that can just bring back so much memories? I love seeing parks what they looked like back in the day, and how much they have changed.
  2. What year was it taken out? I remember going to GA when i was little and riding Demon (my first coaster) and it wasnt there. They must have just removed it right when i went. either that, or i just dont remember it being there.
  3. It looks huge..and kinda scary. I wonder why they took it out. Maybe just to move on to better things..
  4. ^I didnt know that Triple Wheel used to be where Invertigo is now. Ive seen a lot of pictures of that ride, and i always wondered where it was located at.
  5. Because Firehawk was...? Exactly! GA was in desperate need of a new coaster..for YEARS. Kings Island ISNT. Firehawk just opened in in may of this year. GA hasnt had a coaster since March of 2001.
  6. Yes, you can lol. thats the very first thought that came into my mind when i first found out.
  7. I think the same colors would be cool, it just definately needs to be re-painted. I think its a good addition to this park. They dont even have a B&M so this works for them. well dang. Two years ago, who would have thought of Dominator going to PKD?
  8. That ride is huge. There are so many track pieces too. Its a wonder how they keep up with all of them.
  9. Surely this coaster isnt gonna just sit in storage, right? its too good and big to just sit in storange and not even be in use.
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